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Anniversary of Namoro’s present day

Anniversary of Namoro's present day

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The anniversary of Namoro is always a special date for you to get married, because it symbolizes the time that has passed since you started your love affair. In order to remember this day, it is important to commemorate the anniversary of namoro in a special way, with a different program or offering a romantic present. Because it is not always easy to know what to offer, we prepared this article of Como.com.br in which we give it namoro anniversary gift certificates.



Photo session two. This will be a present that will allow you to eternalize your love and remember good moments later. For that, mark a photo session with a photographer of your city and choose a romantic place for dinner photos. They alternate between fun and romantic pictures and, if they prefer, they can even dress in the same colour, in order to create more harmony, or according to the theme.

Namoro's Anniversary Present Day - Step 1

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Romantic Singing. This is possibly the most common anniversary present, but it can also be special, in your own way. If you want to sing in a small restaurant where you don’t usually go, take care of it and prepare a little surprise to offer something else during the singing, in order to make it more romantic.

Namoro's Anniversary Present Day - Step 2

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Weekend in two. If your passion disappears or if you simply want to nurture it a little, taking advantage to spend some quality time together, reserve a weekend stay in an accommodation outside your residence area. You may prefer to stay in a rural hotel, as this is the option that will provide you with more privacy and will allow you to rest and enjoy the moment in total tranquility.

Namoro's Anniversary Present Day - Step 3

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Customized object. This is a good option to surprise your face with something unique in the world, because it is customized to think in it. There are several objects that can be customized by visiting your own sites or houses. For example, you can find a basket, a pillow, a backpack and others. In order not to seem like a cheap present, plan well for the customization and prefer something simple but romantic like, for example, a sentence saying “I didn’t know what love was until I found you”, or “I already know that I love you today”.

Namoro's Anniversary Present Day - Step 4

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Romantic Chart Baralho. If you are a card player or simply appreciate original and creative gifts, you can make yourself a romantic card table where, instead of numbers and figures, you put reasons why you spend so much on your face. You can use a common card to do this, and insert it into the cardboard. At the end, offer a surprise box or tie a piece of paper to join all the cards together.

Namoro's Anniversary Present Day - Step 5

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Caixa de bombons. This is an excellent idea to offer a famous guloso, he certainly will not resist a box of chocolates! It offers a great and special, final is your anniversary of namoro and deserves something different. For not being something simple you can get a confectionary that personalizes the chocolates in form and message, or you can simply accompany them with a postcard where you write a romantic message or a bouquet of flowers.

Namoro's Anniversary Present Day - Step 6

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Romantic caricature. If you have a good mood and a sense of humour, why not take a photograph of yourself to a cartoonist and ask him for a romantic caricature? A small one, preferably in a large size, so that it can be moulded and offered as a decorative fabric. Certainly you will be surprised by the original result and you will love its face!

Namoro's Anniversary Present Day - Step 7

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Animal of esteem. Another way of surpassing your name or your name on your anniversary will be to offer you an animal of esteem. Choose a puppy, so that you can take him/her around, walk him/her around during the days that you will be together, teach him/her tricks and, in the background, take care of him/her together, as if he/she were your baby.

Namoro's Anniversary Present Day - Step 8

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Sensual night. Planeie bem a noite do vosso aniversário de namoro e comemoram-na juntos de forma bem sensual. Start by preparing an aphrodisiac jantle with a romantic table decoration, place all the lights in the house in the middle of the room and add an ambient aromatizer with a sensual flagrance. After singing, invite your face in for an erotic massage and finish in the best way possible.

Namoro's Anniversary Present Day - Step 9

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Commemoration Day. And why not celebrate your namoro anniversary with family and friends? As if it were a celebration in the style of marriage, in which the people most dear to you are present to witness your love. For this reason, I decorated a space with a romantic theme, based on love in general and not only on the two of you, using, for example, letters with philosophical citations about love. Serve cupcakes, love cupcakes, dry martinis, chantilly morogas and aphrodisiac dishes.

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Namoro's Anniversary Present Day - Step 10

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