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Mermaid Tail – 55 Awesome Models, Costumes & How-To!

The idea of ​​transforming is always a magic, and driven by movies and cartoons, it is not uncommon for girls and even women to want to become mermaids. Of course, the first step in this transformation is the mermaid tail.

The mermaid tail is a part of the characters’ bodies, but it can also be an accessory for girls who want to bet on the transformation.

And for the girls who are looking to adopt the full-tailed mermaid costume, the post has tips on where to buy, prices, models and even step-by-step instructions for creating the accessory at home.


Where to Buy: Stores and Pricing Tips

For those who are in need of tips to buy mermaid tail in online stores, there are several e-commerces that sell different models of the accessory. Among the list of stores is Mercado Livre, Elo 7, Submarino and others.

To help with the search, we have selected some models of tails and prices.

where to buy

Links to buy: No fin / No monofinis / Blanket

prices and tips

Links to buy: For Swimming / Blanket Style / Crochet

store tips to buy

Links to buy: Full tail / Bikini / Knitted

prices and where to sell

Links to buy: With Monofim / Sleeping bag / Bikini tail

Mermaid Tail Photos and Models


If the idea is to choose a mermaid tail model that looks as close as possible to fish scales, surely the silicone versions are the best option.

The advantage of this type of tail is that it wears well, is comfortable to wear and still looks very similar to the models used in movies, cartoons and even soap operas (who was never drooling over the Ritinha character dressed as a mermaid in the soap opera β€œA ForΓ§a do Querer” ?).

However, all these advantages come with downsides as well, and one of them is that the silicone mermaid tail is usually the most expensive version of the models and can still be quite heavy to swim with. So, it takes training!

silicone model

The tail is a mix of blue and pink

silicone model with monofin

The blue tail resembles fish scales

tail modelscale imitation tail

The long tail has a glow effect.

silicone tail

The model even has fins

in crochet

For those who love the idea of ​​doing crafts and DIY (Do It Yourself – Do It Yourself), it’s worth getting inspired by the crochet mermaid tail models.

This type of tail is ideal to stir the imagination and be part of a costume, turn into a blanket or even a look for photos, but it is not the best version for those who want to use a mermaid tail to swim.

As the model is made from string, which is a cotton base, when wet the tail absorbs water, making movement difficult. Another downside of swimming with the crochet tail is that it is not structured, which doesn’t help much in the movements of the mermaid swim.

simple crochet tail

The tail was made from open stitches

gradient tail

The model was made in gradient string

children's photo essay

The tail was used for the photo shoot.

string model

Crochet with overlapping stitches resembles a fish scale

baby photo shoot


The use of the accessory can be for different times, and one of the possibilities is to use the piece in a blanket style.

Instead of using traditional blankets, this type of blanket has a tail shape and is perfect to cover your legs on the sofa and still make your rest time more charming.

This type of garment can be made of knitting (wool), microfiber or even a cotton fabric, as if it were a comforter.

For sure this is a type of piece that will be successful with children and adults, after all it is an amazing cover!

wool tail

The knitting model is warm

blanket style modelbaby blanket

For babies, the idea could be a sleeping bag

tail-shaped duvet

The model is made of cotton fabric.

children's deck

The model is a microfiber version

of fabric

To transform into a mermaid, there is no lack of tail model options, and the variety of fabrics allows you to create a wide range of models of the accessory.

Among the ideas, it is worth using felt to make a simple and cheap tail; fabrics with sequins, which makes the tail shiny and beautiful; cotton fabric and even glossy versions that resemble fish scales.

The choice of fabric influences the purpose of the tail, as some versions can even be used for swimming, while thinner models, such as versions with sequins, are better for creating mermaid looks and costumes.

felt model

The model is made of felt

infant tail

The tail is a mix of felt and sequined fabric.

fabric tail

The shiny fabric resembles scales

green modeltail for adult woman

The fabric model was used without monofin

To Swim / With Monofin

For those who want to further incorporate the mermaid reality and go beyond a simple fantasy, you can take advantage of the mermaid tail to swim.

To fall into the water with a tail, the model must be adapted for this type of task, and in this case the tail must be made of material that does not become heavy with water absorption and have a structure that facilitates movement when swimming – like the monofin.

The monofin is an accessory that gives the final structure to the tail, and allows you to make movements in the water.

Oh, and it’s a warning for those who think it’s just falling into the water with your tail and turning into a mermaid. The accessory can get heavy and as the legs are more restricted in movement, it can be difficult to swim. So, before finding yourself a mermaid, it’s good to train and even take a course with mermaid tail swimming techniques.

pink tail

The end of the tail has a structure that facilitates the swimming movement

infant tail with monofin

The green model has a monofin at the ends

model to swimswim tail model

The monofin leaves the tail structured

infant tail

Mermaid Tail Fantasy Tips and Ideas


simple adult fantasy

For those who are thinking of joining the mermaid costume look at the next costume party or carnival, here is a simple inspiration for the look.

In the proposal, the costume has a skirt made of bright green fabric and with the tip like a mermaid tail.

The costume is very simple, but very creative!

simple children's fantasy

There is also no lack of ideas for simple children’s costumes, and in this case the children’s tail was made of felt and just like a syrup used over clothes.

The idea is simple to reproduce and you can even adapt the idea to a tail made of EVA.

Carnival Fantasy

The costume’s tail was made with sequin fabric.

costume tail

The accessory is attached to the waist


crochet costume

If the idea is to take advantage of the idea of ​​becoming a mermaid for children’s fantasy, the proposal here brings an incredible fantasy inspiration for babies.

The crochet tail is comfortable and cute for little babies. Another idea is to complement the costume with a crochet bikini top.

tulle tail

When creating the costume, creativity cannot be lacking, and the inspiration here brings the idea of ​​a train made of tulle.

The accessory becomes bulky is a simple idea to create a delicate costume for girls.

children's mermaid costume

The overlapping fabrics resemble the idea of ​​a scale

child's costume

Female / Adult

fancy fancy

For women who want to join the mermaid look with a luxury costume, the inspiration here brings a more sophisticated version of the look.

The train was made from a shiny skirt and a mermaid cut, where the opening gets a more voluminous green fabric, making the look amazing!

Little Mermaid cosplay

The inspiration can also be in the Little Mermaid character, as in the proposal.

The costume features a tight green skirt in a shiny fabric, recalling the character’s train. And it’s complemented by the purple bikini and the red wig.

female fantasy

The accessory is a skirt style with a longer tail at the back.

little mermaid costume

How to Make a Mermaid Tail: Step by Step

DIY is a simple step-by-step way to make a mermaid tail with monofin, that is, you will be able to fall into the water and transform into a real mermaid.



  • paper to make the mold
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Line
  • Fabric (prefer more elastic versions, such as mesh, as it is easier to wear)
  • 1 monofin

Step by step:

how to make

  • Lay the child down on the paper on which the pattern will be drawn and trace the design from body height to the ankle;
  • At the end, place the monofin on the paper and make the design, finishing the tail mold;
  • Cut out the pattern leaving approximately 2 cm beyond the stripes, as this leftover will be ideal for sewing;
  • Fold the fabric in half and with a few pins fix the pattern on the fabric;

simple step by step

  • Cut the fabric according to the pattern, and as you folded the fabric you will already have both sides of the mermaid tail;
  • Give some stitches to join the tail parts and try to see if the size is ok;
  • Insert monofin into tail and sew on all sides;
  • Now just enjoy the tail!

Now just fantasize about your world and enjoy the accessory!

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