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9 tutoriais of scary Halloween maquiagens

9 tutoriais of scary Halloween maquiagens

When the issue is maquiagens for Halloween easy to make There are effects that seem controversially difficult, but the truth is that they can be made at home with professional results. In this article from unCOMO, the video instructions will teach you how to make fake blood, bruise, cut fish with machine, hummingbird bite, fake glass wound, fake prego wound, fake bullet hole, fake cut finger and some breaks and pruning. Check out 9 scary Halloween maquiagens tutorials and choose the most horrifying one to match your fantasy!

1. Fake blood

The false blood is the starting point for countless Halloween creations or the complement that was missing for that one vampire fantasyfor example. In addition, it can also serve as material for any two tutorials of ‘bloody’ machines that we will show logo to follow.

Ingredients for fake blood

As you will see in the tutorial, there are 4 fake blood recipes with different ingredients and different colors. The combinations of possible ingredients, always with a little bit of water, are:

  • Corante vermelho, mel, caf茅 e 谩gua;
  • Chocolate in p贸, mel, corante vermelho e 谩gua;
  • Liquid caramel, chocolate en p贸, amido de milho e corante vermelho;
  • Liquid candy with red colouring.

2. How to make a fake bruise

The bruising on the face or in the neck is one of the following easy Halloween maquiagens which is a big impact on any fantasy. Uma palette of corridors with tons of red, red and yellow may be enough to make a bruise by simulating a mucus in the eye or mouth.

You only need to indulge in fantasy (be inspired by these 5 scary Halloween fantasies) and follow the Halloween Machiagens down:

3. Machine-cutting of fish

Among the maquiagens for Halloween easy to makeThe simulation of a fishing cut with machine is also possible for the readers in the world of machine following the tutorial of umCOMO. The effect is so impressive that the cut in the fish ends up attracting more attention than the fantasy, an ideal strategy for those who are going to get lazy at the last minute but do not open a scary look for the Halloween.

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Machine-cutting materials

  • Pencil
  • Click on
  • Ink for fighting (branca, vermelha, marrom
  • machiagem sponge
  • Fake blood

4. How to make a fake bite

H谩 quem chame de zombie bite, vampire bite Or as you call it, the most convenient achar. What matters is that the effect of this fake bite tutorial is quite impressive and perfect to end a zumbi fantasyfor example.

As you will see in the video, the secret of the perfect hummingbird bite is to mold the wax and paint it good.

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Materials for making fake bite machiagem

  • Transparent glue;
  • Machiagem wax;
  • Azeite ou oleo;
  • Spatula;
  • Ink for skinning or running (blue, yellow, red ton)
  • Fake blood;
  • Cotton.

5. Fake glass fair

The step by step a little more work of that fake glass fair is worth the impressive result. To achieve the desired effect, you only need to follow the video and invest in the right materials.

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Materials to make fake glass

  • Latex for maquiagem;
  • Fake blood;
  • Correctives and fighting ink;
  • Pinceis e cotonetes;
  • Tails for a fight;
  • P贸 translucent;:
  • Sponges for maquiagem;
  • Pencil of eyes;
  • Tesoura;
  • Dryer;
  • Isqueiro;
  • Peda莽o de tecido;
  • Toilet paper;
  • Alcohol;
  • Sewing line.

6. False fertilizer with a prego

O effect of the pregoAlthough it is false, it is for those who have a strong stomach, since the result is worthy of a tragedy. This is also one of those tutorials that takes a little longer. But we will combine that who appears with a confident prego in the head does not need any fantasy to destroy the scary characterization.

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A canute or a lollipop stick is transformed into a prego, with the help of these other materials and video instructions:

Materials to make a fake fair with price

  • Canudo ou palitinho de pirulito;
  • Silicone or latex for make-up;
  • Fake blood;
  • Corrective and ink for the fight:
  • Pinceis e cotonetes;
  • Smear glue;
  • P贸 translucent;
  • Sponge for machiagem;
  • Elm pencils;
  • Tesoura;
  • Isqueiro;
  • Barbering foam;
  • Dryer;
  • Retalho de tecido;
  • Toilet paper;
  • Alcohol.

7. How to make a fake bullet wound

As shocking as the fake fair is, is this tutorial of fake bullet wound. The secretion is to mold with silicone or latex to make up and paint. The necessary materials and tutorial you confess to follow.

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Materials to make a false bullet wound

  • Base of maquiagem;
  • Sombra em p贸;
  • P贸 translucent;
  • Eyeliner;
  • Tesoura;
  • Dryer;
  • Plastic flake;
  • Toilet paper;
  • Cotton balls:
  • Kitchen paper;
  • Fighting glue;
  • Fake blood;
  • Silicone or latex for fighting.

8. How to make fake cut-finger machiagem

Rest assured that your finger will be intact, despite the terrifying effect of this tutorial how to make a machiagem of cut finger. The secretion is to handcraft with silicone or latex and to whim in the painting.

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Materials for finger cut maquiagem for Halloween

  • Fighting glue;
  • Latex or liquid silicone;
  • Fake blood;
  • Azeite ou oleo;
  • Alcohol;
  • Creamy ink;
  • P贸 illuminator;
  • Cotton;
  • Sponge.

9. Unhas of terror set aside for o halloween

We can complement any Halloween look with this in the art of an area with the appearance of a ravine and. The affliction is great, but the tutorial and the materials used promise to leave their truth intact.

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Materials to make a fake bankruptcy

  • Smooth hairpieces;
  • Cotton balls;
  • Tail;
  • Plastic flakes;
  • Eyeliner with brush;
  • Pinceis;
  • Tesoura;
  • Pliers;
  • Fake blood.

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