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How to make a devil’s fantasy

How to make a devil's fantasy

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A devil’s fantasy is one of the most popular options to get a fun look at HalloweenIt is a great alternative for a sexy and uncluttered carnival outfit. Therefore, on this Halloween or carnival day, you can wear your most devilish clothes without spending a lot of money. In a HOWTO we explain you as fazer uma fantasia de diabinha at home quickly, simply, with a ‘frightening’ result.

Fantasia de diabinha

A diabinha no carnaval or of diabinha no Halloween is always a great option for being simple to improvise. If you have doubts about as fazer fantasia de diabinha para festaThe first step in making a devil fantasy is to use any dress ou saia vermelha that you have in your closet. If you have a completely red dress or red with a preto, your devil fantasy is on the right track. However, if you only have a red saia or shirt/top, the ideal is to acquire the missing part (the saia or shirt/top as the case may be) in a similar volume to combine.

If you do not have a red saia at home, it is possible to adopt other alternatives. A good option for capetinha’s fantasy is to adopt an inexpensive and easy-to-mold fabric to build the bottom part of his look: the TNT. More like fazer fantasia de diabinha com TNT? You will need:

  • TNT na cor vermelha;
  • Hot-glue gun;
  • Sewing elastic;
  • Sewing Tesoura.

To make your saia for daydreamingYou can follow the guidelines of our article as to how to make a saia de tule, just by replacing it with TNT or then fantasia de diaba com saia de tule mesmo. Approve!

Como fazer uma fantasia de diabinha - Devil's Fantasy

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Like a devil’s cloak

A good devil fantasy has a key element: uma capa vermelhaThis will give a more elaborate touch to this perfect look for Halloween or a carnival party. If you don’t want to spend money buying a cape in a fantasy shop, you can do it at home. To make the cape, you will need:

  • 1 pedaço of red fabric measuring 60 cm x 60 cm;
  • 1 pita of cetim vermelho medindo approximately 1 meter;
  • Cola quente;
  • 1 spherographic basket;
  • 1 thesis.

Having all the material in hand, follow the steps below:

  1. By using either a bottom mold, cut or knit. Take care to cut straight so that the edges are tight to prevent the layer from becoming loose. To cut straight, use the spherographic marking pen, making sure that the inner side of the fabric is not damaged, so that it does not appear to be damaged when the fabric is used;
  2. With the tail still on, the tail tail is on the side of the cape, sowing good in the middle of the fabric already that it will be loved in the fishing.

The mold below is only a model, if you want a larger or longer layer, just buy a larger fabric and mold the layer of the desired shape! Just don’t leave the layer on the side because simple female devil fantasy loses the grace without the layer to decorate.

Como fazer uma fantasia de diabinha - How to make a devil's cape

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How to make a hairy devil’s tiara

Quanto aos chifrinhos de diabinnhaThe easiest way to get one is by buying a fantasy shop, but for an improvised devil’s fantasy you can build the chifres with your own hair, if it is long. Go on:

  1. Separate the hair from the front of the head and put them in a coke;
  2. With or without the help of cramps, fix the coke;
  3. Place a field internally to give a visual “punctuation”;
  4. If you want, apply a little spray of hair in red colour to give a special touch.

Another excellent option that will help in as a fazer diabinha fantasy for Halloween is to build a pair of chifres based on our tutorial as making chifres for a Malevóla fantasy. You’ll be a winner!

Como fazer uma fantasia de diabinha - How to make a hairy devil's tiara

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How to make a devil’s tiara with a card

As you can see, there is no devil’s fantasy without a good pair of chifres, a cauda and some false teeth. The easiest way to get all these elements is in a fantasy shop or a store, because they are much more expensive in these places.

But if you want to spend a little money and have time to do everything yourself, then here are some other ideas:

  • For you devil’s whistlesBesides the suggestion of the above mentioned, you will need a plastic tiara, four pieces of red cardboard cut at right angles. Follow the instructions in the image and get your devilish figures for Halloween in 2×3.
  • Use face-down mat. You’ll also need pillows, agulha e fio. You only need to cut the felt into two pieces in the shape of a tail, sew it inside out, turn it over and sew it back on. The best place to sew the devil’s tail is on the cape.
  • In the case of false teeth, you can buy them already made or you can make them yourself by following the step by step of our article on like fazer dentes of vampire caseiros.
Como fazer uma fantasia de diabinha - How to make a diabinha tiara with cardboard

Image: todahalloween.net

Devil’s Machiagem

A sexy detail to complete your devil’s fantasy: to machiagem. If your goal is to make a sensual fantasy, simple and basic, just make up your eyes, for example smokey eyes, and paint the lips with red to give a sensual touch to your look.

However, if you are more interested in the visual aspect, a good idea is to use we are red in our eyes and in our mouths. The best thing is that you can only use a red baton to build this look! UmCOMO explains:

  1. Wash your face and hydrate your skin before you make up;
  2. Apply the base, the compact and the corrective as you would normally do;
  3. With the help of two fingers, apply the red batom in the whole palpebral area, always vanishing. To fix it better, you can use a little red shade on the baton;
  4. Prosseguindo not look evil, apply or batom vermelho nos lábios. If you want to remove the product, use cotton wool soaked in a cleansing agent to remove excess product.

Tip: To intensify the olive region, also use mascara on the eyes or false eyes, in addition to strong eyeliner.

Suggestion: Like making up a fantasy of a dead body or Halloween

Como fazer uma fantasia de diabinha - Machiagem de diabinha

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Like making a devil’s trident

It’s time to take care of the last essential detail for a capetinha fantasy: or trident. It is possible to buy the accessory in fantasy stores, however, the process of making it at home is very simple and worthwhile. To make the trident, you will need:

  • 1 corporal of vassoura;
  • 1 paper of 20 cm by 20 cm;
  • 1 red ink and 1 white ink
  • 1 pot of red glitter;
  • Cola Quente;
  • 1 thesis.

As you matter in me, take the following steps:

  1. Paint the vassoura line of the preto and let it dry;
  2. Paste the paper and unwrap the top of the trident;
  3. Cut out the trident and paint the paper red;
  4. Before the ink dries, jogue glitter red;
  5. When all the summer is dry, use the glue to grind the upper part of the trident on the vassoura line.

If you’re going to a party and don’t want to walk up and down with a big trident, do it entirely with paper, so you can choose the exact size you want!

Como fazer uma fantasia de diabinha - How to make a devil's trident

Improvised Devil Fantasy

In a few steps and without investing much money, you already have your fantasy of a perfect devil for Halloween or Carnival. If you want to get a better look, see the tips below:

  • If you want fazer uma fantasia de diabinha infantil to dress the children of the family, just follow the same step by step exposed in this article. Be careful with the make-up – children have allergies more easily. For other options of children’s fantasies, check also how to make a dancer’s fantasy and how to make a joaninha’s fantasy;
  • Case you wanted to make a sexy devil fantasyChoose a short skirt and a blouse or dress with decotation that will enhance your body. If you don’t have one at home and you want to buy a dress, remember that it should be something smooth and red, which is great because it can be used again on other occasions;
  • If you’re up for a fantasy party, um high jump The red or green color combines well with the fantasy and can be a visual up;
  • Also for a fantasy a little more sexy, it is possible to use accessories as a meia-arrastão;

Another legal accessory for retailers are the chokers, which give a super sexy touch to the fantasy and can be made according to the theme of the fantasy. For a little inspiration, let’s leave a suggestion of a tutorial below as fazer uma gargantilha de sangue para o Halloweeen:

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