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As fazer bandeirinhas de festa junina

How to make fazer bandeirinhas de festa junina - QUICK AND EASY

Making party trays is faster and easier than you think! The month of June, in Brazil, is marked by June festivities or festas dos santos populares. It is a festivity that was brought to Brazil by the Portuguese and that aims to pay homage to São João. In addition to the anniversary of Saint John (24th), the anniversaries of other two popular saints in the month of June, Saint Anthony (13th) and Saint Peter (29th), are also commemorated. As June festivities are celebrated with much joy and celebration and can be organized at work, at home or even at school. What you can’t miss at a June party is a good fireworks display, balls, pallet plates and of course the colorful trays to shave your party. If you still don’t know how to make these trays, here’s how as fazer bandeirinhas de festa junina so that his ‘arraia’ will be enchained with joy.



To make festa junina trays first thing to do is to remove some tissue paper sheetsof different colors. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can also take advantage magazine and newspaper pages It is a great option because, in addition to saving money, newspapers and magazines will bring different colors to the trays. If the idea is to make Festa Junina’s tray for a Copabet on green and yellow paper!

How to make fazer bandeirinhas de festa junina - QUICK AND EASY - Step 1

Image: campfestas.com.br


Other material you will need is a barbell rollThe “Festa Junina” tray is used to place the “bandeirinhas de festa junina”. The size of the roll will depend on the size of the trays you wish to make. Anyway, if the line is not enough, you can buy another roll and tie a barbell to the other one. You must unroll the barbante, turn it on and stretch it well, to make it easier to strain the trays.

How to make fazer bandeirinhas de festa junina - QUICK AND EASY - Step 2

Image: goiabada-luciane.blogspot.pt


To make the trays for the June festival, it is easier to start by making a This way you will get all the trays to be the same size. To do this, draw a tray on a sheet of paper in Format of a M major or the opposite, as it shows in the picture. I believe that, besides being low, with a mole, it can also be used as a tray. If you feel that you have no use for it, you can also use some bandeirinha de festa junina mould for printing.

How to make fazer bandeirinhas de festa junina - QUICK AND EASY - Step 3

Image: kertoon.com


Now it’s just a matter of placing your juninha party tray mould at the top of the silk sheets or the day’s sheets and start making their colorful trays. The thinner the paper, the more trays you can cut at the same time and thus save time.


Após ter all as suas trimmed festa junina traysIt’s time to start non-bearing strain. To do this, you must pass the line at the top of the tray, which is cut right. Then place this part next to the barbante, leaving the part with the tail a little above the barbante. Now, over the part with the tail at the back of the tray, in the way that this part touches the tray again. And soon, now it’s just to do the same with the rest of the trays!

Please note that when pouring the trays into the barbeque, you can alternate between two models What a short. Peça ajuda a sus familiares e amigos e torne esta tarefa bem mais divertida!

See also that others decorative items must be present numa festa junina.

How to make fazer bandeirinhas de festa junina - QUICK AND EASY - Step 5

Imagem: blog.anatexcortinas.com.br


Extra: ideas for different festa junina trays

There is not much segregation to create different trays of this junina, it is a question of good and creativity. It is enough to be inspired by some ideas:

  • Jornais and magazines We can be great allies to make both the economy, and to create a more modern visual. For fazer bandeirinhas de festa junina com revistaIf you are a magazine, you can cut out many trays at once. É quick and easy!
  • You tissues They are also an incredible tool to vary the visual of the trays and even leave them reusable for other parties. The colors and prints are the criteria of the party, it is worth mixing or doing everything in combination. Prints on roots, plants and even jeans always generate a special effect;
  • To give a touch of charm, you can get a efeito ‘renda’ ou ‘vazado cutting out and making symmetrical furinhos inside the tray itself;
  • Another great idea for different party trays is to replace the barbante with different cords or even the same light of Natal in the place of the fios. The effect is amazing!

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How to make fazer bandeirinhas de festa junina - QUICK AND EASY - Step 6

Image: pinterest.com

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