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vintage baptism table

Ideas and Photos to Inspire

Baptism is the Christian’s first sacrament in the Catholic Church and a great time for mothers and children. Whether at home or in a beautiful ballroom, a celebration with a beautiful decoration is important and it is super simple to do. It is possible to organize a baptism table without investing too much and with good ideas to match the theme. See how below.

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Provencal Baptism Table

Baptism itself is a very classic and formal event and some types of decoration are much more combined. One baptism table Provençal style is a good choice because it combines some cool trends such as traditionalism, a clean, classic and super-refined look.


Combining with the religion theme you can take advantage of the white furniture of the style and follow the white color, easy to find items and even easier to decorate. Those who do not want to opt for the total white wave can use discrete increments when it comes to christening a boy as a color duo. White and beige, white and baby blue or just yellow flowers help to complement it in a very simple way.

white provencal baptism tablechristening table for boy


Pastel tones go very well with baptism table Provençal and with the advantage of leaving a delicate tone. If it’s the christening of a girl under two years old, baby pink, lilac and similar shades are very nice.

Another interesting combination that fits the style like a glove is the use of Provencal furniture with flowers. Small arrangements around or under the table maintain the delicacy without losing the French Provencal touch.

Provencal christening table for girlprovencal style baptism table

Ribbons in cakes with Provencal decoration are a delicate and feminine complement.

Provencal Lilac baptism tablepink christening table for girl

Rustic Christening Table

The rustic style has gained a lot of space in the decoration of weddings, children’s parties and engagements. One of the differentials is the use of furniture without any complements, in its simple state and in brown color. The surrounding countryside helps to enhance the theme but it is not a rule, it can be indoors and modern.


The main idea of ​​a baptism table rustic is to keep the furniture in its natural color on display, without a tablecloth and without many accessories. Opt for clean items on top too and if you can use natural elements such as tree trunks, pieces of wood and the like, the decoration will be even nicer.

rustic decorated christening tablechristening table with rustic wood


Even with brown furniture you can use pastel shades. The contrast between rustic and delicate for a girl’s party and the addition of flowers creates a perfect and super charming proportion.

baptism table with angelsCandles are simple elements to accompany lighting and have a strong connection with the theme.baptism table how to do

Simple Baptism Table

Who said that you need to invest a lot or occupy a lot of space to create a beautiful baptism table? Using a space at home and a large table you can get beautiful combinations and even without investing too much. The most important thing is to keep the focus on the delicacy of the subject. A christening party needs to have childish and simple elements, without necessarily being religious.


One baptism table for a boy, it asks for a little less elements and a cleaner look, but it doesn’t look dull. Why not cardboard flowers or cellophane stars? You can create a beautiful panel without spending too much.

christening table for boysOn the wall behind the cake you can either have nothing or create a panel. It’s up to the organization, the baptism party doesn’t ask for anything more.

cheap baptism table

An oxford tablecloth is a good complement to make the look smoother, especially when you are going to use light colors in the decoration.

simple and cheap baptism tablechristening table to make at home

Shades to use in decorating baptism table: blue, water green, beige, cream, graphite gray or white. All shades can match white in a beautiful color duet too.

simple green christening tablecolored baptism table

Be careful with the tablecloth. It shouldn’t draw more attention than the other elements around it. The less detail it has the better.

clean style baptism table


A good organization of the party decoration can involve several elements or a few. Important tip is to try not to overcrowd the table because it creates a huge visual clutter. When it comes to party/celebration table decor less will always be more.

pink and red baptism tabledifferent styles of christening tablesimple christening table for girl

Milk cans with flowers are a good tip for an ecological decoration of baptism table rustic, for example.

christening table for garden party

No idea how to organize the christening party table? Gather a sample of each candy and cake in the center and it’s ready. The idea is simple, works well with any theme and helps to make the look pleasing. Just five or 10 items of each sweet or savory and it works great.

clean and simple baptism tablebaptism table at home

Christening table with angels

Angel is one of the most requested themes for the baptism party. It goes with the celebration and is super simple to make. You can even create a personalized little angel in graphics or use ready-made material in stores. Toys and plush toys with an angel’s face will be of great help to decorate the room.


The most used color is blue in the clothes of angels and sweets, but the blue and white combination is really the most beloved and goes well with the theme. But keep the two shades in equal proportion on the items to maintain visual harmony. No more blue items on the table or too much white and little sky-colored elements. It bothers the look.

christening table with angels for boys


There are versions with pink rose and stronger tones, but the combination with baby pink and pastel tones is the most requested. Provencal also goes very well but other styles such as rustic can be used as long as light colors and delicate elements are placed to adjust the proportions.

christening table with angel prints

Cloth or biscuit dolls in the shape of an angel are a popular tip and add a wonderful boost to the theme.

angel theme christening tableangel christening table for girlchristening table with angels for girls

Chic / Luxury Christening Table

The main feature of a baptism table of luxury is to choose the pieces well. No too many items, the cleaner the better. A clean table with good choices makes any party very beautiful, in fact, and worthy of a good photograph.

The use of gold in luxury style is in fashion and there are many accessories in party supply stores to match the theme. The coolest thing is not to use all the items in the color of gold, but just a few complementing them with light tones or tone on tone such as cream and wood to give a discreet and elegant highlight.

luxury vintage christening table

Pastel colors create in combination with white create a delicate decor that is in keeping with the theme in your room. baptism table.

christening table with luxury

Sky blue and white always make a good decorating pair.

christening table glamor decorationchic baptism table

Flowers should never get more attention on the table than any other item, unless it’s a floral theme. They serve as a complement and not a main element, so pay attention to usage. If it exceeds more than six vases, better rethink the details.

beautiful and chic baptism tableluxury christening table styles

Not suitable for baptism table use neon shades or any very strong color. The younger the baptized child, the more delicate the subject should be. Focus on minimalist elements to draw attention to detail, not your proportion on the table.

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