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Disney princess fake cake

Fake Princess Cake – 30 Awesome Photos and Complete Walkthroughs to Make at Home!

The way children’s party decor has changed a lot over time, but if there’s a theme that never leaves the scene, it’s Princess. The girls love it and the party with this theme becomes a dream, it’s as if the child has their own princess day. Your little one chose this theme and you still don’t know how to decorate? To inspire you we have prepared 30 fake Princess cake ideas.

The scenographic cake is what attracts the most attention on the main table. If you want to get your hands dirty and take care of all the details of the party, we have also prepared a complete step-by-step guide to making the fake Princess cake at home, spending little money.

Pictures and Models of Fake Princess Cake

The first step to choose the ideal princess fake cake model is to define the colors of the party decoration, as the cake needs to follow the same style.

Some party moms prefer pink and white, pink white and gold, white and lilac or white and blue cake, it all depends on your creativity. It is also important to define the theme itself, as there are Princess Sofia, Disney Princesses and the Royalty theme, each of these models is of a different style.

Disney princess fake cakePrincess Sofia fake cakeFake princess biscuit cake with ruffles


The fake princess cake made of EVA is a beautiful model for party decoration. Besides being a beautiful and economical material, EVA is an extremely practical and easy to work type of raw material.

With EVA it is possible to create different types of models and decorations for the cake. Below, we’ve separated some decorative cake models made of EVA so that you can look forward to deciding on the best model for your little one’s party.

Blue and pink EVA princess fake cakePink and white EVA fake princess cake with pearlsPink EVA fake princess cake with crown appliquΓ©Pink and white princess fake cake with golden EVA crownPink and blue princess fake cake with flower appliquΓ©


In addition to the savings that Styrofoam provides for the party’s budget, it is a very easy material to decorate. There are a multitude of models that can be made with this material. Due to the easy-to-insert texture, it is possible to let your imagination flow when creating the beautiful work of art that is the fake cake.

See below some beautiful photos of fake princess cake made with styrofoam, seeing models like these makes it even more difficult to decide the best option because one is more beautiful than the other.

Pink and white styrofoam princess fake cake decorated with pearls and crownLilac and white styrofoam princess fake cakeFake lilac styrofoam princess cake

Beautiful option of fake Princess Cake in lilac color

Styrofoam bag with golden appliquΓ©Pink and white styrofoam princess fake cake


For those who want to spend little and still contribute to the environment, looking for recyclable materials is a great choice. The cardboard is malleable, and has the perfect surface for work done with glue, this being the case with the fake cake.

In addition to being easy to find in supermarkets and stores, you can get it for free. Here are some amazing examples of fake princess cake made with cardboard, they are so perfect that it is hard to believe that they are simple to make.

Pink and white cardboard fake princess cakeLilac and white cardboard fake princess cakeFake princess cake made of pink, lilac and white cardboardPink cardboard fake princess cake decorated with flowersFake princess cake made of white and brown cardboard


The fabric princess fake cake is one of the models that has been used the most in the decoration of princess-themed parties. There are several models te fabrics that can be used to make the fake cake the most used colors are shades of pink, lilac blue, gold and yellow. In addition to single-color fabrics, other beautiful options for fabrics for fake cakes are flower prints and lace. Below we have some beautiful fake fabric cake models so you can see how beautiful the models are.

Fake princess cake made of lilac and yellow fabricFake princess cake made of flowery fabric

To make the decoration beautiful and delicate, a very important factor is the size of the print

Fake princess cake with flower print fabricFake princess cake fabric yellow, blue and pinkFake princess cake made of gold and pink fabric

In addition to being beautiful, the lace gives a very delicate touch to the cake decoration


Biscuit is a wonderful material to finish the fake princess cake. With the biscuit, besides being able to make a beautiful smooth finish, you can model decorations to decorate the cake.

It is noteworthy that because it is a type of dough, it is important to pay attention to the care of the cake, because in the event of an accident, it is possible that the cake’s finish may be damaged and difficult to be repaired. See some tips for decorative cake models made with biscuit.

Golden and white biscuit princess fake cake

Lilac princess biscuit fake cake with bowPink and white princess biscuit fake cake with appliquΓ©Golden and pink biscuit princess fake cake with pearl appliquΓ©

The pink and gold colors are undoubtedly beautiful colors to compose the decoration of the decorative princess cake

Golden and pink biscuit fake princess cake decorated with wreath and flowers

How to Make Fake Princess Cake: Step by Step

If you want to make a fake princess cake for your daughter’s party, in the following step by step we have separated a beautiful model of fake princess cake made from economical and easy to make fabric. Here’s everything you’ll need to make a beautiful decorative cake model at home.

Homemade EVA fake princess cake

See how to do it step by step

You will need:

  • 3 Styrofoam bases in small, medium and large measures in the sizes you want.
  • EVA in pink and white
  • hot glue
  • Pink, lilac and silver sequins
  • Measuring tape

How to Assemble: Step by Step

  1. With the tape measure take the measurements of the Styrofoam bases
  2. After taking the measurements cut out the white EVA to cover the bases.
  3. After covering the Styrofoam bases draw a circle the size of the top of the base, but make undulations on the edges to simulate a strawberry covering, as in the photo of the model above.
  4. After the base is completely dry after having glued the white EVA, glue the pink EVA on top and let it dry.
  5. While the bases dry, cut out a crown by drawing the outline on the EVA using the template we have provided above to decorate the top of the cake.
  6. If you want to enhance the decoration as in the model in the photo, you can also make EVA bows to make the decoration even more beautiful.
  7. After cutting out the crown, use the sequins to decorate it.
  8. At the end of cake drying, glue the crown in the center of the upper base.

By completing all the steps you will have a beautiful and economical cake to decorate your little princess’ party. It is very important to be very careful when carrying the cake from one place to another, as EVA is a very sensitive material and easy to damage.

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