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fruit table-highlight-ideas

How to assemble? Models + 50 photos!

THE table fruit it’s a hot spot that’s a hit at any event, from a fancy wedding to a family barbecue. Versatile both for decorating and as a food option, it became a must-have detail in celebrations.

There are many possibilities to enhance the table and make it look beautiful and eye-catching, with themed formats and organized according to the occasion. In addition, there are many fruits that can be used, each with its own characteristics, which combine and make all the difference in the environment.

To inspire you, we’ve prepared some cool tips and ideas. Check out!

fruit table-highlight-ideas

How to Build a Fruit Table Step by Step

  • Before assembling the table fruit perfect, you need to think about which arrangements will be used and will fit best in the decor. To make everything beautiful and creative, invest in ideas that are free and not so conventional, especially in terms of layout.
  • Cutting fruit also counts for a lot. Types like watermelon and pineapple they always serve as the basis for a lot of alternatives. Others that cannot be missed are apple, banana, grape, strawberry, melon and kiwi fruit, classic types that need to combine with other options of the time.

You can use pineapple as a base for snacks, decorative vase, bowl, tower, among other types of decoration. It looks really cool!

pineapple decoration

Pineapple with candle as a lamp, ideal for Christmas and night parties

table fruit

Basket made with watermelon to place other fruits

creative fruit table

See how beautiful this decoration using green and red apples!

fruit table-featured-how-to

  • Watermelon and apple are other types that you can pulp and use as ‘natural bowls’ and edibles. Furthermore, making fruit skewers is also very successful. The idea is to make the environment colorful and varied.
  • The distribution can be from classic to more daring, such as a tower, a cone, fun shapes or with designs that have everything to do with the theme of the party.

It will depend on the style of the celebration: if it is a wedding, it can be more chic and elegant, without exaggeration. In the case of a Hawaiian party, use more inspirations that follow the tone of the event.

featured fruit table

  • A golden tip is to place the fruit table in a cool and airy place, with shade, so that it doesn’t spoil or start to darken. Although she is ‘devoured’ by the end of the party, at first she needs to look great.

If you want to bet on different and beautiful fruit cuts, we have selected some videos that teach you step by step. Too easy!

As there is a huge variety of fruits depending on the season and region of the country, make different combinations using all available options, to make the table colorful and bold!

Decorated Fruit Table Templates

for marriage

Fruit table for wedding calls for a more luxurious and elegant inspiration, in the perfect tone of the party. Invest in the traditional, with more intimate lighting.

Focus on elaborate arrangements that match the accessories and flowers – if they are part of the environment, of course. See some examples for all tastes!

fancy wedding fruit table

Chic decor to match the mood and lighting

simple wedding fruit table

With hearts to celebrate the love of the couple

veggie wedding fruit table

A naturalistic option + flower arrangements

wedding fruit table

simple and colorful

fruit table for wedding

An example of a well-organized fruit table

wedding table

A type with well-divided layers

to Luau

A luau calls for a more relaxed and naturalistic atmosphere, with a colorful fruit table and without the need for ‘everything in its place’. Make fun and practical arrangements that have to do with fun, beach, summer and the like.

fruit table luaufruit table like it's made for luau

Combine with flowers and branches!

luau fruit table

Banana trees and lots of fruit to represent plenty

fruit table for luau ball

Apples can never be missing!

fruit table for luau

Bet on beautiful arrangements with different cuts

rustic luau fruit table

Concentrate the fruits in the center of the table

For Hawaiian and Tropical Party

As with the luau, a Hawaiian party also calls for practical decor. The idea is to use the fruits as a base for arrangements, both on the table and in all spaces of the party. Use and abuse the pineapple, spread apples and green coconuts, make towers and quick and practical snacks. Juices and shakes are also a great choice!

fruit table hawaii party

Include straw and plants to give a naturalistic tone to the fruit table

tropical Hawaiian party fruit table

Pineapple tower to imitate a coconut tree!

Hawaiian party fruit table

Practical snacks are always a good option

Hawaiian party fruit table

Use fruits to create shapes and designs!

fruit table for tropical party

For an outdoor Hawaiian party!

tropical fruit table

Simple arrangements make all the difference!

for children’s party

Who says you can’t include the fruit table in a children’s party? It is a great option to go beyond sweets and treats, bringing a more natural and healthy tone to the little ones.

For this, it is ideal to think of attractive ways to decorate the table. Dare to combine colorful fruits, with signs and flashy and fun designs, skewers, among the most varied forms. See some tips!

child children's party fruit table

Fun and colorful cups

children's party table

The proposal is to call the children’s attention so that they consume the fruits

fruit table children children's party

A well-set fruit table always stands out

fruit table children's party

Invest in creative decor

fruit table for a children's partychildren's party table

Use characters and designs to amuse the little ones

children's fruit table

For Simple Barbecue

A simple barbecue can have a fruit table to refresh and enhance the party. Fruit salad is a good idea, as well as juices and other drinks. You don’t need to do something very sophisticated, make everything available and practical for everyone.

simple barbecue fruit table

Fruit salads should always be available

barbecue fruit tablefruit table, party and barbecuebarbeque fruit table

For a vegan barbecue, how about?

fruit-bbq table

With Cold Cuts for Breakfast

Need to build a fruit and cold cuts table for a breakfast? There’s no secret! Just follow the classic pattern to avoid mistakes. Bet on large bowls and compartments with assorted chopped fruit. The idea is to keep everything well organized, both for a more classic decoration and a bold and modern one.

breakfast fruit table

For breakfast, leave everything well available and organized

fruit table for breakfast ideasbreakfast fruit tablecoffee fruit table

Fruit and cold cuts table template for birthday or commemorative event

coffee fruit table

A more discreet and intimate idea

fruit table with cold cuts

For a meeting or event

fruit and cold cuts table

A more creative and cool proposal

For Romantic Dinner

A romantic dinner should have some fruit to compose the table and make it prettier. At this time, ‘less is more’. Avoid exaggeration and use a few options, which need to be well laid out. One arrangement is enough.

Another tip is to bet on fruit fondue. In this case, it is allowed to use alternatives, such as plates with different types and chopped. Get creative to impress your love!

fruit table romantic dinner

Generally, a well-made arrangement in the center of the table is enough for a romantic dinner

fruit table for dinner ideas

Fruit fondue is a great bet!

For Christmas

Christmas is a celebration that requires a sophisticated and well-crafted fruit table, to give all the sparkle that such a special party calls for.

Bet on fruit towers that imitate Christmas trees, typical decorations and varied cuts. Leave the conventional and leave the environment beautiful and with a great impression.

A rustic fruit table is a good option for Christmas and a guarantee of success and elegance for this traditional celebration!

In the case of a more intimate celebration, bet on a more classic tone, balancing the fruits with the other decoration items, without giving up sophistication. See some photos with perfect examples!

Christmas decorated fruit tableChristmas fruit table ideas

Using fruits to imitate a Christmas tree is a classic idea!

christmas fruit tablerustic Christmas fruit table how is itrustic christmas fruit table

If it’s an intimate meeting, dare to the small details

The fruit table will always add sparkle to any celebration! It makes all the difference in the environment, so don’t leave it out!

There are many amazing alternatives to build a table fruit beautiful and elegant for any occasion. Get inspired by the ideas and use your creativity to make your party beautiful and killer!

If you have any questions, criticisms or suggestions, leave a comment on the post! Follow other tips by browsing the site! Good luck and see you later! 🙂

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