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Invitation Bee pictures

Invitation Bee – 20 Wonderful Ideas and Inspirations for Your Party!

Nature-related themes captivate parents under the age of five at home. The bee party is one of those adorable themes for parents. If you thought of it as a proposal, you should also focus on a bee invitation to remind guests of the date of the event. How to make? With the following tips.

Invitation Bee picturesbee invitation ideas

Abelhinha Invitation Photos and Ideas

The bee theme for a children’s party is considered relatively simple. There are only two colors: yellow and black. The same raw tones, pure and strong, making it even easier to find material to buy and decorate.

The theme is much more worked on at a birthday party for girls between 1 and 6 years old. The invitation can be considered simple to make.


The printed invitation is still the preferred model to deliver to parents with advantages and disadvantages. The order is simple and must be made in a specialized printer to obtain a good result. The costs? Well, it depends on the art.

The price of a printed bee invitation depends on the material used. Depending on the art, the most suitable is the photographic paper sheet for improving color printing. Not having images (without personalized art), a paper between 80 and 120 grams offers a good cost benefit and quality in the image.

To use or not to use an envelope? A particular choice. As a single page invitation the tip is to use a colored envelope. Yellow and black are the colors indicated. The envelope also helps anyone who gives passwords to guests.

Bee Invitation Envelope

The theme of the Bee’s birthday party calls for only the use of two colors: yellow and black. As a counterpoint, white can be used in your bee invitation to make the look of the item harmonious.

printed bee invitationbee invitation with print

Invitation printed with art for bee party.


The digital invitation is the king of practicality. There is no mystery with him. Creating the art and saving it in JPG format just send it to your friends’ Whatsapp, via Facebook or in the body of the email (never attached or possibly will not be opened).

All photo editing and digital art creation programs allow you to create a bee invitation in a virtual photo. Some suggestions are:

  • Photofilter;
  • Photoshop;
  • Corel Drawn;
  • Paint – already installed on Windows operating system;
  • Office Printer.

digital bee invitationInvitation Bee made on the computer

Invitation made in Corel Drawn program.

Invitation Bee in digital image formatdigital bee invitation with information

Bee invitation template edited in Corel Drawn with drawings and party information.

simple bee invitation art

The customization of the digital bee invitation with the photo of the birthday boy requires an image editing program. Photoshop allows you to remove the background and add it to the image.

Some applications for Android and other platforms also allow you to crop the background and create your virtual image.

Personalized Bee Invitation with photo

Personalized Bee Invitation with photo of the birthday girl.

Ready to Fill

Don’t know how to draw art with an editing program? It’s not a problem! We have already prepared a series of arts to make the bee invitation at home. It is very adaptable with a photo editing program.

To use the ready-made invitation below you need:

  • Right-click on the image:
  • Choose the option โ€œsave image asโ€;
  • Click on the folder you want to save the file and choose a name for it.

Now just open the File Explorer on your computer, right-click and “Open With”. Choose the image editing program and fill in the information for the day of the party, time and address. The larger the file size, the better the image quality.

blank bee invitation to fillBee Invitation to Fill

Bee invitation template ready to be filled and go to print.

Invitation Bee ready

You can open the bee invitation with the Paint program and fill in the data on the inside of the art. Then just โ€œsave asโ€ and your changes will be added to the artwork.

Bee Invitation with Calendar

The most important information of a bee invitation are: day and time of the party, address and the theme. If it is a thematic event (costume party or social dress) you must be notified in the invitation.

Invitation Bee ready template

Bee invitation art to fill in blanks.

Creating a personalized bee invitation is simple. The photo must be edited in an image editing file and the background changed. The removed background leaves room to add in any way.

Cute Bee Invitation to PrintInvitation Bee ready to print

Another option to create a beautiful bee invitation is with crafts. An EVA art, for example, or other materials that are equally malleable easily.

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