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The 80’s are marked by color and by the novelties that started to appear – such as video games and board games that were very present among children and young people. And if you have a nostalgia for the decade, it’s time to remember the period with a 80’s party.

The 80’s party is perfect for those who want to bring back the electronic hits that started to appear at dance parties; the color of the clothes that marked the period, and the technological innovations that started to appear.

If you were born at that time, spent some phase of your life through the famous 80s, or simply love the decade for all the factors that marked it, it’s time to see some ideas on how to throw an 80s party to relive the past with great joy .


80’s Party Decoration

Decorating Tips

  • Colorful: it’s no secret that colorful dominated the decade, and at the 80’s party, the rule is to create a very colorful environment. To choose the colors, don’t be afraid to mix different shades, after all, the idea is not a bicolor party, but a decoration full of a mix of colors in every detail.

colorful decoration

The table has a mix of colors

table decoration

The sweets molds complete the idea of ​​the table’s color

  • Games and objects: as the decoration is made of details, invest in everything that recalls the period. Gather among friends and family, old board games, Think Well, magic cube, springs, Meu Primeiro Gradiente, video games (Atari), among many other toys that marked the period. In addition to games and toys, it is also worth adding K7 ribbons to the decor, which mark the era of music.

party decoration with toys

Old toys decorate the table

80s toys

The table was decorated with legos and spring

  • Characters and idols: the decoration can also bring some of the characters that emerged at the time, such as Pac-Man and Mário Bros, who were very successful in video games. In addition to fictional inspirations, music and movie idols can also mark the decor, and among the ideas are Menudos, Madonna, Domino, Prince, Cindy Lauper.

party table decorationvinyl decor

Vintage vinyl covers form a wall panel

  • Films and drawings: during this period, films and series also made their mark, and many are still great classics, so it is worth portraying a little of this scenario in the decoration. TV and movie hits include “ET”, “Back to the Future”, “Ghostbusters”, “Dirty Dancing”, “Dragon Cave”, “Thundercats” and “He Man”.

movie decoration

The panel from the movie “Back to the future” decorates the table

video game cake

The cake has a video game format

  • Cushions: to complete the decoration and make the environment comfortable, invest in spaces with cushions on the floor so that guests can have little corners to rest. In case the party has older guests, it’s worth putting up sofas.

pink party decoration

The pillows have covers with prints of musical notes

lounge party

Mirrored furniture reflects the colorful lights of the party

  • Globes and lights: the season is marked by the most agitated songs, and that’s why you can’t miss a decoration that brings energy to the dance floor. In this space, use the mirrored globes and colored lights, which will contribute to the decoration and will also create a lively atmosphere for guests to go to the dance floor.

luxury party

The top of the cake was decorated with a little mirror globe

neon party

Colorful lights and neon decorate the party

decoration photos

40th birthday party

As the idea is to bring and relive the 80s at the party, the idea here was to celebrate the 40th anniversary with this nostalgic proposal.

The decoration is full of details, such as the tables that simulate magic cubes, the color in every detail and the old objects and toys that marked the time, such as the old telephone, tape player, and the famous Genius toy, which brings a mix of colors .

simple decoration

In this proposal of decoration for the party, the proposal was for a simple decoration, but that brings details that enhance the period.

Among these details and ideas, the initial bet was to use a silver table to highlight the cake space, and under the table the detail of the attached springs creates a super cool effect.

Decorated on the table, colorful vases with white flowers, stands with sweets and a cake in the shape of a DJ table, marking the period that brings the beginning of electronic music.

More ideas

decoration party ideas

The colored tables complete the idea of ​​the color mix

simple party

The tablecloth is made of TNT and decorated in a Pac-Man theme

neon decorationPac-Man party

The background is decorated in a Pac-Man style.

Provencal decoration

For the party, the bet was on the glass-topped table

party decorated magic cubes

Large magic cubes are part of the decoration

Decorated 80’s cake

american pasta cake

The decorated cake can also follow the theme of the decoration, and one of the ideas is to make a cake decorated with American paste to portray various details from the 80s.

As an inspiration for the decorated cake, the idea here was for a floor cake, which brings a period detail on each layer, such as:

  • Reference to the famous Pac-Man game, which was a hit among video games;
  • Colorful details;
  • And at the top a magic cube and a strawberry-shaped lipstick, which marked the childhood of the girls who lived in this decade.

simple cake

If the idea is to make a simple cake decorated with whipped cream, the idea here is perfect!

