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game of thrones celebration

Decoration and ideas to get inspired!

Game of Thrones Party? Yes, this theme is very popular due to the success of the HBO series that leaves a lot of people speechless. Just log on to social media on a Sunday night to see several people commenting on the episode.

In fact, this production is considered one of the best in recent times, both due to the script and the acting of the cast, the photography, among other factors.

How about, then, bringing all this fun and surprising universe to your party? It’s a great choice and has several possibilities! To help you out, we’ve prepared some cool tips!

game of thrones celebration

Even the production cast has already thrown a Game of Thrones party!

Currently in season six, the series game of Thrones appeared in 2011, based on the books The Chronicles of Ice and Fire, by George RR Martin. Since then, it has become a worldwide phenomenon, gaining legions of fans who enjoy (and go crazy) with every episode.

If you’re one of those geeks who loves production, find out how to throw a Game of Thrones party!

Game of Thrones Party Decoration

The decoration must follow the whole mood of the time in which the series takes place. be inspired by Middle Ages to assemble the perfect decoration. Use dark cloths, rustic furniture and classic accessories.

The details should follow a luxury line, especially on the tables, so it’s important to take care of the props and the strongest colors (black, red and brown are great options).

For a Game of Thrones party, do something else intimate. Ask people to dress up inspired by a character – you don’t need to cosplay, but at least get into the show’s vibe. And since it is to be totally inspired, prefer a night celebration and a cooler night.

Here are some very interesting decor ideas:

cookies party game of thrones

Make themed cookies! A very simple and creative idea!

party decoration game of thrones

Use a red towel and leave the snacks well lined up, after all the details counted for a lot at that time

got party decoration

Use themed objects!

Bowls, candles, chandeliers, chandeliers, miniature accessories, wooden furniture are good alternatives for a GOT party!

party game of thrones how to decorate

Traditional utensils are very interesting! Always try to imitate what is very prominent in the series, such as the throne or the dragon eggs

party game of thrones decoration

Don’t have an ideal indoor environment or want to party during the day? Use nature to your advantage! Just dare to decorate the table!

party game of thrones ideas

Depending on the tone of the party, the table may have more refined details (with handkerchiefs, bowls, flower vases)

party game of thrones simple

Look at this simple and beautiful idea!

Customize the flags and props with the symbols from the series! Use balloons and DIY for a cheap Game of Thrones party!

game of thrones party

Fruits and silverware are good alternatives too!

party got decoration

For those who want simplicity, you don’t need to be too daring and do something great. Just be creative and enjoy what you have available at home!

party got table

For the characters, make a biscuit! Or, look for someone to make custom candy!

party got simple

Colored cups and flags are good to use as a souvenir

party decoration ideas game of thrones

For sweets, use toothpicks with the headstones of all the characters who died in Game of Thrones (which are not few, right?)

party ideas game of thrones

Another very simplistic idea that you can easily imitate!

got party table

How about serving beer inspired by the series? Plus, there are plenty of production-themed products that you can find cheap at party or toy stores!

sweets party got

For this idea, for example, just print the photos with the symbols and paste them on toothpicks! Very practical!

medieval party how to do

When in doubt, get inspired by parties with a medieval tone

Want more tips for a practical and simple Game of Thrones party? Check out the videos below!

Game of Thrones Decorated Cake

O Game of Thrones cake Decorated is pretty easy to make, it depends if you want something flashy/ostentatious or a more discreet type. When in doubt, check out the photos and ask for more ideas for the professional who will be responsible for this essential part of every party!

simple cake got

A cake with just the series logo

cake got

The throne highlighted with the covering imitating blood

cake party game of thrones

This type has all the production details

decorated cake got

How about using swords as a highlight on the cake?

decorated cake game of thrones

Use the main characters or your favorites!

got cake tips

Another simple proposal for decorated GOT cake

game of thrones cake

Decorated cake + sweets: beautiful and in good taste!

Themed Invitation

Follow the fashion of the time and make invitations as scriptures, with the fonts used in the letters, or as a subpoena. If it’s virtual, dare with more details, gifs, videos, ideas come in. Always try to surprise your guests!

got invitation ideas

Go back in time and deliver it the same way people received an important communication at the time

themed party invitations got

Instead of paper, use cloth!

got party invitationsinvitations game of thrones

Use a classic font and production-inspired designs

got invitation

Complete Game of Thrones Party Invitation Kit

party game of thrones ideas to make

Go fully into the video and ask the guests to go dressed in honor of a character from the series. It will be even cooler! 😀

And so, you liked the tips for making a Game of Thrones party? Research well, be creative and think about everything in advance so that you don’t make it ugly and make everything amazing! Tell us the result and if you have any questions, leave a comment in the post. Great celebration and see you next time! 😀

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