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Blue children's prom dress with flower at the waist

Children’s Graduation Dress – 35 Gorgeous Designs & Awesome Tips!

The graduation party is a very important event and requires attention to the look. Choosing a children’s prom dress is guaranteed fun, because with the little ones there is no frills. For children, clothing can be simpler, after all, it doesn’t have as many rules as for adults. Simple doesn’t mean less pretty, it’s important to choose a dress that makes the girl feel like a real princess and comfortable to play with.

Blue children's prom dress with flower at the waistWhite children's dress with flowers

The white dress is one of the best options among the colors

To help you in this quest to find the ideal children’s prom dress, we have prepared some tips and photos of amazing models.

Pink dress with bow print

The short pink dress makes the child beautiful and with more freedom to walk

Red children's dress with bow

The bow on the red dress brings even more delicacy to the look

Where to Buy: Stores and Pricing Tips

Several stores sell children’s prom dresses and it’s easy to find. Children’s clothing stores and party clothing stores are the most likely locations. The advantage of buying in a physical store is the possibility to try and make the necessary adjustments.

Long blue children's prom dress

The blue tone is beautiful and makes the look balanced

On the internet there are also good options for children’s graduation dress stores, Ana Giovanna Moda Infantil Feminina is one of them. Dress prices range from R$100 to R$200. The models are more relaxed, with floral and character prints.

White children's dress with lace

The white dress makes the child beautiful and when accompanied by lace details it becomes even more delicate

Tricae is another online store option. Most dresses are knitted, but there are fancier designs for parties. These models start at R$200.

ATTENTION: Before buying from an online store, check its credibility and be wary of very low prices. Search for the store name on the Complain Here website and check if the store has complaints. Also, it’s important to check the store’s social networks and watch for customer comments.

White dress for girls with flower detail

The flowers on the white dress make the model happy and sophisticated

For those looking for a finer and more exclusive dress, the alternative is to order with a seamstress. So, you can choose the model and fabrics you want. The dress will cost more than the one bought at the store because it is something personalized, in general, the values ​​range from R$300 to R$700.

Swirled red dress with tiara

The swirled red dress makes the child look like a princess

For girls up to 2 years old, it is important to buy the dress at most a month in advance, because at this stage development is at full speed and they grow fast.

Children’s Prom Dress Photos and Models

With the date of the event approaching, it is important to know the models of children’s prom dresses to keep in mind what to look for when shopping. There are many styles that make girls look like real princesses, from the simplest to long dresses.

Blue children's prom dress


The simple children’s prom dress follows the rule that less is more. It can be a less serious dress and even the character that the child likes. They are more comfortable and allow children to play more freely.

Simple white children's prom dress


According to experts, the short dress is ideal for children over 10 years old. Younger children play without caring about the clothes, that is, the dress can go up without them noticing. Nothing is more boring than preventing the child from playing because of the clothes, right?

Pink children's dress with lace on the hem

The short pink children’s prom dress brings delicacy to the look’s composition

The short dress needs to be a little looser than the other models, so that it doesn’t make the body look uncomfortable.


The long dress is suitable for more sophisticated events and especially in winter. It can be plain or printed, the important thing is to make the child beautiful and comfortable. There are several options for models of long dresses, check out the images below:

Layered red children's dress

The red layered dress is perfect for kids’ prom


The white children’s graduation dress is very popular, as it refers to the nobility of the princesses, highlighting the child’s beauty. This color never goes out of style and can be used in any type of event.

Children's long white party dressProm girl's white dress

Long white dress is a great option for those looking for a light look

white girl dress

The long dress is perfect for both prom and other more sophisticated parties

Beautiful and simple white dress model

The white dress can be combined with accessories in another color to enhance the look.


The red dress is a good choice for night events and gives an air of elegance. The color suits many types of events, with the exception of weddings, which is more appropriate for lighter and less flashy colors.

Children's red dress with lace

Short round red dress is a beautiful option for prom

Simple red children's dress

The red children’s prom dress is a beautiful and practical model.

Children's red dress with pleats and bowRed dress with ruffle and white bowRed children's dress with print and bow


The pink color is very present in the girls’ childhood and therefore refers to the simplicity and innocence of this stage of life. There are several shades, from light pink to pink rose. The tip is to let the child choose the tone that they most identify with.

Pink dress for children's party

The pink dress, in addition to being beautiful, is one of the most loved options by girls

Pink dress with bow and pearl sashPink lace children's dress

The pink lace dress is considered a classic

Pink Silk Children's Prom Dress

Pink silk is beautiful and looks perfect on children’s dresses

Long pink children's prom dress

The long pink dress is beautiful and for prom is a great choice.

Children's pink dress with flowers for a partyChildren's dress with bow and petal detail

The pink model with bow is the most requested by girls


Like pink, blue has a wide variety of shades. The color that is trending for the next few years is Tiffany blue. This tone brings joy to the look and is recommended for events at any time.

White children's dress with rose printWhite children's dress with purple bow

The combination of blue and purple detailing is one of the most sophisticated combinations for a children’s prom dress

Children's prom dress with pink flowers

The white dress with flower details is one of the most used options nowadays

Dark blue is a good option for children who are often dirty at parties, as the color helps to disguise it. In addition, the girls look beautiful in blue and the color brings elegance and charm to the look.

Children's blue prom dress with white lace

The blue dress is one of the most delicate colors for children’s prom dresses

Children's blue dress with flower detailChildren's blue graduation dress with flower appliquΓ©Short blue children's dress with black lace

The blue dress with lace is a beautiful option for girls

Did you like to meet beautiful models of children’s prom dresses? Do you have any suggestions? Leave your comment.

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