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Adult party games

Adult party games

You’re going to give a adult party? So, organizing a series of games can be a lot of fun to make the night more enjoyable. After the singing, what could be better than a bit of fun and laughter as a table topper? From the traditional games we used to play when we were kids to the other original ideas, perfect to cheer up the party and get everyone to have fun. In this article by Como ajudamos você a celebrar uma noite perfeita descobrindo alguns adult party games that you’re going to love. What do you choose?

The most classic

Let’s start by phoning two more traditional gamesWe always manage to make the night happy and all the guests have a good time. These are the joys of the whole life, which you certainly jumped up when you were a child rather than turning to play now, you will enjoy even more than before. Write it down:

It’s a classic in any kind of party, both adults and children. It’s about creating two teams and that a member of each one should mime a film, so that his own team can guess. The titles of the films should be chosen by the opposite team and they will have only 1 minute to try to represent a dinner or the film’s own title so that their team wins.

It is also one of those games that you have certainly jumped at least once in your life. In a circle, all the participants are placed and one of them begins to say a word or phrase on the edge of the other, quickly and clearly. The difference is in seeing how to change a message from the first time it is spoken until the last one receives it.

It’s a game for adults that can be a lot of fun and with which you can get to know your friends a little better. To do this, they need drinks and the rules are very simple: someone says a sentence telling something that never happens; if someone at the table has already done this, he will have to drink a drop of the drink, otherwise he must not drink anything. For example: “Eu nunca beijei uma garota”. This is a very funny game in which you can discover things that are very much embellished on your colleagues.

But a classic children’s game that can be perfectly taken to a adult partyIt’s a lot of fun and it’s sure to be a lot of fun. The game consists of placing chains in a circle with them; you have to place one of them unless the number of people, for example, if there are 5 people, you have to place only 4 chains. At the rhythm of the music they will have to run around the chairs and when someone stops the music they will have to run and sit on one of them; those who do not have a chair will have to leave the game and one more chair will be removed.

Another idea to play at a grown-up party is the famous limbo. The idea is to place a bar between two players and at the rhythm of the music try to go under it without playing; each time the bar will be lower and the last one will fall.

In addition, you can innovate with other games if you decide to organize your party with a specific theme: the 1920s, a holiday, etc.

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Adult party games - The most classic

Jogos originais for adults

Every time someone enters the house, it is necessary to choose a person that the person does not have to know and place on its shores the name of the same. They should be people known by you (from celebrities to animated designs, as you wish); the trick is that no one will know who your own person is and that during the night you will have to ask questions to guess. The questions can only be answered with “Yes” or “No” and to make it more fun, you can set a maximum time to guess who it is. Who does not get, may have to pass a test or have some kind of penance and, the first guess, will have a present surprise. Very funny!

It is a perfect game, mainly for groups of friends who are more relaxed about music. It consists of creating two teams and, in the same way that we do in the game of the films, those of the opposite team will say a music that you must sing to tempt your team to guess. In 30 seconds or 1 minute you will have to try to get the members of your group to understand the music that is and they will know either the name of the band or the name of the singer who sings it.

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It’s a game that can be one more adult gymkhana to organize inside a house. In the place where the party is held, it is necessary to give different clues so that the participants can discover the thesis, which can be a present, a carafe or anything else they want. To make the game more fun, set a maximum time to discover the clues. If you like the idea of gymkhanas, in a How do we tell you how to organize a gymkhana for adults.

The participants in the party will have to give their hands and start to join us with the others. One of the players will have to leave while this is happening, after entering the room with the aim of trying to move the nest without letting go of their hands. It’s a very funny game that will provoke a lot of noise.

Imitating the game of ping pong, this game for adults consists of placing plastic cups on one end of a table and, from the other end, trying to get a ping pong ball inside. Playing against each other and each fault involves giving a gole of some drink you have in your hand.

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Jogos for adult parties - Jogos originais for adults

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