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butterfly souvenir photos

Gorgeous Models and Tips for Making

Party without souvenirs is not the same thing. This is even more true when we are talking about butterfly souvenirs. The sweet theme is a constant choice for girl’s birthday and baby shower and always yields beautiful decorations. For those who want ideas on how to build beautiful items we have some suggestions to follow.

butterfly souvenir photosbutterfly souvenir tips

Butterfly Souvenir Photos and Ideas

Children’s birthday favors are just as important as the cake or candle. It can’t be missing! But what to do? What would be the perfect choice to close the event with a flourish?

With an easy and popular theme like the Butterflies party, ideas boil over how to create a beautiful decoration and make it beautiful at the event. Some suggestions are:


Rubberized or EVA is still the most used material when the focus is cheap souvenir. The material today has become popular, being sold in stationery stores, school supply stores and handicrafts. The cost per sheet is low, cut easily with scissors or stylus and the art is very cool.

eva butterfly favors

EVA can even handle water without breaking up!

The decoration of the butterfly souvenirs can be made with colored markers (marker), rhinestones and other materials. Just use glue and create your art!

With Lollipop

One of the most popular models of butterfly souvenirs is with lollipop. In the traditional format, the wings are made of cardboard, eva or another type of foldable material with resistance. The lollipop would be the body and with the different shapes of the candy you can play with the shapes and create very cool arts.

butterfly souvenirs with colorful lollipop

How to make – To make a butterfly souvenir with lollipop you can use cardboard.

Create a mold of wings on a sheet of cardboard and use it to cut the rest and obtain a stone in size and shape of the wings. Another tip is to create a mold of the wings on cardboard, use it to draw on the cardboard and then cut.

Place the lollipop in the center and with pieces of double-sided tape on a wing and candy. The tape allows a good adhesion with a good finish and with the advantage of not getting your fingers dirty.

The face of your butterfly you make by drawing, cutting and pasting with double-sided tape as well.

butterfly souvenirs with stick lollipopbutterfly souvenirs with round lollipopbutterfly souvenirs with purple lollipop

Lollipop wrapped with colorful crepe paper for butterfly souvenirs.

lollipop with butterfly souvenirs

With Bis

Bis-type chocolate is nice to work with butterfly souvenirs and other gifts to decorate and present the guests for its rectangular shape. It is also a sweet that is very pleasing to the guests because it is not so nauseating. We say “Bis” because for a long time this was the dominant brand in the market. Today, however, there are already many similar models with even better flavors.

butterfly gifts with chocolate bis

The box with the Bis in the shape of a butterfly can be used to decorate a table or delivered to the guests at the end of the party. She loves the inexpensive and easy to make butterfly souvenirs!

butterfly favors with bis box

You can create your Bis box with cardstock or print it in graphics. There are beautiful ready-made art templates available online for download. Then just save in PDF format, print, cut and paste.


The idea is to present the guests with butterfly souvenirs that can be simple, cheap and fast. Many ideas fall into this category such as the printing of pre-made wings. Print some sheets, cut and paste into sweets.

butterfly souvenirs with jujube

Wings printed colorful and cut for gluing

butterfly souvenirs with candy

Popsicle bags (sacolé) and colored peanuts or individual candies can also yield very cool and inexpensive butterfly souvenirs. Loosely fill the transparent bags with colorful candies, tie in half to separate a portion on each side and you will have sweet wings from your butterflies.

very simple butterfly favorsvery simple butterfly favors

Don’t you want to take the trouble to decorate, cut and smudge your fingers with paint? Buy ready-made butterfly wings in packs of 10. They are available in stores selling handicrafts for very reasonable prices.

The other items of a children’s birthday souvenir are the event data and thanks. A small card in the shape of a business card is enough. Then cut it, paste it one by one and your party souvenir will be ready in a few minutes.

butterfly souvenirs with satin ribbonbutterfly favors with catcher

With plant

The new wave of sustainable items for the birthday party has created cool proposals for butterfly souvenirs. One suggestion is a pot of plants. But we’re talking about real plants, okay? The destination value for ordering a handicraft can be reverted to a ready seedling decorated in a vase.

This is the new fever in events and has been very successful.

butterfly souvenirs with plant


Box (whether transparent or not) is part of the list of items with infinite possibilities of use. The boxes can contain sweets, snacks, toys, beauty accessories … everything the birthday boy or event organizer wants.

butterfly souvenirs with resin box

Decorated transparent acrylic boxes are often used to deliver sweets on birthdays or weddings as fine chocolates and happily married.

butterfly favor boxes

There will always be more ideas for creating butterfly souvenirs. Discarded material due to lack of use can be used, such as medication packaging, toothbrush caps, among other reusable proposals at a low cost.

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