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Fifteen Years Cake Decorated with Whipped Cream

Fifteen Years Cake Decorated with Whipped Cream

For girls who dream of turning 15, this moment is extremely unique and special, deserving that every detail is handpicked. All points from the beginning of the organization to the details of the party deserve all the attention, even when we talk about the cake.

In Brazil, it is very common for there to be a fifteen-year-old cake decorated with whipped cream, since this type of icing is the most used in our country. If, on the one hand, it limits some forms when it comes to the decoration of this sweet, on the other, it adds a special delicacy and has an incredible flavor.

As the quantity of options for this wonderful cake are immense, we have separated for you some models of fifteen years cake decorated with whipped cream. You can not only choose what you like best, but drool along with us for these wonderful cakes. Check out!

Pictures of Fifteen Years Cake Decorated with Whipped Cream

With flowers

One of the options for a fifteen-year-old cake decorated with whipped cream that is most successful in this type of party is undoubtedly the florida. The beautiful and delicate flowers, usually win the heart of the birthday girl for being extremely worked and with very different details, representing the sweetness of this age group.

There are two types of flower icing on this cake. The first is when the flowers are made using whipped cream, and the second is when other means of making the candy are used.

Whipped cream cake with flower application.

To create an effect with different colors, a great option is to make a cake with applications also in a different color from his. That way, your cake gets a highlight.

Golden cake with flowers.

The cool thing about this type of topping is that you can use the golden dye to produce different effects on your dishes.

Rectangular cake with heart-shaped cake on top.Cream cake with magenta and pink flowers.

You can pick up small flowers just to give a little extra detail.

White cake with red flowers in the corner.

The good thing about the white of this cake is that it is just a small application in another color that it already has a totally different face.

Cake with floors in white and one in red.

For fans of colorful things, how about bringing that taste to the cakes too? You can use each row of flowers in one color.


The cakes of many floors, or of only a few that are very tall, form a type of option that is quite successful in the case of fifteen years cake decorated with whipped cream. This is because, it attracts the attention of the guests, making the table where he stays gain a lot more prominence at the party.

As much as large cakes are made a lot using the American paste because it adds more firmness to the foce, the version with whipped cream remains the favorite of most of the crowd.

Blue and gradient 4-story cake.

A great advantage that only the giant cake offers, is the ample space to use it as a decoration.

Pink, gradient, 3-story cake with flowers.Flower shaped four-story cake.

Just by looking at the photo of this cake, our attention is already fixed on it. The cool thing is that its base is like a flower, making it look even more beautiful.


As the effects through this type of coverage tend to be much more limited than some others, it is very common for people to choose to use gradient effects to decorate and give an air of more worked and done with more care. For fifteen-year-old cake decorated with whipped cream, this change in color tone is a great idea to make the cake table wonderful.

Cake with pink gradient.

Age is not always placed on the fifteen-year-old cake for whipped cream so as not to spoil the design made on it.

Gradient pink cake with pink.Pink cake with light pink gradient.

Gradient cake with edible balls.Cake with salmon and rose.

You can also create the ornament with different colors (but that are somewhat similar), such as the one with normal pink and salmon pink.

Super gradient lilac cake.

With references to drawings

As we all know, the age of 15 comes along with a certain rebellion and indecision of tastes. Generally, girls are maturing and are no longer considered children and are seen as pre-adolescents, denying items that allude to this.

However, it is important that if the girl continues to change her taste, she is supported to do what she wants and how she wants. So, if she wants to have a cake a little simpler, that’s fine. In case she wants something with a few different types of drawings, she can be inspired by the images that are published next of a fifteen-year-old cake decorated with whipped cream.

cake with girl drawing.

A good idea is to buy paper ornaments that are super trendy, like the one in the photo.

A great option for those who do not want to let go of the drawings yet, the themed cake continues with its charm.

With fruits

If you have a fruit that goes great with the fifteen-year-old cake decorated with whipped cream, without a doubt it is the strawberry. Democratic, it is really difficult to know someone who has never tasted or who does not like this fruit. With that, it is always a right move to put these wonderful berries on top and around the cake. In addition to being beautiful, it will still be very practical because you can make a very simple layer of whipped cream.

Then just put your hands in the dough, fit the strawberries on the cake, wait for the congratulations time and give the souvenirs, for everyone to delight in the fifteen-year-old cake decorated with whipped cream.

Cake with strawberries.

The coolest thing about using fruits, like the common strawberry, is that it goes well with any type of cake and filling.

Cake with strawberries.

Even the format can be modified.

Cake with strawberries.Cake with strawberries.

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