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How to organize a milkshake with little money

How to organize a milkshake with little money

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O beaten is a very important religious ceremony for the country, so if you have decided to do it so that your child has a spiritual connection, but you don’t want this to mean spending a lot of money, in the same way, we will provide some tips so that the prayer is not too high. Find out how to follow how to organize a milkshake with little money.


Make a orçamento real from the beginning. The organization is fundamental, so you should know from the beginning how much money will be spent so that the expenses are controlled from the first minute.

The guests

Reduce the number of guests. A shake doesn’t need a very long list of participants. It can be a small celebration with the immediate family and close friends. Remember that the milkshake is more intimate than other celebrations.

Roupa de batizado

The clothes also do not need to be new. You can request it borrowed from a family member or friend who has held a batizado. This is a suit used once in a lifetime and its price is a bit expensive, but you can also rent it and save on this expense.


Muitas pessoas mandam fazer invitations for beats. You can make them on the Internet and print them. Another option is to send them online, as they are available on many sites. As for the whipped banners, know that you don’t need to spend a fortune on these little presents, you can make them yourself at home without spending a lot of money.

Place for lunch or dinner

O almoço ou jantar should not be done in a restaurant. Your own garden, your house, an inexpensive place or at a relative’s house can be the place to celebrate this moment. Nowadays, there are many inexpensive caterers that provide the food, and if you have cooking skills, you can prepare it yourself.

Enjoy the day of the milkshake

O beaten should be a moment of joy, not a burden or ruin the family economy. This day should be relaxed, so the whole family will enjoy it and it will not be a waste, therefore, take advantage of this important holiday.

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  • There are many computer applications to organize parties and make ornaments.
  • Do not leave the preparation of the shake to the last minute.
  • Notify the guests in advance.

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