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How to make the present dynamic

How to make the present dynamic

The dynamics of the present, also known as the dynamics of the bombom, is a jump that can be made in companies, meeting of teachers, end of the year in schools, cooking, found among friends, among others and is ideal to have fun and include all. In corporate or collective environments, the dynamics of the present, besides being a tool for integration, can also be used to identify behavioural profiles, social skills and empathy.

The dynamics is similar to a secret friend of the ones made at the end of the year, but needs much less material and can be made without great previous preparations, being a way to tell those who live with you how important they are. If you want to make a legal leap to perform in a group and do not know how to do it, in this article from unCOMO we explain how to make the present dynamic!

Material needed for the dynamics of the present

In order for the dynamics of the present situation to be dynamic, it is fundamental to have some materials prepared:

  • Lembrancinhas escolhidas a gosto: The most common in the dynamic of the drum is that they are chocolates or easy to drink, but it is also possible to be more creative and make something more personalized, the important thing is that you have a lesson for each participant of the dynamic.
  • A box with parents that will have a different positive characteristic for each one: It is necessary to have the same number of parents and members to jump from the present. If you are one of these people who likes to think in every detail, you can also prepare a personalized box for present dynamics, using colors and decoration according to the environment involved in the dynamics of the present.

Do you want a simple and creative idea? See how to make an original present box:

Present dynamics rules

The jump of the present needs to have a coordinator who organizes it previously and who starts the game:

  1. The jump coordinator starts by making an introduction explaining how the game of the present dynamics works and gives boas-vindas to everyone. In case of a commemorative date such as the end of the year, it is ideal to find out how it was good to spend the year with the participants and thus start the dynamics.
  2. Or deve coordinator escolher uma pessoa who is quite friendly with everyone, who likes everyone and who loves everyone and who says how important she is to the group;
  3. Then, the person chosen should stick a positive feature on the box and give it to whoever is in it. Example: if you paste the paper of otimismThe book should be given to the person who considers the most optimistic of the group and to have a little bit of a say in it;
  4. Apostleship paper readingWho should stick a gift in the box and deliver it to whoever was chosen and deliver it in their hands;
  5. The person who receives the gift must paste another paper on the box and perform the same process, choosing who is better suited to the property and making a little bit on it;
  6. The last person in the group should win the role of friend, friend, friends have a little of all the characteristics that all the others received.

Ideas for present dynamics

Due to its general characteristics, the dynamics of the present is recommended for larger groups in which not everyone necessarily has something to say about everyone. Below is a list of possible characteristics to be written about in the parents:

  • Humble;
  • Optimistic;
  • Empathetic;
  • Patient;
  • Leader;
  • Cheerful;
  • Dedicated;
  • Smart;
  • Dynamic;
  • Expensive;
  • Competent;
  • Fair enough;
  • Faithful;
  • Lovely;
  • Outgoing;
  • Gentle;
  • Flexible;
  • Breeding.

Dica: If you want to give a touch of emotion to the jump, a good idea is to put in front of each word the definition of it or positive synonyms. Thus, instead of just handing over the paper with the characteristic, the person can also read this definition and share the meaning of it. You don’t need this definition, just use a diary and the dynamics of the present will be even more complete and meaningful.

Dynamics of the present of joy

A dynamics of the present of joy is a version of the original present and the rules are:

  1. The coordinator of the dynamics of the present must make an introduction explaining the rules of the game and giving good wishes to everyone;
  2. Each participant should write down good things about the relationship of the person to his or her left and submit them to the game coordinator;
  3. The coordinator must collect all the parents and mix them up, then hand them over to each member at random so that no one is left with the same paper;
  4. The coordinator had to read his role first and whoever wrote it had to say that the role belonged to him, making it clear what the relationship was;
  5. Even if you believe you must go to caixa de presenteand then withdraw and deliver it to the person to be cremated.

A dynamics of the present of joy is an excellent option for smaller groups where everyone knows each other and has a good relationship, since the writings will be less general and more personal. The intention of the dynamics of joy is that everyone will feel happy and special because of their qualities, making a very inclusive commemorative meeting.

Ideas for the dynamics of joy in the present

If the organization of the dynamics is shared, you can ask the participants first to each one swallows a present that everyone can enjoy and is not turned to just one sexual identity, for example (that serves men and women). Another idea is define a subject (books, chocolates, stationery, kitchen…) and each one brings a present of the type.

If there is no established theme, some present for the dynamics of the present of joy that can work are:

  • Glass of plants;
  • Scented candles;
  • Diaries and cadavers;
  • Canetas e acessórios de papelaria;
  • Thermal water bottle;
  • Caneca e acessórios para café;
  • Kitchen utensils;
  • Picture frame;
  • Chocolates ou caixa de bombom.

Tips for present dynamics

  • Dynamics of the evangelical present: the dynamics of the present can be realized in meetings of the church or of people who frequent its church even outside the cult. A good idea to realize the dynamics of the present is to add the adjectives of the countries with beautiful quotations from the Bible;
  • Dynamics of the drum head: A good idea for the dynamics of the present is to make chocolates, it is possible to take them out of the original box and put them in a nicer box with a buraco so that people can take one out. To do it yourself, see how to make a fantastic box of presents.
  • Dynamics of the present surprise: If you want to make a dynamic a little different, you can replace the conventional presents by more unique lembrancinhas, if it is in the time of Natal, it is possible to buy native thematic documents.

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