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Frozen cupcake for birthday party

Incredible Models, Tips and Photos!

The Frozen party theme has become overwhelmingly popular. Success was not expected but the sweetmongers and cake designers are well prepared to supply the demand with beautiful decorated sweets. An option that cannot be missed at the party is the Frozen cupcake to embellish the candy table. Ideas will not be lacking after enjoying our article.

Frozen cupcake for birthday partyhow to make frozen cupcake

Frozen Decoration Tips

The cupcake quickly entered the list of favorite sweets for children and adults parties. In the dough the most requested are the traditional ones with milk, in the same way that you like your bowl cake. But in the decoration… .are true works of art.

And when it comes to Frozen’s birthday party, no less is expected of sweets. All very beautiful with the main color of the film, blue, the most visualized tonality in the animation animation in different countries among children.

What fillings to use?

This is a common question when it comes to Frozen’s endless cupcake dough combination possibilities. Chocolate always pleases but it is brown. If the decoration does not involve covering the whole cookie, it may be interesting to think of something more clear.

With or without filling is a common question as well. Chocolate dumplings with an equal flavor filling are great. For coming with vanilla cream inside, chocolate, among other proposals.

The secret is to always think about the taste as neutral and childish as possible. If children like it for sure adults will also enjoy it but the reverse is not true. Candied fruit cake, for example, is well-liked by some adults at parties and corporate events but is not a hit with child guests.

Frozen cupcake very simple decoration Frozen cupcake decorated for party 4 years


The look is nice but the flavor deserves its prominence in the decoration. In this regard, the icing needs not only to be edible but also delicious for Frozen’s cupcake to be successful. What are the options:

  • Icing sugar with aniline – traditional and used in cake decoration;
  • Ganache;
  • American paste.

What is the best? All are very tough and allow different types of textures and colors.

Frozen cupcake decorated with crystals

Frozen cupcake decorated with ganache

Frozen Cupcake Photos and Ideas

Have you ever been motivated to order or make Frozen cupcake at home? Ideas abound of options on how to decorate.

It may have the same colors as the decor or not, but it is crucial to match the character. Although blue is the most chosen shade as the main color, it can be green, white like ice, among other possibilities. Check out some ideas.


Don’t know how to include the characters to match the ones in the movie? Order the top in a paper printer, secure it on a toothpick and place it on top. It looks nice on the table and is very cheap to make.

Frozen cupcake personalized dollFrozen cupcake personalized at the printing shop

Cupcake decoration ordered in graphics can come with the birthday boy’s name and the date of the event.

Some printers already sell ready-made cupcake toppers with common birthday party characters. You can find material from the Mickey Party, Minnie and others.

personalized sweet frozen cupcakeFrozen cupcake with printed paper decoration

With ice crystals

Is there a better way to remember the theme of the film than by creating ice crystals for the Frozen cupcake? They can be made with American paste with specific shapes. The molds are sold in very cheap stores.

The ideal is white crystals and blue cover or all white.

Frozen cupcake with icing decorationFrozen ganache milk cupcake

With ganache

Ganache hardens a little and is very tasty. It is one of the favorites of the children’s palate and very adored by parents as well. For children’s parties or serving as dessert is always a positive option.

For those who are going to do the coverage at home, the tip is to leave the recipe a few times. If the ganache is not in the right spot it will melt before the event, especially in hot cities. So he asks for the shape of a cone, like a small tree. It is best to experiment first to ensure the success of the party candy.

Frozen cupcake with ganache on top

Does ganache itself look simple? Put some sprinkles and that’s it, a simple and cheap decoration!

Frozen cupcake with sprinkles and ganacheFrozen cupcake with ganache and decorating crystals

With sugar dolls

Those who had their childhood in the 90s have albums filled with dolls made of colored sugar. They were a huge success at the time and came back with everything with children’s parties increasingly personalized.

Any Frozen character works for the Frozen cupcake and the result is beautiful on the table!

olaf's frozen cupcakeFrozen olaf cupcake without head

Frozen cupcake with sugar doll

With biscuit

A little more elaborate and a beautiful result on the table, the Frozen cupcake made with biscuit top requires only a base with American paste.

As the biscuit takes much longer to make, the ideal is to order as soon as possible. You can only order the cookie from one supplier and decorate it in another and bring the two together.

Frozen cupcake with biscuit top

What else can be used to create a beautiful Frozen cupcake? Colored granules, powdered sugar to create snow, among many possibilities. The results can be incredible!

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