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simple table center

Balloon Decoration – 76 Awesome Ideas & How-tos!

Every detail of the party decor makes a difference, and an item that never goes out of style for decorating parties are balloons. THE balloon decoration can be used in celebrations of different styles and for different ages, and there are many ideas to innovate the use of balloons in decoration.

So, if you are in need of balloon decoration ideas, there are lots of decorated party ideas and tutorials on how to decorate and use balloons as a party decoration.

Photos and Models of Decorating with Balloons


simple table center

For those who are looking for a simple idea for decorating balloons, one of the suggestions is to invest in the item to make a centerpiece.

As an idea to use balloons in the center of the table, the proposal here was to use a can base with a flower and suspended balloons, adding an extra touch to the decoration of the tables.

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Provencal party decoration

Pink balloons decorate the corners of the table

table center idea

The colored balloons were tied to the flower pots

simple 15th birthday party

White and pink balloons decorate the 15th birthday party

simple ideas

Black and white

black and white party

For those who chose a black and white decor, this 50th birthday party is a great idea!

In the decoration, the bicolor combination is predominant and the fabric background panel follows the same color scheme. And to create a frame on the panel, the idea was to use balloons in both colors and show that it’s not old enough to have balloons as part of the decoration.

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party decoration with balloons

The balloons on the ceiling enhance the decoration of the environment

balloon column decoration

Balloons in twisted columns and on the ceiling decorate the party

bladder panel

The background panel was made with balloons

Ceiling / glued

pink and gold party

For those who want a different idea for decorating with balloons, the idea is to fill the ceiling with balloons.

In this idea, the pink, gold and white balloons were filled with helium gas and therefore do not even need to be glued to the ceiling.

In addition to giving an incredible effect to the decoration, another detail is the ribbons attached to the balloons, which give a sense of movement and enhance the party’s decor.

More pictures

The metallic ribbons were attached to the colored balloons and give a unique charm to the decoration

dance floor party

The balloons attached to the ceiling decorate the dance floor space.

balloons on the ceiling


idea for background

For those who want to give a more romantic and delicate touch to the party decoration, one of the proposals is to use balloons with a decoration format.

In this simple party, the heart balloons were glued to the wall forming a super charming background panel to decorate the table space and create a great place for the birthday photos.

Another cool idea of ​​the project was to use two colors of balloons, which gives an even cooler effect to the panel.

More pictures

Snow White party table center

The centerpiece with apples is perfect for the β€œSnow White” party

rose tea decoration

The metallic pink balloons match the pink and white decor

heart balloon decoration

Decor is a mix of pink and white

Helium Gas

robot party

For those who have the possibility of decorating with balloons inflated with helium gas, the proposal is very interesting, since the balloons are upright and give a more charming effect to the decor.

As an idea for using balloons with helium gas, this simple decoration bet on the use of one balloon inside the other to decorate the corners of the table and thus complete the children’s party.

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star balloons

The simple party was decorated in gold and white

home party decoration

Orchids decorate the table

balloon table center

The centerpiece is made with colored crystal balloon


engagement decoration

Metallic balloons are the newest trend for balloon decoration. The metallic effect is super charming and adds a beautiful value to the decor.

And as a proposal to use this type of balloon in the decoration, the idea here was to use the balloons to decorate the engagement party.

In the decoration, the copper balloons form the word β€œLOVE” and are complemented by golden balloons in the shape of hearts, stars and balls.

More pictures

decoration with number balloons

The black panel at the bottom highlights the pink balloons that form age

beach wedding decoration

The beach wedding was decorated with pink heart balloons

bottom panel with heart balloons

Colored hearts form the background panel

ideas with metallic balloons

in bottles

frozen table center

Departing a little from the traditional idea of ​​using inflated balloons, the balloon decoration idea here is to decorate bottles.

In the proposal, the small bottles were wrapped with balloons in blue and white, and form the basis for the vase that can be used to decorate the centerpiece of the Frozen party.

The decoration of the vases also received dried flowers and a personalized plate, which brings more charm to the centerpiece.

More pictures

bladder vessel

In the idea, the bladder was used inside the small bottle and forms another vase with water

arrangement in bottles

The pink bladder has polka dot decoration

bottle decorated with balloon

The little bottles were decorated in pink and gold

With Ribbons / Crepe Paper

kite decoration

The crepe ribbon panel is a charm apart from the party decoration, and forms a beautiful background for the main table.

And if you want to go a little further and add value to the panel decoration, it’s worth getting inspired by this idea and making a base of balloons at the beginning of the ribbons, which creates a finish for the panel and even gives a different style to the back wall decorated.

