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How to make a carnival banner – 10 steps

How to make carnival banner

Os banners are widely used at Carnival time, when they become the trademark of a carnival block. In general, it is ensured by who is in front of the block, commanding the folia. If you intend to assemble your Carnival block, he can not miss. For this reason, umComo.com.br will teach you to how to make carnival banner.

Steps to follow:


Os banners can be simple or well elaborated, everything will depend on the creativity of the person who produces it. The important thing is that it reflects the block that it will represent, with the colors used by the folios and, in case of representing an already existing entity, it should also have the symbol (logo) of the same. It works like a flag.


Ter as cores e o símbolo do grupo ao qual pertence são as melhores formas de to identify the banner with the folios. Now it is enough to use creativity. But for the banner to be well elaborated, the best thing is that before everything else it is sketched on paper. That way, it will be easier to gather the necessary material to produce it.


The next step is to make the mold of the banner in paper, being that it should be retangular and at the base have a point, as well as being relatively large to be seen even from a distance.

How to make carnival banner - Step 3


O banner can be made of clothsince felt is an easy material to nauseate. The chosen color should identify the carnival block. The fabric should be cut, following the mold twice. One part should be at the front and the other at the back. A tip is to leave one centimeter more on the entire board.


O tecido deve receber a decoration of the standardbeing that normally it is embroidered with agulha and nylon line. To it can also be added lantejoulas and miçangas, as well as images made with felts of other colors.

How to make carnival banner - Step 5


Não se pode esquecer que no carnival banner must have the name of the group that it will represent. The letters can be made of felt of a different color from the bottom or be embroidered. Everything will depend on the skills of the person making the banner.


Fabric flowers are also other materials that can be used in the banner. Already the fitilhos are almost a must in most of the banners. Thus, the tip is to cut equal pieces of fitilhos that will be hung on the top and/or bottom of the banner, being that the spacing between them should be equal.


Após decorado, está na hora de levantar o feltro para aplicar cola no papelão e fixar o tecido. The next step is to make the finishing with glue so that everything remains firm, such as the embroidery, the lace and what else has been applied to the banner.


Make sure that the two beaks of the tray are well aligned and also attach them to the paper. Embroider the outline of the banner. passing the needle from the bottom to the top will leave it well finished.


Finally, it is necessary fixar ao estandarte uma vara which serves as a rope so that it can be carried. Like the religious banners, the carnival banner can receive a rod in the shape of a cross, in order to be well weighted. You can also use other materials, such as a glass rope.

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