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How to make fun plaquinhas + phrases to inspire

How to make fun plaquinhas + phrases

Are you having a wedding party, baby talk or training and need help? The plates for this party are a classic that can help in the decoration and will also be very legal elements to take photos and to remember that special moment with the people of whom we like. One of the options to get fun party plates You can buy them at specialized stores, but you can also make them at home. If you want to know like fazer plaquinhas divertidas + frasesread this article from umCOMO!

How to make fun plaquinhas not Word

If you think that making your own plates is difficult and requires great skills with programs like Photoshop, you are wrong! It is possible to do party plates using Word, the program that is used in all computers to write texts.

To make fun plates for printing and your moulds, follow the steps below:

  1. Open or program Word not your computer;
  2. At the top of the fabric, locate the option “Layout of the page” and select “Paisagem”;
  3. Next to the option “Page layout”, go to “Insert” and select “Forms”;
  4. Among the forms that appear as an option, select the desired format of the ball to the plate. There are several options in the program and it is possible to make each plate in a different format if desired;
  5. Click on the fabric and drag the cursor to form the ball, choosing the size you want;
  6. At the top of the formed ball, click with the right mouse button and go to the option “Format AutoForm”Then, he chooses the colour he wants to put on the ball, the thickness of his edges and the colour to pre-fill the ball;
  7. Turn to the option “Insert” and choose “Text bank”;
  8. Click on the fabric and drag the cursor to insert the text box of the size you want inside the ball;
  9. Type the text you wish to place on the ball and change the size of the font and the colour of its letters;
  10. Hail to the arch of your plate.
  11. If you want to put an image inside the ball, you just need to turn on the option “Insert” and select “Image”, then, you just need to choose an image that you have saved in your computer, so you can get funny plates to print.
  12. To remove the rigid plate, simply glue it to a cardboard or paper and print it. In the video below you can see a step-by-step guide on how to make panels, published on Denise Borges’ YouTube channel [1]

Funny plates: moulds

If you want to know how to fazer plaquinhas onlineIt is possible to breed them using free Internet banner breeders such as Fotojet o o Canva or find the platinum moulds already ready.

Now that you already know how to make decorative plates, it’s time to be inspired by phrases for fun party plates.

Funny wedding plates

As you can see, these fun party plates can be adapted to any event! That’s why we have selected some phrases for the different contexts. Let’s start with Funny wedding plates:

  • I also want to get married;
  • Lá vem a noiva;
  • He’s finished enrolling, he’s preparing to sing;
  • He sees the love of his life;
  • Enfim married;
  • Home with me?
  • What’s going to hit the ship?
  • Happy ever after;
  • I don’t know how to drink;
  • We’re next;
  • Sejam happy forever;
  • Or big day chegou;
  • Selfie das madrinhas;
  • Fã dos noivos;
  • It was written in the stars.
How to make fun plaquinhas + phrases - Plaquinhas divertidas para casamento

Funny printing plates: chá de panela

The chá de panela, also called chá de cozinha, is a meeting of the noiva with his friends and family, the goal is to have fun and also win gifts that can help the noiva to mount the house logo after the marriage. See below the ideas of fun plaquets for chá bar num style “fun boat rides”:

  • Chá da [colocar o nome da noiva];
  • Bye-bye!
  • Já sei fazer miojo e gelo;
  • We’re faking pra titia;
  • Only X days to go;
  • Madrinhas do coração;
  • Sejam bem-vindas ao chá da [colocar o nome da noiva];
  • You’re just more TOPS;
  • I also want to get married;
  • I tied that enfim;
  • Fã da noiva;
  • Amigas da noiva.
How to make fun plaquinhas + phrases - Plaquinhas divertidas para imprimir: chá de panela

Forming plates

The formation is a very special moment because it symbolizes the end of a cycle, it is the moment of realization of a sound built during years. To celebrate this day, see below some ideas of phrases for party plates:

  • Check-in: training;
  • Mommy and Daddy’s pride;
  • Mission accomplished;
  • My child is now [colocar o nome da profissão, exemplo: advogado];
  • Doutor Format [colocar o nome do formando em formaturas de medicina];
  • I tied that enfim, I formed;
  • Now it’s official;
  • Formou? Now he can marry;
  • Enfim [colocar o nome da profissão, exemplo: engenheiro];
  • Chegou or dia dele(a);
  • I love forming;
  • Procura-se: emprego;
  • Family pride.

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How to make fun plaquinhas + phrases - Plaquinhas para formatura

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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5S9FonpLmY

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