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How to make a sick fantasy for a party

How to make a sick fantasy for a party

O carnival is arriving and with it comes also much diversity and animation, with fantasy parties, blocks and many dances. If you want to make the most of carnival parties, the best thing is to plan as much as possible for your fantasy or fantasies, because you don’t have to use the same one to go to different parties. A fantasy that is easy to find in fantasy shops or even to make yourself with pieces that you have at home is sick fantasy. There are several verses that you can make this fantasy, from the typical nurse to a sexy nurse fantasy. Check out all of them in this article by umComo about as fazer uma fantasia de enfermeira para festa.

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Fantasy of a traditional nurse

When we think of a nursing fantasy, the first image we see in our heads is that of the all white visual. So to get this traditional nurse’s fantasy You need a white jaleco. If you don’t have one at home, buy one or a piece borrowed for a friend. If you want, you can personalize the jaleco by placing patches with animated designs. Wear long white shoes and, for your feet, use the typical Crocs that the nurses use to wear, it can also be a good colour because the end is carnival. In the absence of one, you can use all white shoes or even All Star tennis shoes without chains.

To complete your traditional nursing fantasy, get a stethoscope and a nursing cake with a red cross on it. It’s worth mentioning that you can easily make your own cardboard cake.

Como fazer uma fantasia de enfermeira para festa - Fantasia de enfermeira tradicional

Sexy nurse fantasy

But if you want to opt for the sexy version of the nursing fantasy, then check out these tips we have for you. For this fantasy you will need a pair of shorts or a short white shirt or top. In addition, you can also choose a short white dress with a pronounced deco. You can personalize your dress by adding patches with a red cross.

For the shoes, instead of using white tennis like in the traditional nursing fantasy, opt for a high jump and use half-preys or rents, this will enhance the sexiest side of the fantasy.

The hair can be loose but cuddled and also used as a red cross stamped sick cake. The machine must be powerful, because in the end we are missing a sexy fantasy, so you can opt for a beautifully blurred eye and, of course, you can not miss the powerful red baton. If you have any doubts about how to make the vanished look, check out this video that shows you how to do it all. To complete your sexy nurse fantasyget a stethoscope and a thermometer.

Como fazer uma fantasia de enfermeira para festa - Fantasia de enfermeira sexy

Fantasia de enfermeira zumbi

Another super-fun version that you can make of the fantasy of a nurse is the zumbi. If you are trying to escape from the traditional, then this macabre fantasy is for you. The robe that you must use for the enfermeira zumbi fantasy can be the same as one of the previous fantasies, being able to opt for the traditional one or then make a sexy zumbi fantasy. What you have to do differently in your wardrobe is hold it with red ink, in order to simulate the blood of your patients. You can also put red ink on your skin and even make false fertilizers. In this video you will learn step by step how to make a fake wound with gelatin.

The make-up for this sickly zumbi fantasy is essential, you must paint your face in order to get a pale zumbi air and you can even erase it. In addition, you can create false scars by following the steps above. The hair must be worn out to look like a complete sick woman. If you want to paint your hair with a tan or use a peruca, be inspired by the image, what is interesting is that the hair is completely bagunçado.

To complete your fantasy, you don’t have to carry a seringe and a stethoscope. If you want to give a vampire ring to your sick zumbi fantasy, you can use a vampire tooth, entering in our article you will be able to learn how to make a case.

Como fazer uma fantasia de enfermeira para festa - Fantasia de enfermeira zumbi

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