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Anniversary phrases – 11 steps

Anniversary Phrases

The anniversary is one of the more special celebrations established in modern societies. To celebrate the day in which one is born with joy and accompanied by loved ones, is a good way to face the growth and the passing of time, an optimistic way to envelop oneself. Very well known and appreciated are as felicitações that the dear ones do to people who do years, wishing that the next year will be full of good times and joys. In umComo.com.br we give you some anniversary congratulations for your loved ones.



Happy anniversary. I hope you have simple joys encham or teu dia.


A beautiful day, a new dawn, but a year of life. Your anniversary is a reason to celebrate. Much joy and peace for you.


On this special day, I wish you much success in all the goals you propose for your life. With the best wishes, Happy Anniversary!


Congratulations! Enjoy your day and the future offers you the best.


May this special day be for you the beginning of another year of happiness. Happy Anniversary!


E chegou o teu dia especial! I hope you will be many more years old and we will celebrate together.


The words cannot express all the happiness that I wish you on this special day. Congratulations!


May you have a happy anniversary and may you have many more.


Many years of happiness and success. Happy Anniversary!


Happy anniversary! I wish you a new year of happiness and successes, which you will achieve much more.

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