The round cake features Pac-Man as a decorative proposal, and despite being simple, the idea is perfect for having a themed cake on the table.

More ideas

whipped cream cake

The cake was decorated with white whipped cream

decorated cake

Old toys are part of the cake decoration

cake models

What to Serve? #menu

If the idea is to portray the 80s in every detail of the party, the menu can also follow this inspiration and bring foods that were classic in parties during the decade. Among the ideas for dishes that can’t be missing from the menu are:

  • Savory cakes: made from sliced ​​bread and stuffed with different flavors, such as tuna and chicken. Oh, and don’t forget about the crispy straw potato topping.
  • Canned: in the canned area, the essential thing is to have the potatoes, but it is also worth adding pickles, sausage and carrots.menu
  • Snacks: it’s not just now that party snacks are successful. At parties in the 80s, coxinhas, kibes, croquettes, sausage rolls and spirras were always part of the menu. So, here’s the tip to take care of the snack table.
  • Skewers: among the delicacies of the 80’s party, make skewers with quail eggs, mini onions, and of course, olives, which were very traditional in the celebrations of the time.
  • Sweets: to make the most of the sweet treats table, it is worth redeeming sweets that are still sold and that marked the period, such as a chocolate umbrella; colored candies and small parcels. The sweets table cannot lack a lot of colorful sweets, as well as brigadeiros, kisses and cashews, classic sweets from the 80s.

candy for party

What Songs to Play? #playlist

The decade is marked by the releases of lively songs and already by some electronic versions, so when it comes to organizing the playlist for the 80s party, remember that the idea is for the songs to be quite danceable to enliven the guests and in a way let everyone hit the dance floor.

Oh, and of course you can’t miss the flashback classics, after all who doesn’t love to dance the classics that marked eras!?

And if you’re looking for an incentive to play at the party, we’ve put together a complete playlist to liven up the celebration and get everyone on the dancefloor.

Invitations and Favors


If the idea is to invite friends to the party and already leave a hint of the theme of the celebration, invest in an attractive and very colorful invitation. Oh, and if it’s a costume party, remember to make that clear in the invitation.

And for those who are in need of a little extra help, we have separate invitation templates to print for free. So, just add the information about the party and the invitation is ready and on the theme of the celebration.

free invitationinvitation templateinvitation to print


simple souvenir

If the idea is to make a simple souvenir to distribute among guests, bet on tubes with treats and candies that marked the season in question.

To personalize the party favor, one of the ideas is to make signs according to the theme of the party and stick it on the tubes to enhance the decor of the party favors.

decorated cookie

As part of edible party favors, a great idea is to make decorated cookies as a treat for guests.

And among the ideas for decorating the cookies, it is worth mentioning the 80s or even symbols of the time, such as the famous telephone cards.

Oh, and the souvenir ideas fell through?

More ideas

souvenir box

Gift boxes refer to K7 tapes

party ideas

What Clothes to Wear? Costumes and Looks Tips


birthday clothes

Actress Viviane Araújo has already bet on the ’80s theme to celebrate her birthday, and as a birthday girl, she chose a very striking look, with tight and colorful overalls. And the detail is for the side ponytail, very common hairstyle in this period.

look party

If the idea is to create a simple look to enjoy the 80’s party, the inspiration here is perfect!

For the look, the base was the t-shirt that makes reference to the year. And to complement this, a tulle skirt in a vibrant color, fishnet stockings, the classic gaiter that is a striking accessory of the time, and an All Star sneaker on the feet.

Oh, and don’t forget about accessories, like bows in your hair and big, colorful bracelets and earrings.

More ideas


The gym look is a great inspiration

party dress

The colorful dress refers to the magic cube

look with leggings

The pink leg warmer completes the look

female fantasy

The old radio reminds one of the accessories of the time


male fantasy

As the period is marked by gym classes on TV, the sporting looks mark this nostalgic period a lot; and it’s a great costume idea for the theme party.

In this case, the idea was for the sporty and colorful sweater, which refers to the sports style that people were beginning to adopt.

fantasy man

Men’s clothing inspiration can also be inspired by bands of the time, such as Menudos. In the look, color is paramount, and the headband is a perfect detail to complete the costume.

More ideas

pac-man costume


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