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Lace party dress: Models to be inspired

Lace Party Dress – Tips & 35 Romantic Models!

We can say that the lace party dress is a wild card that every woman should have in her wardrobe. It is the type of timeless piece that never goes out of style and combines with the most diverse occasions.

It’s super boring to buy a wonderful and expensive dress to only wear once in your life, right? This does not happen with the lace dress, as it can be used in weddings, graduations, 15 years old parties, year-end get-togethers, among many other possibilities.

Don’t know which lace party dress best suits your style? In this post we will show 35 exciting models to be inspired. Let’s check?

Photos and Models of Lace Party Dress

There is a wide variety of lace party dresses and that is why indecision can take over when choosing. The lace has different wefts, some more delicate and others with larger designs. In addition, there are many color and cut options, such as long dress and short dress.

Next we will show the lace dress models for parties that are a trend for the next seasons, but that are also considered timeless for you to wear over and over again.

Lace party dress: Models to be inspired

Lace party dress: Models to be inspired

Lace party dress: Models to be inspired

The wedding is the type of event that calls for a very special production. The day belongs to the bride and she is the one who should attract attention, but that does not mean that you cannot do a great job on the look.

For this occasion, the lace dress for the party is super welcome, mainly for its delicacy, so much so that the lace is also present in the wedding invitations. The tip is to choose a model that values ​​female beauty, is not too flashy and is well behaved enough for church ceremonies.

Lace party dress: Models to be inspired

Lace party dress: Models to be inspired


The short party lace dress is a wonderful option for the summer. The legs are left out, so it is a fresher model, in addition to bringing sensuality to the look.

  Lace party dress: Short with beige

  Lace party dress: Short with white color

White Dress: The white party lace dress is light, comfortable and brings a lot of sophistication to the look. It is the right choice for events that require neutral colors, as is the case with New Year’s parties and parties held during the day. The tip is to choose a shoe or a bag of bright color to bring more personality to the look.

  Lace Party Dress: Black Short

Black Dress: The dress with lace does not necessarily have to be in the romantic style, in fact the black color comes to break this concept. The look is chic and sophisticated being the best choice for events held during the night.

According to the stylists it is cool to choose a body part to make it stand out. That is, if you chose a short dress, use a more discreet neckline and without showing your back. In the case of the long party lace dress you can invest in the neckline. This brings more balance to the look and you don’t risk becoming too extravagant.

  Lace party dress: Short yellow

The illusion tulle is the right choice for those who want to invest in transparency, but do not want to show their body too much. This tulle can be a color close to the tone of your skin, so it is a joke with transparency, but without exaggeration.

It is a super modern party dress with lace and combines with several types of events, including weddings that require a more elegant look.

  Lace party dress: Short beige

  Lace Party Dress: Black Short

  Lace party dress: Short red

Want to know if the short party dress suits you? This type of dress suits all styles, so it is considered a wildcard. You can also impress your personality when choosing shoes, hairstyle, jewelry and makeup.

  Lace Party Dress: Short Guava

  Lace party dress: Red short with neckline

Red lace dress: The look is charming with this type of dress. It is a vibrant and flashy color, so it suits well with those who want a bolder and more prominent look.

  Lace party dress: Short black and white

Black and White Dress: If the lace dress is already considered a wild card, with black and white colors it is the right choice for those who do not want to risk making a mistake in choosing.


Want that baphonic look to rock the party? Undoubtedly, the long party lace dress is the right choice. Even though it is long, it combines with the summer days, many have a more plunging neckline, back neckline, transparency in the legs, slits, thin straps, among a wide variety.

Lace party dress: Long pink

Lace party dress: Black long

Lace party dress: Long pink

Lace party dress: White long

If you are going to graduate the tip is to look for the graduation committee and ask if there will be standardization of clothes. Many classes choose that all women wear the same dress length and that all men wear suits, for example. It is essential to agree with the rest of the class.

Lace party dress: Gold long

Lace party dress: Long green

Lace party dress: Long dark green

Lace party dress: Long nude

Mermaid Dress: The mermaid dress is a trend for the coming seasons. It marks the body well and underneath it has a syrup, hence the name of the dress.

The nude color is a shade that is here to stay and is mega democratic. This tone matches all biotypes, skin colors, hair colors and styles. It’s the kind of color that can’t be wrong when it comes to putting together the look.

Lace party dress: Long green

Lace party dress: Cappuccino long

Plus Size: The lace matches all biotypes. If a few years ago it was difficult to find plus size clothing, nowadays there are so many options that it is difficult to choose. For an elegant look, we recommend wearing a dress that does not over-mark the body, but is also not too wide.

For Wedding Party

The wedding is a much awaited moment both for the bride and groom and for the guests. It is that moment that we go to support the couple and wish them well for this new family that is starting. An event as special as this calls for a sophisticated and elegant look.

Lace Party Dress: Yellow Wedding

The transparency of the bottom of the dress makes the look lighter and breaks a little with the monochrome. In addition, the dress is fresher to wear even on the hottest days.

As a rule of etiquette it is not recommended to wear a white dress, as this color should be exclusive to the bride. This is not to say that you cannot invest in lighter, more neutral tones.

Lace Party Dress: Beige WeddingLace Party Dress: Salmon WeddingLace Party Dress: Baby Blue Wedding

The choice of the ideal dress will depend on the time of the wedding and the type of environment. For example, weddings held outdoors, on the beach or in the countryside allow a slightly more relaxed look. No jumping to have difficulty walking on uneven ground.

Lace Party Dress: Dark Green Wedding

For events held indoors, the look must be sophisticated. For bridesmaids the bride can choose the colors in the dress to pattern, as well as the size. If she doesn’t choose, it is good tone to opt for a lace dress model for a long party.

Lace Party Dress: Beige WeddingLace Party Dress: Red WeddingLace Party Dress: Light Blue Wedding

The golden details make the dress more elegant and sophisticated. As well as gold, silver also blends very well with the occasion, in addition to models that combine lace with embroidery.

Lace Party Dress: Tiffany Blue Wedding

Blue Tiffany Dress: The blue dress never goes out of style and there is a wide variety of shades. The color of the time is tiffany blue, also called turquoise and water green. The look is super elegant and modern.

Lace Party Dress: Blue Wedding

Did you like our lace dress party tips? Which models caught your attention the most? Have you chosen your super perfect model? Leave your comment.

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