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As an IT fazer fantasy

How to make IT fantasy - O palhaço do mal

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In 2017, the scare tactics will resume their position as strong candidates to be appeased on Halloween and other opportunities. The launch of the horror film was a major step forward in this direction It – A CoisaA remake of Stephen King’s classic book, originally released in 1986. The visual of the Pennywise palace is one of the most copied when the subject is to create scary palaces whether for Halloween parties or other occasions. To help you get to the most macabre visual possible, a tutorial on as an IT fantasy fazer.

  • Hairy Couro: One of the most characteristic features of the scary palace is its hair and bizarre make-up. To achieve this effect, it starts by covering the whole hairy coat with a white cap, until the surface of its head looks like a ‘face’.
  • Optional: use a machining primer to improve the fixation and uniformity of the texture of the skin. If you want, you can pass a stick over the brushes before painting them white so that they are less apparent on the ink;
  • Fight: paint the whole face with white paint, making it look as if it were a single piece. To make the application easier, you can use specific sponges for the skin. The palpebrae do not need to be covered with white;
  • Sobrancelha: the surpluses of the palace have a hook format in a way that the points are positioned to the top of the inside (photo). Use a thin brush or a thick eyeliner to make the trace;
  • Olhos: delineate the whole contour of the eyes with the pencils and make the whole palpebra and the region below the water line disappear with the pencils or the shade;
  • Lips: before coloring them, put a base on them so that the colors are more vibrant. Then, use a red baton with a brownish tint and paint the lips in addition to their outline, keeping a similar design to the one in the photo;
  • Suggestion: if you don’t have that drum, you can make it yourself. Just follow the tutorial of umCOMO about how to make a homemade drum;
  • Traces: With the same ink used to paint the lips, find the outer extremities and put a trace up the eyes, pass through the palpebrae, and end up in the middle of the head;
  • Nose: cover the whole of the nose with the same ink used for drawing;
  • Dentes: an option to leave the machiagem do Pennywise Even more frightening is to wear a denture with amateur teeth or with a ragged look;
  • Hair: An orange periwinkle with coiled hair that is already close to the visual of the film. However, you can still pull it out and use a little bit of spray fixative to copy the exact pull of the film. The point is to highlight the head and the ‘hairline’. The easiest way to do this is with the head already on.

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How to make IT fantasy - The palace of evil - Hair and Machiagem of the palace of evil

Unlike the stapled palaces that wear colorful and cheerful clothes, the new Pennywise robe is practically colorless. It is a white suit ‘sujo’ of two pieces with old arms, with a white palhaço (a kind of ball), puffy sleeves on the shoulders, slobbering on all the possible parts (sleeves, legs and ball), pompons on the line of the buttons and a marked waist.

It is very probable that you do not have a wardrobe like that in the Renaissance style. However, you can improvise with the following tricks:

  • Blouse: view of a white shirt or chintz;
  • Calça: if you have a fit of the same shade of the blouse, it is perfect. The ideal is that he has a cut more adjusted to his body;
  • Golas and slobbering: use white crepe paper to make a fishing line and shirt sleeves;
  • Waist: to mark the waist use a white band or a long belt;
  • Pompons: The pompons are what will make people understand that you are dressed as a man, even though you do not have the slippers. You can make them with a cord or follow this tutorial on how to make a pompom of your own. You can attach them to your shirt in the way that suits you best, either sewing or with fringe pins.
  • Toads: The IT palace shoes are the typical palace shoes with a greenish appearance and the long, bowling-shoe style tips. This is perhaps one of the most difficult items. Improvise with social shoes, mocassins or the one you wear that combines more and is more comfortable for you and school a pompom at the end of each one of them.

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How to make IT fantasy - O palhaço do mal - Fantasia do Pennywise IT

Image: azcostume.com

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