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selection of japanese party photos

Decoration tips, what to serve and what look to choose!

Japanese culture is very rich: full of customs, meanings and images. So it’s a great idea to build a japanese party! The decoration is full of details that transform any environment worthy of receiving many guests.

selection of japanese party photos

Japanese Party Decoration Tips

The colors and tones of a Japanese party can be according to your style, there is no rule. However, it is necessary to insert some Japanese elements in the decoration, such as flowers (traditional from Japanese gardens), balloons and even parasols!

Japanese party table decorated in red and pink with balloons

You paper balloons traditionally serve as light fixtures, however, they are perfect for filling vertical space, turning into beautiful decorative items!

Japanese decor in light pinks and blues with balloons and umbrellasJapanese party table decorated in blue and pink with balloon panel in the back

Traditional Japanese balloons blended with a modern balloon panel

Japanese party table decorated in blue and pink with parasols in front

Japanese umbrellas decorate the front of the candy table

The flowers and the cherry tree are a symbol in Japan and can form beautiful arrangements, creating a very delicate decoration!

Japanese party table decorated with cherry tree design on the back

The design of the cherry tree behind the main table added an even more special touch to the Japanese party

Bamboo is quite traditional in Japan, so a panel of this material is ideal to β€œframe” the decoration of the main table and can serve as a base for more handcrafted decorative items, such as paper flowers!

Japanese party candy table decorated with bamboo panel in the backgroundJapanese party decorated candy table in light pink Decorated candy table at a Japanese party with fabric with Japanese words in the background

Here, instead of the bamboo panel, a fabric with Japanese words has been installed!

At a Japanese party you have to pay attention to details. The main table and guests’ table can be decorated with flower arrangements, sweets with miniature Japanese umbrellas and even the hachi (the Japanese chopsticks that serve as cutlery).

selection of hachi, origami and candy photos with Japanese umbrella

Origami (paper folding technique) can become a beautiful curtain!

Hello Kitty bow popcorn package

Japanese characters such as Hello Kitty can also be part of the party’s decor, like this popcorn pack

What to Serve? #menu

Japanese cuisine is very wide and has many options. If the party has a lot of guests, you can opt for a menu that can be served in small bowls so they don’t have to sit down to eat.


No mistake: sushi is the most famous dish in Japanese cuisine!

cucumber sumomon

Cucumber sunomono is a small salad that can be served as a starter

If you or your guests don’t like raw fish, you can opt for hot Japanese dishes

chicken and egg ramen

Ramen is a type of Japanese noodle, which is served in a broth with vegetables and even meat

Dessert is not too secretive, you can bet on traditional party sweets like cupcakes and cake pops, but if you want something different, the caramelized banana matches a more Japanese menu.

Japanese party cake pops and cupcakes

To give an oriental look, the sweets were decorated with cherry blossoms!

caramelized banana

What Clothes to Wear? Look Tips!

The clothes depend on what style you want: a more traditional or a more modern one.

The traditional one is the famous kimono, which can be in long or shorter versions (depending on the time of year). In your hair, you can make a looser or tighter bun and add flowers or a chopstick to give it a more oriental look.

gi photo selection

The kimono suits all ages!

If you want a more modern version, you can choose dresses (long or short) with a high Japanese collar.

woman in red japanese dress with flowers

The flower print gives an even more oriental touch to the look!

Men can choose a more modern version of kimonos that go with a pair of jeans.

man in mustard kimono

Japan is also known for the anime characters that can be inspiration to put together a very fun and original look!

selection of photos of girls dressed in anime outfits

For this look, you need dresses or full skirts in shades of candy color. Plus a striking makeup and colorful hair wigs!

Japanese Decorated Cake Photos

The cake, like the decoration, should also gain elements that refer to Japanese culture. You can choose flowers, Japanese dolls or even Japanese food itself!

The American folder is perfect for creating any design you want!

red cake decorated with japanese flowers

The color of the cake depends on the decoration of the party!

two white cakes decorated with pink cherry blossomslight pink and blue cake with Japanese flower decorationcake decorated with sushi and other Japanese food

For those who are passionate about Japanese food, this can be a good option to decorate the cake!

selection of pictures of cakes decorated with kokeshi dolls

Kokeshi dolls are traditional in Japan and can decorate the cake bringing a very delicate touch

Invitations and Favors

Invitations should represent the decor and style of the party, either more modern or more traditional.

invitation with red envelope and chopsticks

Here, chopsticks were stuck together with the invitation!

invitation with cherry blossoms

The transparent invitation holder highlighted the cherry blossom pattern on the invitation

As party favors, you can offer sweets in a box or even flowers!

cardboard box decorated with paper flower

The paper flower with an oriental touch to a simple cardboard box

little bags with pink flower inside

Kokeshi dolls can also decorate your souvenirs!

gift boxes with a kokeshi doll print

The Japanese party suits any type of celebration, whether it’s a birthday or a baby shower! It is very rich in details, resulting in a beautiful decoration!

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