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How to reform árvore de natal

How to reform árvore de natal

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There is a tradition that says that every year the pinheirinho de natal let there be no more new heavens, but that the abundance and prosperity may abound. No guarantor that is true, not so much to shave a árvore de natal For the end of the year parties are exciting from the newest to the oldest of the family and that is why every year we want it to be different. It is true that the prices in these dates are due to the clouds and that the shaving, the trees and everything that I say about the birth is quite expensive. That’s why if this year you want to be able to afford the presents or for your hometown’s church you can reform your old hometown’s tree and use all the decoration objects left from the previous year. Next, in a How we are going to explain to you how to reform árvore de natal.



One of the ways to reform your hometown tree is moving to sua cor. Today, in addition to the traditional green colour, there are many other colours such as white or pink. Therefore, if you want to innovate in your hometown and opt for an original and elegant decoration, don’t hesitate and paint your hometown tree from the previous year.

To do this, you only need to buy spray paint from the car and go to an airy space in your house to start painting your home tree. You don’t have to use a washcloth and put under and around the tree leaves to avoid staining the surface. When you open and date it with your eyes, you will have a new home tree!

If you have chosen to paint your tree of white birth, do not hesitate to give our tips on how to decorate your tree of white birth.

How to renovate árvore de natal - Step 1

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If your hometown tree is too big, one of the things you can do is cut-la. To do this, pull the base of the tree of birth and cut some layers down to the size you want.


Case to base of his native tree This is a damaged product, you don’t need to put your logo on the shelf. All you need to do is lay another foundation for your native tree, and for that a garden vase is enough. You can place the tree on the ground in the vase, as if it were a real pinewood, and place your tree there. If you wish, you can cover the glass with colourful paper and with other nativity scenes.

How to renovate árvore de natal - Step 3


Quanto aos enfeites da sua árvore de natalIf they play matches or are really damaged in a way that doesn’t help them, you don’t need to leave to spend your entire budget. At home, you can make beautiful balls with buttons, fabric and other materials. In addition, if last year’s birthballs do not play, you can give them a new coloring with ink or glitter. And if you only need the string to hold the game, just substitute another one.

You can find more tips to make homemade balls.

How to renovate árvore de natal - Step 4

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In addition to the balls, other shaves for the nativity tree can also be made at home, such as the NATAL FESTIVAL, you laços ou a estrela to place in the mole of your tree. Access all our articles to discover several ideas to make these shaves for your baby’s birthplace.

How to renovate árvore de natal - Step 5

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And if you do not manage to reform your native tree in any way, you will always have the chance to opt for a few different and original native trees such as the cortiço role plays.

How to reform árvore de natal - Step 6

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