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How to organize an anniversary party at the park

How to organize an anniversary party in the park

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Want to organize a economic party and a lot of fun? If your child is just about to turn years old, it would be great to plan a great children’s party with lots of surprises and outdoor activities. In umComo.com.br we explain how to organize an anniversary party in the parkA great option for children and adults to enjoy the spring and summer season surrounded by friends. This party is an option adapted to your bag, do not worry about the number of guests due to lack of planning, the park fits everyone.

Party in the park: Date and place

If you are going to celebrate your party in summer, it is best to choose a time when it is not too hot. In the evening would be ideal so that you can enjoy hours of natural light and celebrate the anniversary in the park. I thought that the time of year to celebrate the party will be important when choosing date and time. Choose a field or a park that is close to your home and is big enough for various activities. If you have a house with a large yard, it can also be an excellent option.

Party in the park: Convidados

What is a party without guests? Make a list of all the people invited. I thought that by celebrating in a park you won’t have problems of space or planning, so you can invite as many children and countries as you want. Your child can make his or her own personalized invitations and fun. Paper, cardboard, crayons and a little imagination will be enough to make original and creative invitations. Make sure your child participates!

Party in the park: Decoração

A decoração in any party is important, even if we celebrate the anniversary in a park. Buy decorative elements such as balls, garlands, streamers or banners. Don’t worry too much about the planning for this, because one simple thing is enough.

You can also ask your child to help you in decorating, to make personal and original jewelry. For this, use tissue paper, cardboard or cut-outs. Don’t forget to get a pot breaker, with candy that can be broken by children. Give your personal touch to the outdoor space, and respect also the green areas.

Party in the park: Catering

Food at a party is essential! Prepare a refreshment or snack healthy, easy and quick. The simplicity will help you satisfy young and old and will be quicker to prepare. Be creative when it comes to making your catering.

Make a snack with sweet potato fries, corn chips, dried fruits and nuts, among others. You can also prepare sandwiches or small sandwiches, as well as an assortment of sausages or cheeses. Other options are fruit skewers, empanadas, or entrees with sweet potato omelet, croquettes or pizzas. Don’t forget to spice up the party with a nice birthday bolo, guloseimas or chocolate barrels. You will please your guests.

Party in the park: Atividades e jogos

Liven up the party with activities and games for young and old. Make sure your guests participate actively. Organize a list with the best ones. outdoor games. We propose a sack race, the game of tag or the amarelinha among others. Make the little ones discover the games of a lifetime and they will love them. If your party takes place in the middle of summer, you can provide a water party with balls or guns. And don’t forget the traditional quebra-pote. Let your imagination run wild and propose a gymkhana or several tests for children to discover a treasure… Anything goes!

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