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How to make a vampire fantasy

How to make a vampire fantasy

A fantasy of vampire or vampire is one of the cheapest, most classic and simple Halloween fantasies we can find. Besides being very common in all parts of the world and can be used on Halloween, the vampire is also very good for Carnival or any other fantasy festival. You can become the Dracula and to scare everyone who is present in a way that is quite easy to do at home if you don’t have time to run after a specific outfit. It is possible to see this look in a more elaborate way by buying some easy to find accessories in any specialized fantasy store. If you want to know what you need and as a fazer uma fantasia de vampiroI read this article from umCOMO.

How to make a vampire layer

Fantasy of vampire with a cape that gives the “Q” to the one that leaves you more characterized, for that you will have to make a compressed cape to carry tied to the fish and to cover the shoulders and it will need tecido preto e vermelho, assim como também espuma (or some other resistant material) to make a ball that stays up. You can see in our article how to make a Halloween cape.

Como fazer uma fantasia de vampiro - How to make a vampire's cloak

Male Vampire Fantasy

  • Part of the top: for the part of the summit you will need a white or red social shirtIf you have a pallet and a bubble trap, if you have a tail, the used trap can be a common one and not necessarily a bubble trap. Remember that, no matter how much your fantasy is improvised, vampires are always well dressed, so social clothes are irreplaceable;
  • Stop it: This is the easiest part, for the lower part if your fantasy will be necessary only a social quality, likewise, vampire clothes are always hidden;
  • To your sorrows: We recommend calçados pretosThey can be social shoes, boots or even tennis shoes, the most important one is that they are not short-sighted so that they do not stop;
  • Accessories: As complements to your vampire fantasy you will need to buy false teeth and of fake blood that you will be able to find in any fantasy shop, in case you don’t have how to buy the two, see how to make fake blood and how to make vampire teeth. Some classic accessories such as handbags and accessories can be very useful and give more credibility to your look.
  • Hair: As for the tasting for your vampire fantasy, we recommend you two options, you can bag your hair enough with what to get the hair to stay cool or then keep it extremely well tented using a fine hairpin and gel so that the hair stays in place. The choice of hair option depends on the style of your vampire.
  • Machiagem: last but not least, an indispensable element will be the machining, as it will help to characterize the perfection and to appear more real. In order to make your scheme look good, see how to make up like o Dracula.
Como fazer uma fantasia de vampiro - Male Vampire Fantasy

Childhood Male Vampire Fantasy

For children’s fantasy, just follow the same model of the adult clothes, however, children hardly have social clothes and you can replace the social shirt and the heavy puff for a white shirt and sew a hair band, which can be found in any local perfume shop.

Besides the adaptation of the clothing, try to avoid exaggerating in the scheme because your child can be irritated and end up cooking the eyes, which can burn.

Como fazer uma fantasia de vampiro - Childhood Male Vampire Fantasy

Female Vampire Fantasy

  • Roupa: In the case of the vampire’s robe, the ideal is to use a unique piece, we recommend that you wear a preto dress bought for your vampire fantasyHowever, you can also choose to wear tight shirts and shoes or combine them with red and pomegranate shades. If you want to know how to make a vampire fantasy with normal clothes, you just have to stick a dress only ready and abuse in the makeup and in the accessories, besides, it is possible to use a blouse and a pair of shoes. See here the details of the fantasy in: how to make a vampire fantasy.
  • Adereços: Vampires need canine teeth and blood, which you can find in any fantasy shop, if you don’t have the means to buy the two. Just like vampires, vampires also dress in a very elegant way, so you can bet on your own clothes, like a shawl that can replace the cape, if you can’t make it. In addition, you can also abuse the large jumps and colares with colored stones as a coat and wine.
  • Hair: The hair of your vampire can be both bagunçado and extremely curled, depending on your style and the image you want to pass. If you wish, it is also possible to add some accessories such as red or black hair.
  • Toads: Use pretos shoes that can be both jumping, as scarpins, quanto sapatilhas, if you want to be more comfortable.
  • Machiagem: A vampire’s machiagem must be quite rare, to know how to make a face like a gothic machiagem.
Como fazer uma fantasia de vampiro - Female Vampire Fantasy

Childhood Female Vampire Fantasy

In children it is good to avoid exaggeration, so follow the advice given above for adult women but avoid heavy machinery and also jumping shoes. As for the fake blood at home, do not worry because it is made of blackcurrant and does not put the health of the child at risk in case of accidental ingestion.

Como fazer uma fantasia de vampiro - Childhood Female Vampire Fantasy

Inspiration for vampire fantasy

If you are looking for super simple options to decorate as suas unhas no Halloweenand then it’s perfect for him. In a few minutes, he’ll get you soon. It’s about a bloody mess that can be used for any fantasy or look. You will only have to apply a first layer of white enamel on the grapes and, when this tiver dries, leave small drops of red enamel or pomegranate to fall without dragging. Tilt your finger so that the paint spills out and the final effect is the most real and authentic.

How to Make a Vampire Fantasy - Inspiration from a Vampire Fantasy

Imagem: lidiamgmakeup.blogspot.com

Gargantilha de sangue for vampire fantasy

Another super easy inspiration that gives a special touch to the vampire fantasy is the blood choker. Check out the step by step to complement your vampire wardrobe:

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