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How was the carnival in the old days

How the carnival used to be

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O carnival as we know it, with its parades in sambadromes, the samba schools, the confetti, streamers and foam sprays, with lots of samba, beer and exaggeratedly colorful and flamboyant fantasies is the way we commemorate it nowadays, but it was not always like that. Like almost everything in the world, carnival has undergone its changes over time. You must have heard a friend, uncle or any other person over 60 years old saying “in my time it was different”, although it may seem to be a saudist comment, in reality, the carnival of 60 years ago was celebrated in a different way, there are also comments from people who say that in the past there was more participation of the people, people were happier, in other words, just opinions. In order for us to better understand where it came from and where it how the carnival was commemorated in the old days we have to go back a few centuries in time, how about, in the time of Brazil colony?

The first carnivals

Vasculhando alguns registros chegamos até o século de XXI, no começo de nossa colonização, na quela época the carnival still had a lot of influence from the European culture, brought by the Portuguese, who were the first ones to celebrate the carnival in our lands. In general, apart from the allegorical floats and that thing of going to the arquibancadas where the carnival spirit is supposed to be found, the fantasies, dances, masks and street parties are habits that have existed since the beginning of the celebrations. There was also a war of cheiro lemons called Entrudo, the Entrudo consisted in snatching lemons or cheiro oranges (balls of wax filled with perfumed mixture) to all the participants of the celebration. Ladies and gentlemen of high class at that time also participated in the celebrations and whether they wanted to or not, they returned to their homes drenched in water because of the lemons. Although the upper class citizens were the ones who complained the most about the situation, the Entrudo resisted for many years and soon ceased to exist until its abolition at the beginning of the twentieth century.

How was the carnival in the old days - The first carnival days

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Advancing a little bit in history

The carnival model that we know today was born in the streets of São Paulo in the mid-twentieth century, in the middle of parties in front of the churches, the members gathered and danced in a drum circle. The parade of the samba schools was officialized around 1967 and the following year the first parade took place on Tiradentes Avenue shortly before the construction of the Marques de Sapucaí Race Track, in Rio de Janeiro in 1974. From then on, the Brazilian carnival did not stop growing and becoming more professional.

How carnival used to be in the old days - A little bit of history

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