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90 Cool Men's Costumes 2021 ➞ How To!

90 Cool Men’s Costumes 2021 ➞ How To!

We selected 90 cool ideas from male fantasies for you to be successful in any celebration – from Carnival to Halloween. There is no lack of tips of all kinds that please guys from different styles, from the most discreet to the bold.

You can either buy a perfect costume at specialty stores or assemble a different composition. There are several ways to improvise and add a touch of originality to go beyond the conventional and surprise everyone. What about? Check out our full post and learn all about genius male costumes!

From funny to fun, from luxurious to different: there is always an idea of ​​male costumes that fits your profile/personality very well.

Where to Buy / Rent Cheap Costumes?

Buy or rent men’s costumes: what are the most suitable places? Well, everyone wants to save money and luckily you can find many stores specializing in clothes of the most varied models. Also, another nice way is to buy each prop separately – so you can pay even cheaper for each one.

Take a look at the fancy stores closest to your home and at strategic locations. In SΓ£o Paulo, for example, there are numerous places on the famous Rua 25 de MarΓ§o, for all tastes and with different values. You can also search on sites like OLX (generally there are people selling costumes that they won’t wear anymore) and on Mercado Livre.

Search for the character name or idea you want to pursue to see if there isn’t a ready-made option. The disadvantage of online sites is that you will have to buy them, as in physical stores there is the possibility of renting and returning them later. In any case, we found some interesting alternatives for you to take a look at:

  1. Enchanted Fantasies;
  2. Abrakadabra;
  3. The Buck;
  4. Green Pink;
  5. Animafest;
  6. Fantasia & Co.

They all have websites and you can consult the male fantasies that you like the most. Take time to research and of course consider all of our ideas too!

Men’s Costume Photos and Ideas

Creative / Different

Creative and different male costumes: how about going beyond the ordinary and giving an original touch to the costume? Depending on the style of the party, you can invest in cool models, with several cool references.

How about a neat Superman? Nobody will suspect. Wear a regular suit and t-shirt underneath to reveal your disguise when you least expect it!

Arrange with your friend/girlfriend/wife to wear a couple costume. This version is on the rise and solves both of their lives, as well as being very creative.

Super Man is a trend and you can always find a neat version in several stores!

How about dressing up as a social network? that’s right, just print the paper and put your face where the profile picture is!

Mario Bros is a really cool geek reference – even more so when paired with other game characters like Princess!

Super heroes! There’s no way not to think about this idea! Choose your favorite and create a different composition!


How about dressing up as famous characters or icons? From artists to Disney and comic book figures, there is always a composition that will impress you.

Elvis Presley is a classic! There are several versions of costumes for you to imitate the greatest rock singer in the world!

Olaf, from the Frozen movie, a fun character who is very much loved by children!

Toy Story: get inspired by Woody, a very simple and easy to recreate character!

Famous characters from movies and comics are always perfect male costume options

Peter Pan, an icon!

Spiderman costume: take advantage of this model to draw attention with a daring look!


If you don’t want to let the celebration go by and want everyone to remember your fantasy, go for something fun or funny. It’s going to sound very original and people are going to burst out laughing. It’s a good alternative for daring guys who aren’t afraid to stand out!

How about a dinosaur? Good idea for lovers of these prehistoric beings!

Lamp genius with a suggestive fantasy…

Dengue mosquito! Yes, there’s a fantasy in this version too – it’s good that it makes people aware!

Prisoner, in honor of Brazilian politics. Funny men’s costumes are always a hit at celebrations like Carnival!

This is to unite couples in love!

Human Twister, how about? Would you bet on this version?

This one deserves to be awarded. We think it’s amazing and well thought out!

There are people who, in addition to being funny, are very creative! This is a tip for those looking for improvised male costumes too!


The hippie wave of the 60s is the main inspiration for many male fantasies. The colorful outfits and accessories stand out in this model where being tacky is a great option. Bet on wigs and various props too, as well as bell bottom pants and baggy shirts – combinations that don’t go wrong.

Colorful clothes are the trend for a perfect 60’s look

Silver and shiny outfits are also successful options

Simple options are enough to create an interesting composition, such as jeans, flip flops and a white shirt.

The 80s

In the 80’s, what called attention was the reference to the New Wave – with many colors -, the boldness of punk and the tight clothes. Jackets and famous characters are also good inspirations to make a great costume.

A modern David Bowie, inspired by the classic Ziggy Stardust character

Look at this simple and cool example! Just have good ideas and bring creativity to the fore

Top Gun – very easy to copy!

Rambo is also a nice tip, there are always good versions in specialty stores

Get inspired by punk fashion to create a perfect costume!

Boy George, from the band Culture Club – a super stylish icon that will leave you with a lot of charm

Indiana Jones, from the big screen to your look

Anyone who likes Rock can live Freddy Mercury, one of the greatest singers in the world!


male pirate costumes cannot be lacking in a successful outfit. If you have plenty of time to choose your outfit, this is an interesting idea that you can tailor to your personal style. In addition to clothes and props, make up too – the most common reference is the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. Pirates of cartoons and classic versions are good alternatives that can be considered.

Simple and easy to imitate!

Some are more enhanced and detailed, a little more expensive. But the result is stupendous!

White, black, brown and red are the most prevalent colors in male pirate costumes.

for carnival

Ah, the Carnival! This time is perfect to wear the most diverse costumes. You can invest in the most varied types and use all your creativity to enjoy all the blocks. See some men’s costumes for carnival angry!

This one likes to dare and cause

Wear the same costume as your friends and create your own Carnival block

No idea? Take the clothes of your friend or the closest woman and literally “mount”

Combine with your friends so that everyone wears the same costume!

for Halloween

You can’t forget the halloween huh? At this time there are always many costume parties that make room for different ideas. Some are so real they’re terrifying, and you don’t have to spend a lot to do it.

Hellraiser mask and look

There are people who go far beyond – and that’s great!

Joker is a popular character who is always successful

Mummy – simple and classic

There are people who take this dress-up story very seriously!

Demons… you just need to do your makeup!

Fiuk tried to get inspiration from a zombie!

Easy to follow, check it out! Just a good make up to make everything more real and become a real zombie

men's costumes

men's costumes

How to Make Improvised / Simple Men’s Costume

Are you out of time and can’t spend a lot? How about making a improvised male fantasy? There are simple options that make your look perfect for any party. Creativity helps a lot, as do the tips we’ve listed here. See some photos:

To imitate the Joker, just make a similar make-up – ask someone for help – and paint a white shirt. If you’re more daring, it’s worth coloring your hair too.

Sailor costume: just a t-shirt in blue and white stripes + a cap and white pants/shorts

A toy lamp + a turban that can be made in different ways is enough for the genie of the lamp.

A geek and untraditional fantasy: β€œprint” your favorite social network by sticking it on your body

Copy Wally! Look how simple he looks – with the striped blouse in hand, the rest is easy!

Dirty clothes and bet on makeup to create a simple and improvised Halloween costume

Nobody can beat that idea – now you can copy it and use it at that last minute party, how about that?

Golden tip: choose an option that is all about your style, no matter how improvised. As you can see from our tips, there are endless references to follow. Always think ahead and assemble a perfect outfit to draw a lot of attention and make the moment unforgettable!

So, you liked our ideas of male fantasies? Invest in the one you like the most and get ready as soon as possible for the celebrations. Have questions? Comment. Good luck and see you later.

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