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Decorated Chocolate Cake – 51 Gorgeous Mouth-Watering Ideas!

It is no secret that the chocolate cake is one of the darlings for parties for adults and children, and despite the unmistakable flavor, there are many ways to innovate and make the decorated chocolate cake.

The decorated chocolate cake can go from a simple version for a cupcake at home, to a more elaborate version to decorate the main table of the party.

And if you are in need of ideas to decorate this type of cake, we have gathered tips and inspirations that will delight your eyes and fill your mouth with water.

ideas and modes

Decorated Chocolate Cake Models and Photos

With Strawberry

Chocolate Cake With Strawberry

The combination of chocolate with strawberry is irresistible, after all the strawberry gives a perfect sourness to the chocolate cake.

And besides being incredible in taste, the strawberry is still a beautiful alternative to the decorated chocolate cake, as this option shows.

In the idea, the round cake is covered with chocolate and decorated with sliced ​​strawberries on top, which add a touch of color to the chocolate cake.

brigadeiro cake

Another inspiration for the mix between chocolate and strawberries, and this is the idea for the chocolate birthday cake.

On inspiration, the cake was covered with chocolate and sprinkles and topped with strawberries and ganache decoration, as well as brigadeiros decorating the center of the cake.

ganache cake

The top was decorated with ganache and strawberries

round cake with strawberries

The cake features sliced ​​strawberries decorating the top

cake with strawberries

With Bis

white bis cake

Among the inspirations that illuminate the eyes and fill the mouth with water, one of the options is to make the chocolate cake decorated with Bis, as in this proposal.

For the cake decorated with Bis, the idea here was to make a round cake and use black Bis and white Bis interspersed covering the entire side of the cake, which in addition to bringing an incredible look, also brings the flavor and crispness of chocolate.

And to complete the decoration of the chocolate cake, the top was decorated with a pastry nozzle and a chocolate icing.

birthday cake with Bis

The top brings decoration with the initial of the birthday girl

Among the ideas for making a birthday cake, this inspiration brings a chocolate cake decorated with Bis.

In the proposal, the cake brings the sides with milk chocolate Bis and a satin ribbon, which in addition to holding the chocolate bars on the side of the cake, also decorates the birthday cake.

The topping of the cake was made with chocolate and sprinkles, which complete the flavor of the chocolate cake.

Bis cake with milk

Chocolate shavings decorate the top

Bis round cake

The top was decorated with white and black chocolate balls

mini Bis cake

The model is a mini Bis cake

With Chocolate Shavings

cake with chocolate and strawberry shavings

The decorated chocolate cake can bring chocolate shavings as part of the decoration, which in addition to showing the chocolate flavor, still create an incredible decoration for the cake.

And as an option for a simple cake decorated with chocolate shavings, the option here brings a round cake with shaved milk chocolate that covers the entire surface of the cake.

In addition to the chocolate shavings, the cake also features strawberries decorating the top.

black Forest cake

For those who are a fan of chocolate cake and fan of cherries in syrup, a perfect option is the black forest cake, which mixes these two ingredients and brings an incredible flavor.

As an idea to decorate the black forest cake, the idea was to cover the whole cake with milk chocolate shavings and put chopped cherries on top, which in addition to decorating, still complete the flavor of the cake.

cake with chocolate shavings

The cake brings milk chocolate shavings and white chocolate

cake with cherry

The cake brings whole cherries decorating the top

decorating with chocolate shavings

With Whipped Cream

simple whipped cream cake

For the decorated chocolate cake, a very interesting option is the chocolate mix with whipped cream, since the flavors combine perfectly!

As an idea for the cake decorated with chocolate and whipped cream, the proposal here brings a round cake covered with white whipped cream and with the sides covered with chopped milk chocolate.

The decoration also includes chocolate, and in this case the option was to use chocolate drops.

chocolate whipped cream cake

The chocolate cake can be decorated with chocolate flavored whipped cream, maintaining the chocolate flavor throughout the cake, as shown in this option.

For the decorated cake, the idea was to cover all the candy with chocolate whipped cream and use chocolate shavings to decorate the top.

In addition to the mix of whipped cream and chocolate, the cake also features strawberries in the top decoration.

square whipped cream cake

The square cake brings strawberries on top

whipped cream cake with cherry

The cake brings cherries on top

cake decorated with whipped cream


cake decorated with sprinkles

The decoration was made with cake toppers

And for those who want simple ideas of decorated chocolate cake, but do not want to give up the delicious flavor, it is worth taking inspiration from this idea that abuses chocolate confectionery for decoration.

The round cake was all covered with traditional sprinkles and brings crispy chocolate balls to finish the candy, in addition to colorful confectionery that decorate the center and give a touch of color to the cake.

heart cake

Among the ideas for a simple and passionate cake, this heart cake inspiration is worth it.

The heart-shaped cake features ganache and sliced ​​strawberries decorating the top, which highlights the cake and adds a unique flavor to the candy.

simple round cake

The cake has a cherry on top

cake with M & Ms

Colorful sprinkles decorate the top of the cake

simple cake ideas

Mini Cake

mini cake

For those looking for mini chocolate cake ideas as a sweetie or party souvenir option, you can get inspired by miniature cakes, like this option.

In the idea, the mini cake is a sweet option that has a chocolate glaze with golden shine and a sugar flower decorating the top.

Kit Kat mini cake

To celebrate the birthday with an individual cake, this mini chocolate cake idea is an option inspired by the delicious KitKat cake.

The mini round cake has the sides covered with KitKat bars and the top with square sprinkles and a cherry to complete the decoration and flavor of the cookie.

mini naked cake

The mini cake is a naked cake option

miniature naked cake

The top of the mini naked cake was decorated with strawberries

miniature cake souvenir

The cookie is decorated in yellow

White Chocolate

rectangular white chocolate cake

Among the many ideas for decorated chocolate cake, one of the options is the white chocolate cake, which in this case mixes white chocolate with strawberries.

For the decorated cake, the idea was for a rectangular cake decorating with white whipped cream and chocolate shavings, and strawberries appear in the top decoration, adding a bit of sourness to the white chocolate.

white chocolate cake with strawberries

Another incredible option for white chocolate cake is this idea, which brings the side covered with a plate decorated with white chocolate.

And the top was all covered with sliced ​​strawberries, which create an incredible decoration for the cake and help to minimize the sweeter taste of white chocolate.

white chocolate shavings cake

The top brings shaved white chocolate and strawberries

white chocolate cake ideas

Were you able to read this post and resist these beautiful delights? So, now just choose the model that most pleases you to erase the candles with this hotness.

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