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How to clean up the tree of birth

How to clean up the tree of birth

The trees of Natal are present in practically all Brazilian areas at the end of the year, and unlike other countries, here, the ones that prevail are the artificial trees. Therefore, it is important to know like limpar árvore de NatalIt can be ugly both before it is saved for the next year and after it is removed. Thus, it is possible to guarantee that it will last longer. Besides, this practice prevents the accumulation of poetry and, therefore, the Como.com.br will give some tips on this subject.



For limpar árvore de Natal It is necessary to have in my hands some instruments, among them, a clean cloth, a solid bristle broom, vinegar, water, a sponge and a vacuum cleaner. The best thing is that the cleaning of the native oil is done in a very well-lighted place, which will help to ensure that the whole of the body has been removed. If possible, the best is to make the sanitation in the yard, thus avoiding to spoil the comfort. The first step is to use the vacuum cleaner to remove the thickness of the tree’s support, taking care not to damage the skin. The next step is to use a broom to remove in greater detail the poem accumulated in each gallop.

How to clean the nursery tree - Step 1


In the sequence, the deepest cleaning begins, which is done with the help of a sponge enclosed with a white vinegar and water solution. The delicacy must continue in this part of the process, since the cloth must be passed in each part of the tree, with the care of not compromising its integrity. Although it is hard work, it is a worthwhile cleaning, since it will only seem new after years of use. Of course, if the cleaning is done every year, it will be faster the process of sanitation each time.


Instead of using vinegar with water, it is possible to grind it into a sponge with other cleaning products, but because it has antiseptic properties, the vinegar is also antiseptic, besides cleaning, being sufficient and efficient. It is still possible to use neutral detergent to clean the tree of Natal, being that when opting for other cleaning products, a test should be done, applying it only in one part of the tree. The native oil is made of colored plastic and some substances from certain products can damage the tree.


After cleaning all the branches of the tree, as well as its trunk and support, it is important to leave the drying in local arejado and only when it is dry can the shave be mounted and integrated to the decoration of Natal. In addition, it is worth throwing the poem with a dry or wet cloth, if necessary, the shaving that is placed in the tree, in order to avoid the accumulation of the subject and also to increase its useful life.

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