More pictures

satin ribbon panel

The party was decorated in the Cocoric theme

ribbon and bladder panel

The decoration brings the colors of the rainbow

twisted crepe tape panel

Twisted crepe ribbons add extra charm to the decor

ideas for panels

with tulle

decoration with big balloons

Another way to differentiate the classic balloon used in party decoration is to wrap it with tulle. The fabric gives an extra charm to the balloons and is beautiful in the decoration.

As an idea of ​​using balloons decorated with tulle in the decoration, the proposal here was to use larger balloons and in a trio, which decorate the table and stand out in front of the black panel at the bottom.

More pictures

balloon decorated balloon

The lilac balloons were decorated with purple balloons

balloon decorated with pink tulle

Decorated balloons were used in flower pots

pink and blue decoration

The blue bow gives the pink balloon decoration a charm.

tulle decoration

for baby shower

duckling baby shower

Another idea for decorating balloons is to use them at baby shower parties.

In this idea, the party that precedes the baby’s arrival took on the theme of yellow ducklings, very classic in children’s bathtubs.

And for decoration, the back panel was mounted with crystal balloons, which gives an idea of ​​bathtub foam, and on the sides the yellow balloons help to keep the color of the party.

More pictures

balloon table center

The balloon centerpiece is ideal for decorating a baby shower

bears baby shower

The baby shower decoration was laid out with teddy bears

stork baby shower

The baby shower is a mix of blue and white

for children’s party

frozen provencal party

At the children’s party, it doesn’t matter what the theme of the celebration is, but there is always a decoration with balloons.

And as an inspiration for the children’s party, this birthday’s bet was on the Frozen theme.

The Provencal decoration is a mix of white and blue, colors that remind the theme, and the balloons in these colors were used to form a frame around the back panel, which complements the decoration.

More pictures

colorful children's party

Colorful bladders decorate the back panel and ceiling.

Ariel party

The back panel is made with crepe and balloons in green and crystal.

spotted chicken party

The centerpiece of Galinha Pintadinha decorates the party

spider man party

The bottom panel forms the hero image

With shine / glitter

glitter balloon

Balloon decorations can get a little extra sparkle with glitter decorated balloons.

The glow on the tip of the balloon is beautiful and reflects more light, which gives an incredible effect to decorate party environments.

In this idea, the colored balloons gained sparkles of different colors and convey the idea of ​​a party with lots of color and sparkle.

More pictures

table center

The crystal bladder highlights the inner glow

balloons decorated with glitter

The different colored sparkles on the balloons add color to the decor

decorated balloons

The crystal bladder gained a golden glow

glitter decorated balloons

How to Decorate with Balloons: Easy Step by Step

Bladder decorated with flowers

For those who are looking to give another style in balloon decoration, you can take advantage of this idea where bunches of leaves and flowers decorate the base of the bladder and create a perfect look to decorate the party.

flower decoration

  1. Fill a balloon with helium gas so that it keeps the string that holds it tight;
  2. Start attaching artificial sheets on the string (go sticking with tape);
  3. Keep adding leaves, and add some flowers too;
  4. Do this procedure for the entire string and now just use the decorated balloon at the party.

How to make one bladder into another

I’m sure you’ve already seen this idea of ​​using two balloons and wondered how to do it. And to bet on this idea, it’s very simple:

how to make a bladder inside another

  1. Separate two balloons – one colored and the other transparent (hint: it looks great with a crystal balloon);
  2. Place the colored balloon inside the other balloon;
  3. Let the tip of the colored bladder stick out;
  4. With a balloon inflator, inflate the external balloon;
  5. Hold the tip of the color and now inflate it too, but make it smaller than the other;
  6. Now just tie the two balloons.

Pots decorated with balloons

The idea is an extension of bottles with bladders, and shows the possibility of using the bladder for different shapes of pots and bottles.

Decorated pots can be used in different ways, and one of the ideas is to use them as a flower vase to decorate the centerpiece of the table.

bottle with bladder

The decorated pots are perfect as flower pots to decorate the party

DIY pot with bladder

  • Take a pot and a bladder size compatible with the cup size;
  • Cut the beak off the balloon and start to coat the pot;
  • Cover it entirely with the bladder and leave only the little hole at the top to place flowers.

DIY glitter balloon

If you want to give a value to simple balloons, the idea here is beautiful and adds a touch of shine to the balloons.

how to make balloon with shine

  • Separate crystal balloons and glossy papers;
  • With the help of a funnel, place the glow inside the still withered bladder;
  • Fill the bladder and tie it off;
  • To make the shine closer to the bladder walls, rub the balloons with your palms, this will electrify the plastic and attract the shines.

Have been inspired by the ideas of balloon decoration? So, now it’s time to put the tutorials into practice and bet on the details to perfect the decor.

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