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White, blue and pink decor.

How to Make a Different Revelation Tea

The arrival of a baby is one of the most special moments in a couple’s life. And the months of waiting, although they seem like a lot, end up passing very quickly. After all, there are many changes in the woman’s body, exams, preparations and parties. One that has become quite famous in recent times is the Revelation Tea. In it, parents discover with their family and friends what the baby’s gender is. This discovery can happen in a more traditional or fun way. If you prefer the second option and want to prepare a different revelation tea, check out our decorating tips, cake, games and more!

Different Revelation Tea Decoration Tips

The decoration is one of the key points in any party, but in the different revelation tea, it gains even more prominence. After all, in this case it is necessary to play with two possibilities: that of being born a boy or a girl. Of course, you can choose other options, but in general, it is common for this decoration to be done in the colors blue and pink. Different tones can even be used. In the image below, for example, preference was given to pastel tones, which combine very well with a children’s party. In this decoration, the organizers took the opportunity to use geometric shapes and overalls.

White, blue and pink decor.

In the following decor, the lighter colors were chosen. But in this case, the theme carries a little bit of fairy tale characteristics. After all, at the bottom of the cake table there is a banner with the phrase “Once upon a dream” and two pictures, one with the image of a prince and the other with the image of a princess.

Table with simple decoration.

If your definition of different revelation tea brings simpler features to the decor, you will love the reference below. With simple elements, such as balloons, flags and picture frames, the house was beautiful and super cozy. Highlight for the cake made with cupcakes with pink and blue icing.

Table decorated in baby shower.

One of the coolest games at parties is to set up teams, like the bride’s team at weddings, for example. And why not pull this reference to make a different revelation tea? You can, for example, set up the split table, with half of it with blue food and decorations and the other half in pink. Even the cake can join in the fun. And you can even suggest to your guests if they serve only on the side that represents their guess. That way, you’ll know which one has the most votes when the food starts to run out.

Black, blue and pink decoration for different revelation tea.

Now, if you like rustic decorations, the ideal is to take advantage of outdoor areas. From that, you can already set up a different decor, with benches, pallets, easels, crates, baskets, vases and much more.

Different revelation tea decoration.


And if you think that only decorative items deserve attention, you are completely wrong. These are the details that make the party even more incredible. So, if you want to have a different revelation tea, take the opportunity to include blue and pink colors in food, drinks, cutlery, glasses, napkins and other items.

Montage with colorful party items.


We have already mentioned playing as a super important part of a different revelation tea. But, if you are in doubt about how to include them in the party, here are some tips. How about gluing two ice cream peels on a wall and letting guests fill in the design with their guesses? They can even write a suggested name for the baby.

Different game to know the guesses about the sex of the baby.

Another nice way to include the guests in the game is to put a picture at the entrance, where they can mark what the guess is and then put a pink or blue bow on the clothes.

Framework for guests to book if they think the baby is a girl or a boy.

Another similar and very simple game to play is that of toothpicks. Glue whiskers and lips with lipsticks and barbecue sticks and let the guests take what their guesses represent.

Prank to know what the baby's hunch is.Play with pinwheel to find out the guesses about the baby's sex.

The Hour of Revelation

Now it’s time to talk about one of the most special moments of any revelation tea: discovering the sex of the baby. In many cases, couples deliver the test result to the bakery and the filling shows the sex of the baby. But, we will talk about this later. Since, now, we decided to show some more unusual ways to reveal the mystery.

Parents finding out the sex of the baby.

One idea is to put balls, bladders and shredded papers inside a box that will only be opened when the parents are under it together. Another nice tip is to put papers and confetti in a bladder and give it to the parents to pop.

Parents discovering sex of the baby with smoke.

But, if you want something quite different, how about revealing the sex of the baby with smoke, as in the image above?

Pictures of Different Revelation Tea Cake

The cake is one of the most important elements in any party and therefore, it can and should gain more prominence in a different revelation tea. In this case, it is quite common for parents to ask the confectionery to play with the mystery and include elements such as question marks in the decoration of the candy.

Cake with question marks on top.Cupcake-shaped cake.

How about including ultrasound images on the cake and sweets.

But, there are other ways to play with the situation. For example, if the parents are fans of the Star Wars saga, how about putting the following question on the cake: does the baby belong to the pink side or the blue side of the force?

Star Wars themed cake.

Another nice tip is to put a baby’s head out of the cake, simulating the revelation.

Baby head cake on top.Cake with imitation ice cream on top.

As you saw in the previous models, phrases and games can appear on the cake itself. But, you can also include other accessories like candles and flags.

Montage with three types of tea for different revelation tea.

Finally, it was time to talk a little more about the revelation cake. In such cases, the baby’s sex is revealed the moment the parents cut the candy. For this, the confectionery can make a cream with dye, make the colored dough or put confetti inside, for example.

Montage with cakes that reveal the sex of the baby.

Invitations and Souvenirs

Large parties usually need invitations and party favors. And for that reason, we have separated some ideas so that you can enjoy your tea with a different revelation.

Invitation Cards

In the case of invitations, you can follow some paths. In the play you can play with the doubt and even put the name options for boy and girl.

Blue and pink invitation.Colorful invitation for different revelation tea.Revelation shower invitation.

Besides, how about including the guests in the game and asking them to dress in pink or blue, according to your guesses? You can be sure that it will be very nice to know their opinion on arrival. Not to mention that a photo with everyone together will be a great memory!

Star Wars themed invitation.

Returning to the Star Wars theme, it can also be present in the invitation, as in the example above.

Rustic invitation for different revelation tea.


To finish this text, let’s talk a little about the souvenirs. They are used to thank guests for their presence and can also serve as a reminder of the celebration. In this case, in addition to the traditional packaging with sweets, key chains, soaps and other suggestions, you can also leave your creativity free to innovate. Want a different and super simple idea to do? How about handing Hershey’s bars and painting the “He” (‘he’ in English) and “She” (‘she’ in English) with the colors blue and pink?

Chocolate as a souvenir.Party favors with pink and blue packaging.Soaps as souvenirs.Two key chains with cloud shape.Examples of different revelation tea party favors.

After all these tips, you are certainly already looking forward to the arrival of your different revelation tea. But take it easy. After all, for the result to come out as expected, it is essential to have enough planning and organization. And of course, be sure to enjoy the moment! Did you like this text and want to check other posts like this? How about taking a look at 87 baby shower bingo cards, 40 plaque ideas and various food suggestions for this party. Did you have any questions? Do not forget to leave your comment!

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