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ANEL de NOIVADO is used in which MÃO?

Anel de noivado is used in which mão?

Both or noivate and or marriage são very special events of the life of a house. Both moments are marked by a series of traditions that are not missing or basic object: either anel, a symbol of love, commitment and fidelity of the home and gives a promise to spend together or rest two days.

Because it is so remarkable, it is very important to look for or more suitable for the occasion and to look for help from professionals to guide us. São muitas as duvidas that revolve around tradition, plus some more frequent ones about joia é: what mão is used or anel of commitment? A position you can change according to the country and culture, not how we tell you which is a tradition in Brazil and in some other countries of the world.

Anel de noivado is used in which mão?

Ask mão em casamento This is the two most important moments of a loving relationship. A tradition marks an event where the partners decide that they want to marry. It is about the moment when it is proposed to take this step forward in relation to many families and when it is allowed to leave two countries, generally from noive to noive.

Even though this tradition was born in Roman times, it was kept for the days of the leaf, but it changed quite a lot in shape, I converted it into an intimate and romantic relationship between the house, that many times it polishes this stage of requesting permission for years. country.

Seja as for, or moment tem um protagonista-chave: or anel de noivado. Anel e enigmatic origin, dating back to ancient Egypt, where it was costume to give a vegetable fiber anel à noiva as an offering. It is about a symbolic costume that was kept on the page.

But, finally, or anel de noivado is used in qual mão? Traditionally, the ring finger is placed, symbolizing trust and commitment, since it is considered that this finger is directly connected as a heart, a belief that is spread worldwide and, therefore, marks the position of the anel, representing the relationship of the casal.

In the meantime, even though the majority of the world regions or group of children is not placed on the ring finger, there is no unanimity on which should be placed. For example, No brazil or anel de noivado is placed na mão direita. In Portugal, Holland, Italy and all in Spain or anel of commitment also placed in Spain. Porém, in countries such as the United States, Germany, Norway, Turkey and Russia, it is placed in the best position.

In which way is the aliança de casamento placed?

TO alliance of casamento He is the protagonist during the celebration. I see depois do anel de noivado, which generally remains not the ring finger attached or the day of marriage. In the meantime, have noivas that decide to maintain the commitment to celebrate during the celebration of the marriage against the party that will lead to the alliance of marriage.

Assim as it happens like anel of commitment, Also placed in the ring finger and, not in Brazil, to the alliance of casamento and placed in the mão esquerda, mão contrária do anel de noivado. The United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, Portugal, Italy and Chile are among the countries that also use it the most. Já na Alemanha, Norway, Colombia, Argentina, Turkey and Rússia is used na mão direita.

There is something in common that in all these countries aliança de casamento represents love, fidelity and commitment, um selo do casal and um two more authentic protagonists of the celebration.

It is well known that there are many houses that follow the tradition second to the region or country, as well as the determined protocols, not ending in any way to show love for each other. There are many possibilities to personalize it and use it so that you want more or how you feel more comfortable.

For example, is your style more “surfer”, why not use aliança no polegar? There are also people who, not a place to place or anel na mão, we use no pescoço, as a way to strain. Quem não lembra da Carrie from Sex and the City, during or noivated with Aidan?

Be aware of the option that you follow and the tradition that you wish to follow, you should know that both the commitment and the marriage alliance are symbols of romanticism, the union of love between or home. It is about a very personal joy, who travels to the history of the house and becomes a precious symbol to culminate or love through marriage.

Or fate of being circular express to eternity, Isto é, união do casal forever, or that face as you are married usem with pride.

Anel de noivado is used in which mão?  - In which way is the aliança de casamento placed?

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