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How to find someone’s birthday on the Internet

How to find someone's birthday on the Internet

Have you ever missed someone’s birthday? It happens to everyone. It’s you need to find or celebrate someone’s birthday – and you don’t want anyone to know what you’ve downloaded – you can find it on the Internet. In most cases, you can find a birth date by just clicking on a few keys. Continue reading this article from umComo.com.br and discover how to find a person’s anniversary data on the internet.



Do a public records search. There are some sites that allow to know information about people, without any cost.


Another way to find someone’s birthday is to locate them on MySpace, Facebook or other social networks’ profiles and see if the birth is listed.


Use the search engine of yatedo.com to search in all the social networks.


Google the name of the person and the word date of birth or similar words.

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  • Birth dates and the information associated with them can be sensitive. Be aware of this during your search.

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