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How to make the jump of the friend of the onça

How to make the jump of the friend of the onça

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The end of year parties of the family, the school or the company are always told by the traditional secret friend. In this jump, it is decided by drawing lots to whom the present will be given, and the rule is to describe the person so that other participants can guess who will be the presenter. No amigo da onça (also known as a secret enemy), in turn, the idea is more fun – the goal is fazer graçato give a gift that the person will not want. As the famous Internet quote says, the zueira never ends! Learn now not umCOMO chow to make a jumper, amigo da onça.

Or tomigo da onça is a variation of the secret friend. In this game, the idea is to give a gift that provokes or irritates your colleague (for example, give a pente for a friend who is a carecca or a calligraphy cadet for the one who has a very ugly handwriting).

How to become an onça friend

  1. Join the group interested in participating and make the draw. To substitute the traditional paperwork and avoid people from becoming friends, you can use a site like the Secret Friend Sweepstakes, for example, or make a secret friend sweepstakes through WhatsApp.
  2. Let’s limit how much each one of us should spend with the present. As it is a jump to do grace and provocation, the interesting thing is that the price of the friend of the girl does not exceed R$15 per present.
  3. Uma das ways to jump from amigo da onça It is, in the great combined day for the exchange of presents, that all the participants must meet and, one by one, give the characteristics of the person who drew. You don’t know how? Check out our article on how to reveal a secret friend in a graceful way. Be creative!
  4. Deliver the present and observe the proceedings. The more you laugh, the more you get the choice!

If you prefer the traditional version of the game, check out our article on how to jump as a secret friend.

You must be when choosing a jumping buddy’s present. I thought of someone feature of your friendIf you drink, if you have a time for cooking, if you are a chorão, if you are intelligent, if you are quiet or stressed, etc.

Quanto às gift certificates for amigo da onça at workThe main thing is to evaluate the level of proximity with the person drawn. Being inadequate in choosing a friend’s present can lead to a harsh climate no work environment. For example: before giving an oral hygiene kit to a colleague who has a better breath, check first if you have enough intimacy for that or not. If not, choose a lighter present for the jump.

Check out the present suggestions of unCOMO:

  • Amigo beberrão: a carafe of cachaça cheia de água
  • Late friend: um relógio;
  • Friend with a calligraphy cadet;
  • Careca friend: uma peruca;
  • Friend who loses his commitment: a schedule;
  • Chorão friend: a lollipop;
  • My friend, relax: an energetic one;
  • Stressed-out friend: a passionate man.

The general rule for choosing a friend of the house gift is that you should be fun and joking, but you should maintain respect for your friends, relatives or work colleagues. Finally, what you want to raise is a relaxed atmosphereand not a flat situation between the parties.

How to jump from a different secret friend

In addition to the friend of the house, there are several other secret friend formats that can also be a lot of fun to be made at home, in the company, at school, at the college, etc. The most traditional ones choose a specific present (basket, book, chocolate, etc) to exchange between them. However, there are some other more fun options: check out our article Secret Friend different – 30 great ideas to jump.

Very few people don’t like chocolate – that’s a curinga, because it’s hard to please everyone. Therefore, make a chocolate friend is a good option for celebrations, whether at the end of the year or in the Pascoa.

You can follow the same rules of a common secret friend, but combine before the parts that the present must be in chocolate. The rules are the criterion of the group: it will be quantity of chocolate (each one should gain one kilo, for example) or by value (each two participants must spend a previously stipulated amount of money as a group rate).

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Como fazer a brincadeira do amigo da onça - How to make your friend jump

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