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clown costume featured

Male, female, children and 40+ ideas!

THE clown costume is a classic for both adults and children. Easy and simple to make, it fits well in several themed celebrations, especially because there are many inspirations: the traditional circus, murderous clown, iconic characters from movies, among others.

If you’re thinking of investing in this outfit to rock the event, we’ve prepared some tips for making your own clown costume + lots of cool and creative photos!

clown costume featured

For them, for them and for the little ones! This costume is super versatile and democratic!

Fun Clown Costume

The big advantage of choosing a clown costume is that you can find many types and ideas both in specialty stores and in places that sell crafts.

In addition, you can buy fabrics and ask a seamstress to make a tailored outfit ÔÇô the good thing is that you can customize it, choose the colors and leave it with your face.

clown costume highlight

This costume is guaranteed to be present at Carnival balls and at many themed parties and events

Since the main characteristic of a clown is being fun, see photos with fantasy alternatives for men, women and children!


For boys, there is no shortage of options, from traditional to the most modern!

adult clown costume

This costume is simple and light, ideal for hot days, as it doesn’t get too hot. Plus, it’s basic and doesn’t make you tacky.

current clown costume

Now this male clown costume is more chic and enhanced, great to draw a lot of attention in the celebration!

chic clown costume

A finer and more chic option, ideal for a night party. You will be unrecognizable!

circus clown costume

Colorful clothes are one of the main details in a clown costume.

clown costume how to do

This costume is simple to wear, resembling a giant jacket!

creative clown costume

Another easy-to-wear clown outfit, cool for Carnival

fun clown costume

If you want a classic type of circus clown, bet on this alternative

man clown costume

A more alternative and unconventional model

male clown costume

This simple outfit is suitable for boys of all styles.

modern clown costume

Finally, a super modern and cool male clown costume!

You can be inspired by famous clowns and copy their clothes to be easily identified at the party. It can be from Patati and Patatá, Bozo, Carequinha, among others.


Women can dare in a clown costume, with a bolder proposal that suits their body and style well. Check out these really cool ideas!

current female clown costume

With a dress all colorful and full of details / patches / props, you can make a cool female clown costume!

female clown costume

Look at this very modern option!

female clown costume

Another costume with great taste for you to shine at a night party

clown stripes costume

For the simplest and funniestÔÇŽ

modern woman clown costume

A more sensual and practical type!

woman clown costume

For those who like to cling to all the details of the costume, this female costume is very beautiful and fitted!

clown costume for women

This option is beautiful, economical and very flashy!

simple woman clown costume

For the vain ones on duty, lots of colors and details!


The children have fun and look very cute dressed as a clown. This costume is for both a family party and a school celebration. For the little ones there are also many alternatives!


baby clown costume

Babies are very comfortable with a jumpsuit and a cap

child clown costume

Children ages 3-5 can wear a more upscale children’s clown costume

clown costume ideas

This costume is simple and beautiful

children's clown costume how to do

If you want something more chic and refined, check out this option

big children's clown costume

Older children can wear more customized clothes (even by themselves!)

children's clown costume ideas

This costume is simple and won’t bother your child.

children's clown costume

This baby was beautiful with this colorful outfit!

clown costume for kids

Another very chic option that will make your child beautiful!

clown costume for little ones

Older children may prefer more basic and lighter pieces

simple kids clown costume

A simple and practical template to use


simple girl clown costume

Just like adults, girls can wear a dress with ornaments and patches

patati clown costume patata

The duo Patati and Patatá are very successful with the kids. How about getting inspired by them?

clown costume girls children

A bolder option for girls

female child clown costume

How about this one? Beautiful, isn’t it?

Let the child participate in the choice and customization of the costume. This will stimulate the little ones’ creativity and they will love it!

Evil Clown Costume / Scary / Assassin

The fashion of murderous clowns and evil in movies and pranks became popular and became the preference of many people to ’cause’ at the party ÔÇô and give a lot of scares to friends!

killer clown costume

Colorful and full of details: a perfect evil clown costume!

evil clown costume

This one is simpler, but very scary!

clown costumes

For an evening event, this outfit will make a lot of people’s hair stand on end!

A mask or good makeup makes any clown costume scary. Use and abuse!

evil clown costume

A different black and white type

evil modern clown costume

Creative and modern! Good killer clown costume option

evil beautiful clown costume

Now this outfit is luxury and very beautiful!

Where to buy a clown costume? Virtually all specialty stores sell different types of this costume. On the internet, take a look at the Free Market, The Fantasy House, Fantasy Universe, Fantasy Corner, among many others!

How to Make Improvised Clown Costume

For those who are short of money or love to customize and make their own costume, you can make a makeshift clown costume quickly and with a great result.

What can you use:

  • Striped shirt;
  • Black shorts/shorts (or monochrome);
  • Coat;
  • Colorful and fancy tie;
  • Large and detailed sock (that go to the knee);
  • Hat or top hat;
  • Big shoe;
  • All Star Tennis or similar;
  • Clown accessories: nose, wig, horn, knife (in the case of the evil version), among others ÔÇô they are very cheap and you can find them easily.

simple clown costume

Make a combination of pieces with different colors

improvised creative female clown costume

With the right accessories, you are already quite different from the conventional!

improvised female clown costume

Bet on striped or monochromatic clothes, as well as fun accessories

makeshift clown costume

For boys, it’s worth changing common clothes and making them more daring

improvised male clown costume

Look at this option, very simple and beautiful. Just be creative!

Watch the videos below and check out the complete DIY walkthrough of a clown costume:

Also, don’t give up on good makeup! It can make all the difference in an improvised costume. Learn how to do it with the full tutorial!

So, what did you think of the photos and tips for using a clown costume perfect? Great ideas, isn’t it?! Don’t forget to give it a personal touch and use all your creativity, as well as search through various stores to choose the perfect model for you. After that, just rock the party! Tell us the result and leave a comment if you have any questions. Until later! ­čÖé

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