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How to make a mumia fantasy: roupa + maquiagem

  1. The first thing you need to do fazer uma fantasia de múmia caseira is a T-shirt with bought white sleeves and white leggings. You can wear any long piece you have in your wardrobe and it is preferable that they are tight to the body. And, of course, you will need to buy a binding rolls to be charged in full, another option is to do múmia’s fantasy with toilet paperThe women, who have come out of the tumulus, where they have been buried for thousands and thousands of years, are dark, veiled and terrifying. So that mumia’s fantasy If it is real, we recommend you to cut the ties in strips well bought and dip them in a cold coffee or tea infusion to have a fast and smooth taste. You must leave them to dry for the whole night.
  2. Or next step for fazer uma fantasia de múmia will be to wrap the T-shirt and leggings with the ties. So that the fantasy does not crumble before the time is advisable to use a tail of fabrics or go sewing the ends of the strips in the pieces of clothes.

Múmia Machiagem

Another option is to dress and direct wrapping or your body with the ties. You can start with the legs and work your way up to the waist, chest, arms and fish. Certify that they are secure and tied, you can use adhesive tape or sew the ends of the strips. Place them unevenly, both horizontally and vertically, and leave some hanging strips, especially on the arms. It will be an authentic mummy!

Ideally, in addition to your eyes, you should leave some areas of your face uncollected to make a mumia’s machiagem terrifying, especially if you want to know like fazer múmia’s fantasy for or Halloween. Make all your face with white paint with some bluish tons, as in the mouth area, to simulate the putrefaction of the corpse. Even with latex or red paint, he can draw crust, scars and everything that can be planted to look like a real mummy. Besides, there is no need to paint a well marked and intense smell with pencils or ready shadows and include teeth that seem to be able. With all this, his mumia’s fantasy will be insurmountable.

The fantasy of the female mumia should be, as well as the male one, made with white rocks, however, it is valid to be a little more creative and use different pieces when it comes to fantasy. Instead of blouses with bought sleeves and a wedge, it is possible to use a saia and top, the only thing we can’t change when we find the ideal outfit is that the fabrics must be opened so that the outfit fits our body.

As soon as your roupa is chosen, it is time to customize it and leave it with the appearance of mumia. To create the desired look, some are the options, the easiest being simply stick toilet paper and roll up all over the clothesI’m taking care to take the right of the fabric so that the fantasy does not go away during the party. You can use the common glue to light the toilet paper in the closet. A good idea is do not strain the paper too tightlyA little bit of a visual will leave your fantasy with a more realistic face.

Fantasy of female mumia with ties

Another option to make your fantasy will be to use ties, being necessary to choose the biggest and longest that you can find in the pharmacy to guarantee that the process of manufacturing the fantasy will be the least workable possible. In the case of ties, it is also necessary to take care to turn them on firmlyIn the meantime, there are more options that we can choose when casting the material on the fabric, being also possible to opt for common tail but also worth using queue up or get a staplerEven if this last option requires extra care, which will involve hiding the cramps to ensure a fantasy with impeccable appearance.

The choice of the frog will vary according to its taste, however, it is important to choose something simple and that is not funny in order not to draw the attention of the principal, or rather, of the fantasy. To guarantee that you will make the right choice, opt for something without many details and that is, preferably, plain or white.

Fine details

So, based on your summer clothes, it will be necessary to add some details to leave the most grateful. Women do not need to be cleaned and tucked in, so now it is time to give your look a little bit of a twist. To add this layer to the costume, it is possible to stain the fabric with black coffee and also make bloodstains using blackcurrant. If you want a more realistic fantasy, see also how to make fake blood, which can also be used for friends’ fantasy if you want to go to a party together.

Múmia Machiagem

As soon as everything is in place, it’s time to make a move. To make mumia’s machiagemYou should try to get a good look at the eyes, which should be quite marked, and even make circles around them as if simulating a strong smell. Even in our eyes, you will be able to complete the visual with a mascara, which will give even more prominence to the region. For the skin, it is important to add a pale colour, which can be made with white shade or with a very clear base, it is also worth adding some dark spots that combine with the “dream” of the fantasy. You can also use these tips to make zumi machine with toilet paper.

In order to make the robe of children’s mummy fantasy, you should look at the sections above to learn the passage of the robe, whether it is male or female. In spite of the process of manufacturing the fantasy in itself, it is necessary to take some care when we are dealing with children’s habits. The most important point and the one you should try is the comfort. Finally, fantasies are not always the easiest and simplest clothes to use and children can easily become irritated by something that is painted or fallen, especially if they are small children.

Another very important point is that it’s time to go children’s múmia fantasy is that it is necessary to take care with the machinery, finally, it is very common that children have allergic reactions and end up with irritated skin in case of contact with products of this type. To avoid complications, use hypoallergenic materials or just avoid this stage, especially if they are small children who run the risk of passing their hands with machine in their eyes.

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