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At the end of the year, the Christmas tree becomes the center of attention and joy. It’s the star ornament of the Christmas. So much so that when you put it on, the New Year’s Eve celebrations officially begin and we begin to dream about family gatherings, celebrations, gifts… In today’s article we show you the latest trends for decorating Christmas trees.

Christmas Trees

With regard to Christmas decorations, a few days ago we shared an article in the Blog with the latest trends for Christmas 2018 – 2019. We recommend you take a look.

Christmas tree: origin and meaning

To know the Origin and meaning of Christmas trees you have to go back many years. The Germans, in antiquity, thought that the earth and the stars held them in a giant tree called Divine or Tree of the Universe. Their roots were in hell and the cup in heaven. To adore him, they decorated an oak tree with torches and everyone danced around it.

In the year 740 Saint Boniface (the evangelizer of England and Germany) knocked down the oak (representing the god Odin) and placed in its place a pine tree that is the symbol of love for God. This tree was adorned with apples (representing temptations for Christians) and candles (symbolizing divine grace and the light of the world). It signified the symbol of eternal life and its form to the Most Holy Trinity.

This custom spread all over the world reaching America. It was in 1605 that the first Christmas tree decorated as we do today. From that moment on, it began to spread in England, Finland, Spain…

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Christmas Trees

Meaning of Christmas decorations

With the passing of the years the Christmas decorations initial (apples and candles) became the Christmas decorations of the present. Below we tell you what is the meaning of each Christmas ornament (or at least the most used):

  • Christmas SpheresThey represent the goods that God gave to men. Blue means repentance, red means petitions, silver means gratitude and gold means praise.
  • Christmas Staris placed on the tip and represents the faith that guides us.
  • Tapesrepresent the presence of loved ones and family unity.
  • AngelsThey are the messengers of God who protect us.
  • Christmas lightsIts meaning is to illuminate our life with faith.

Christmas decorations

Decoration of Christmas trees in pastel colors

It’s coming up. Christmas celebrations and make you want to start decorating the house. Traditionally associated with Christmas are the colors red and green (you can see more in this article where we talk about the classic Christmas colours). But since 2016, Pantonedeclared as the colors of the year the rose Quartz and the Serenty (light blue) began to have transcendence in the Christmas decoration pastel colors. They manage to create more colourful and lively atmospheres, in addition to adding a vintage touch.

If you opt for this trend we can assure you that your Christmas tree is going to be even more the protagonist of this holiday season!

Christmas trees in pastel colours

Christmas tree with details in pastel colours

Christmas trees with flowers

One of the latest trends for decorating Christmas trees is the use of flowers. They have always been decorative elements that help to fill the space with life and energy. They bring freshness, colour and liveliness to the environment! Do not hesitate and decide this year for decorate the Christmas tree with spectacular flowers.

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