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▷ How to decorate the base of the Christmas tree? Original ideas.

At this point of the year it is normal to start asking ourselves, no matter how much we have already done it over and over again: ¿?how to decorate a Christmas tree? You’ll find a lot of ideas on the Internet, in fact in our Christmas Decoration there’s everything for every taste. But this time we will focus on a very important part, the base of the tree. Yes, it is that this is usually left helpless, something that will detract from the beauty of the whole. If you’re wondering how to decorate the base of the Christmas treetake note and choose one of these interesting proposals.

Decorate the base of the Christmas tree

You have everything from the most original ideas to the most classic ideas. The Christmas trees with gifts are a classic, but you can also choose a wooden box, a wicker basket, and so on. It’s your choice.

Wooden boxes as Christmas tree foot

The wooden boxes to decorate are a classic, and so are they in the Christmas decoration. One of these boxes can be a good Christmas tree foot. Yes, those typical boxes that we see in the fruit shops, also known as wooden crates in some countries, and they became so fashionable to decorate a few years ago. You can leave it as it is, giving a rustic touch to your tree, or customize it, paint it white or add a message. In addition, you can also add wheels, if you want your tree to move around the room.

Christmas tree foot with wooden box

Wooden boxes to decorate the Christmas tree

Wicker baskets as Christmas tree foot

We love the decoration with wicker baskets. This is a very warm material that you can use to create a nice Christmas tree foot. I’m sure at home you have a wicker basket that fits perfectly with the base of your tree. The good thing is that in this part is not so wide, so once you introduce it, the branches will fall over it creating a very nice effect.

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Wicker basket as the base of the Christmas tree

Wicker ceta like Christmas tree foot

How to decorate the base of the Christmas tree with paper sacks

A few years ago, the fashion became a few paper sacks that were used to store things. Many models were for children’s rooms, in which it was possible to put children’s toys. Well, while we’re at it, I’ll tell you what. ideas for decorating the Christmas treeThe truth is that these sacks can also give it a different touch. However, it is important to find one that is the right size. If the tree is small is no problem, moreover, you could decorate the bag with some string to give it a touch more DIY.

Paper sacks to decorate the base of the Christmas tree

If there is no paper bag, you can try to imitate the carefree shapes of this material with a cloth. Roll it up on your tree and put some tape on it as well.

Original decoration for the Christmas tree

Ideas to decorate the base of the Christmas tree

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