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30-year-old party standout

Decoration, themes and 50+ ideas!

Young to be old, old to be young. This excerpt from the song Uma dos 30, by the singer Sandy, defines the 30 years old. You might not like the artist, but it is a fact that refers to the dilemma of reaching a balanced stage of life, in which you already have experience, but still with many things to discover. So why let it go blank?

One 30th birthday party crowns one of the best stages and deserves a big celebration. That’s why it’s good to invest in a cool event, bringing friends and family together. Whether for an intimate or grandiose party, check out some cool tips and ideas we’ve prepared for you!

30-year-old party standout

What to serve? ideas and tips

Setting up the 30th birthday party requires good planning. The first thing is to take the time to think about every detail so that everything comes out perfect. So, start organizing as soon as possible, well in advance.

The decoration and food and drink depend on the theme of the celebration. It needs to be all about your personality and tone – if more intimate, for few people; or a huge party, to shake the structures and with many guests.

30th birthday party

What you need to consider to make the perfect party:

– if the season is winter/summer;
– if the party will be day/night;
– the environment: countryside/city;
– available budget.

O budget is the first thing to consider, so it’s imperative to get all the details down on paper. If you choose a specialized company, everything will be easier – but more expensive. If you want to do everything for yourself, you can innovate and ask for help from friends and family. From there, think about the environment and what it takes to make it perfect for your 30th birthday party.

Then, just make the guest list – making everything very clear in the invitation, including the theme of the celebration so that everyone gets in the mood. Also ask the person to confirm their presence, to find out the average amount of food and drink for each one; as well as the space, which must accommodate everyone.

30-year-old party-how-to-decorate

The themed decor makes all the difference and leaves everyone in the mood for the 30th birthday party!

And the food, what to serve? Regardless of the chosen tone, snacks and drinks should not be lacking. Everything needs to follow the theme (and the party time), usually with options that everyone likes:

– canapés and jumps (from 5 to 10 types);
– lunch or dinner with starter, main course and dessert;
– varied beverages (drinks, juices, soft drinks, beer);
– cake, of course (on average, one to two slices for each guest).

It’s ideal to have common sense at this time. If it’s a summer party, you won’t be serving heavy food. Otherwise, in a night celebration and on a cold day, it is pointless to bet on refreshing foods.

In addition, good music and attractions are essential for guests to have fun. Invest in a good dance floor and a DJ to play eclectic music that everyone enjoys.

Bet on decoration with photos, testimonial book, photographer to take lots of pictures and videos, dancers, karaoke, magician, swimming pool, among other possible options that have to do with the theme of the 30th birthday party.

30-year-old photo party

Photos with all stages up to 30 are indispensable!

Decoration and Themes for a 30th Birthday Party

The decoration depends a lot on the chosen space and the theme of the party, however, there are common spaces that should not be missing in any celebration: tables for guests, table space with cake and sweets, dance floor, lounge for photos and chat and a location to attractions. This way, everything is very beautiful, balanced and organized.


The big advantage of a 30th birthday costume party is the fun. It’s a theme that everyone will enjoy and let their creativity flourish, with a series of options to put together the perfect outfit. It’s practical and never out of style!

30-year-old-fantasy party

Good lighting makes the environment amazing!

30-year-old party-how-to-make-a-fantasy30-year-old-fantasy-decoration party

Get inspired by the Carnival to create the decoration of a costume party

30-year-old fantasy party


A bar party is all about 30 years old. If you and your friends can’t do without a good happy hour and love a bar, this theme is worth a bet.

The idea is to get fully into the atmosphere of the bar: with tables, counter, decoration, music, karaoke, snacks and drinks, of course. Want step-by-step ideas? Check out the specific post on how to make a Boteco Party!


Instead of a table, set up a counter, as if people were actually in a bar


Beer cases, rustic tables and accessories make the atmosphere of a 30th birthday party themed well


The 80s

For those born in the late 80’s, this style of party is a great option. You can decorate according to the season, well imitating the New Wave and cheerful tone that was present at many events.

Bet on a good dance floor, hits from the time and from your adolescence in later years. If you think it’s necessary, ask the guests to dress according to that decade.


Season colors and props are key

80's-decoration party

Don’t give up sweets and themed toys at an 80’s themed 30th birthday party

80's party

Use discs, posters and ribbons in decorating!

