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beggar costume how to do

How to make and customize step by step!

For Carnival, theme party or other similar celebration, a beggar costume it guarantees a lot of fun, as well as being super versatile, democratic and easy to do! In this post, we’ve prepared tips and step-by-step instructions for you to customize your own costume to make the event very successful!

beggar costume how to do

Beggar and Beggar, iconic characters from the show Panic on TV

It is a fact that a beggar costume is simple, practical to wear and recommended for people of all ages. Although men like this option more, women can also invest, even more with Mendigata’s success.

In addition to being very cheap to assemble the perfect costume, you can still use the creativity to give a personal touch or spice it up with various props. The ideal is that it doesn’t look ugly and sloppy, but stripped and in good taste.

There are many alternatives, that’s why we’ve prepared a complete and killer tutorial!

How to Make a Beggar Costume Step by Step

This is the time to rummage through your wardrobe, borrow items from family and friends, visit thrift stores, specialty stores/crafts and everything else to get as much accessories as possible to make your beggar costume.


There’s no secret when choosing clothes for a nice beggar costume. The parts must have old or worn look, both the top and the bottom

What can you use:

  • Shirt with buttons;
  • T-shirt (white is better for getting dirty and customizing);
  • Slippers (one of each color, preferably);
  • Shoes;
  • Socks;
  • Overalls (those of mechanic or gardener);
  • Short shorts;
  • Loose pants.

klebber toledo beggar

Actor Klebber Toledo characterized himself as a beggar in the telenovela Império and was unrecognizable!

Tips for customizing clothes for a beggar costume:

  • Use black paint or similar to give your clothes a dirty look. Bleach, on the other hand, is a good option to fade clothes that still look new.
  • Thread the shirt well (the collar part) for this piece to have an aged look. When wearing, keep your shirt sleeves rolled up.
  • make small polite in the shirt and tears in the pants, especially in the part of the knees. If you have any unsewn parts, pull the thread even further and lengthen the future.
  • Still in the pants, cut the hems so they are uneven. In the case of shorts, try to tear or fray the hem.
  • Cut and paste pieces of patches in the shirt with buttons, even more in the part of the elbows. In pants/overalls, you can do this on your knees.

Avoid over-patching in the beggar costume. Leave that to a redneck outfit.

  • In the shoe, prefer a model that is old and a little open, like that sneaker that you haven’t washed and used for a long time. If you’re going to wear socks, wear one of each color (high top, of course) as well as slippers to give a sloppy tone.

famous beggars


The wig is a key feature in a beggar costume. The best option is the huge one, like black power solo or with hair + beard. It’s very popular, cheap and easy to find in any costume shop.

beggar wig


Beggar costume makeup is basic and simple. Knife dirt marks using an eye liner, makeup remover or face paint, but not too much. If the wig doesn’t have a beard, you can draw it too, even unevenly.

If your arms, legs, or arm are sticking out, use the paint to give those parts a dirty look as well. And don’t forget your teeth!


Accessories and props are also fundamental for a perfect and faithful costume. You can choose from some alternatives:

  • Simple handmade bracelets;
  • Large necklaces;
  • Old bandanas;
  • Worn hats, caps and caps;
  • Belt ropes;
  • Dirty looking handkerchief – to wear in the back pocket of pants.

beggar costume ideas how to wear

Use string and a piece of cardboard to make a sign that says ‘I need some change’ and the like. Hang around your neck to get a lot of attention. You can create fun messages that have to do with the theme of the party too!

The beggar costume is always a right choice for celebrities and other guys to enjoy the parties. See some photos!

beggar costume

The Radames Football Player

beggar costume tutorial

the actor Caio Castro

beggar costume rodrigo faro

The presenter Rodrigo Faro

beggar costume step by step

The humorist Maurício Meirelles

beggar costume ideas

Actor Rafael Cardoso also chose the beggar costume to go to a party

famous beggar costume

Thiago Rodrigues and his ‘clean’ beggar costume

And for them?

This outfit is still not the favorite of women, although it has become popular among female audiences after the character’s success. beggar, from the show Panic on TV. The girl’s beggar look drew attention for her bold touch, with shorter and more sensual clothes.

To get inspired and even copy, take a look at how she dresses (it’s also simple and very practical!).

beggar make

In addition to her dirty appearance, the character wears paint on her teeth, cap and dreads


Short clothes and accessories are also part of the girl’s look

Other famous ones have also characterized themselves as beggars for soap operas:

beggar costume

Actresses from the soap opera Alto Astral dressed as beggars: for them, messing up their hair is a great option!

actors like beggars

Marina Ruy Barbosa and Felipe Simas dressed as a beggar in the soap opera Totalmente Demais

Well, now just start thinking about a beggar costume that fits your style, is very cool and creative. Any questions or suggestions, leave a comment in the post. Oh, and don’t forget to tell us the result. Great party and see you later! 😀

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