30-year-80's party30-year-old-80s party

A flashy and colorful party is the face of the 80s!


Bladders, ribbons and colorful decoration make the atmosphere more cheerful and relaxed. As it’s time to celebrate, dare and abuse the colors, giving a cool and fun atmosphere to your 30th birthday party.

colorful 30-year-old party

For a more clean, colorful 30th birthday party

30-year-old colorful party

Or more daring, like Carnival

colorful-how-to-30-year-old party

With more sober colors, to make the environment more daring

colorful 30-year-old party

Or a modern, intimate atmosphere

If your budget is tight and you can’t invest much in the party, ask friends and family for help and try to make the most of it, always using your creativity. Oh, and search well to find the best prices!

Black and white

The theme black and white it is also super highlighted and beautiful. They are complementary colors that make all the difference in the environment, in addition to being very practical to assemble in terms of decoration. Check out some ideas:

black-white-open air party

Outdoor 30th birthday party (notice how the pink detail gave a nice balance and added charm to the decor)

30-year-old black-white party30-year-old white-dish party30-year-old black-white-decor party

A black and white 30th birthday party at night

30 years party

Black and Pink with Paris Theme

Black and Pink is common at debutante parties, so how about getting inspired by this theme at the 30th birthday party too? It’s also easy to decorate and makes the mood wonderful!

30-year-old paris-black-pink party

Paris-themed, super balanced and no exaggeration

black-and-pink 30-year-old partyBlack-and-Pink 30th-Birthday Party

Beautiful decoration, the face of a 30th birthday party

30-year-old-black-pink-decoration party30-year-old black-pink party

Black + light pink (which also gives a great highlight)


A June 30th birthday party is ideal for those who have a birthday in June or July. You can take advantage of the date to set up an event with this theme, as everyone likes it and will surely have a lot of fun.

The good thing is that there is no secret to betting on this theme, with many options and possibilities, from a classic party to a modern one, it is up to you to decide.

30-year-junina party30-year-old party-junina-how-to

Invest in typical sweets at a June 30th party

30-year-junina party30-year-old June party

A simpler and more discreet idea


Boys can (and should) also celebrate their 30th birthday. In this case, it’s nice to consider the theme that has everything to do with personal taste, it can be geek, football, black and yellow…

30-year-old men's soccer party

Football theme is recurrent among boys

30-year-old man's partymale 30-year-old party

Black + yellow go well in a men’s 30th birthday party

male vintage party

A 30th birthday party with a vintage vibe


For nerds and geeks, theme Game of Thrones or any other franchise to make them very happy!

Decorated 30 years cake

The cake is essential at any party, obviously, so it needs to be highlighted to represent the joy of a 30th birthday. In this case, it needs to be done according to the chosen theme. We’ve separated some cool ideas, take a look:

30-year-old cake-how-to-party

Simple and beautiful

30-year-old cake-decorated party

Decorated with everything a 30 year old needs

30-year-old cake party

Another decorated and tasteful model

creative 30-year party

And the classic 30-shaped cake, a great alternative every time!

Invitation and Favor

O invitation it can be both traditional and electronic (modern times, isn’t it?!). Interestingly, it also has to do with the mood and theme of your 30th birthday party – and be fun and cool, of course!

30-year invitation

The invitation message should be eye-catching and cool.

30-year party invitation

The design must also go beyond the conventional

30-year-old party-invitation

It’s very easy to customize a 30th birthday party invitation. Use your creativity!

THE souvenir must follow the same line. Bet on something fun and functional, so guests will remember you and your party.


Bet on a fun message in party favors

30-year-old party

Keyrings are traditional options

30-year-old party-souvenir-kit-hangover

A hangover kit is an idea that has no mistake

30-year-old souvenir party

How about investing in a cream? Everybody uses!

30-year-old party favor

Sweets are always on the rise, especially in personalized packaging

Ask guests to confirm their presence at the party, this way, it is easier to organize with the approximate number of people who will attend the event.

Make a 30th birthday party it is to celebrate what has already happened and prepare for a lot to come in the future. Don’t let this date go unnoticed, after all, life goes by so quickly that we must value it in the best moments!

I hope you enjoyed the post and already have several ideas. If you have any questions, suggestions or criticism, leave a comment. Good luck and see you next time! 🙂

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