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86 Beautiful and Delicious Baby Shower Cakes + Step by Step Recipe!

Pregnancy is a time of many discoveries for future moms, but it is also a time of joy with the arrival of a baby, and in the midst of all this joy, there is nothing better than celebrating with a baby shower. And when it comes to a party, there’s no lack of cake, and that’s why today the post brings inspirations from baby shower cakes and step by step to make the main sweet of the party.

And at this pace of party and celebration planning, it’s time to see lots of ideas for choosing perfect baby shower cake designs.


Women’s Baby Shower Cake Photos and Ideas

With American Pasta

pink cake american paste

Among the ideas for baby shower cakes for little girls, the proposal here is a one-story cake covered in pale pink.

The decorated cake has an American paste decoration that forms a clothesline for baby clothes and a baby carriage at the top, bringing the theme of the celebration.

The result is a cake decorated with American paste with soft and delicate tones.

stork cake

The cake was decorated in a stork theme

2 tier cake american paste

The 2-story cake has building blocks and clothesline in the decoration

white and pink cake american paste

The cake top is a baby

Simple with Whipped Cream / Glaze

simple whipped cream cake

For moms who are planning a simple cake decorated with whipped cream for a little girl’s baby shower, the proposal here was a decoration that is a mix of white and light pink.

The whipped cream that covers the cake was made into flowers; while the themed decor was done with decorative plaques that form a clothesline on the cake.

pink cake

The pink cake was decorated with plaques

The cake bears the baby’s name

Whipped Cream Girl Cake Ideas / Icing

With Rice Paper

simple cake with name

If the idea is to make a simple and practical decoration for the baby shower cakes, the proposal to use rice paper for the decoration is perfect!

In this inspiration, the rectangular cake was decorated with bear rice paper and pink whipped cream, which completes the cake’s decoration.

To make the candy personalized, chocolate letters form the name of the future baby.

custom rice paper

The rice paper is personalized with the baby’s name

cake with rice paper girl

The cake was decorated in a mix of pink and lilac whipped cream

Kit Kat

bear cake

Kit Kat’s cake inspiration is also one of the baby shower cake proposals.

In this idea, the girl’s cake won the side covered in chocolate and the top decorated with candy in a light pink tone.

To bring a more childlike touch to the decor, the bet was to use a biscuit cake topper in the shape of a teddy bear with building blocks forming the baby’s name.

cake decorated with M&Ms

The pink ribbon matches the cake’s confections

girl cake with white kit kat

Kit Kat white makes the cake delicate

2 floors

pink and gray cake

A color combination that works really well is pink and gray, and that is the purpose of this decorated cake model.

The cake has the first floor covered in gray American paste and decorated with white polka dots. And on the top floor, the cake was covered in pink and decorated with a clothesline of baby clothes, which have details in gray, connecting the two colors of the decoration of the candy.

delicate cake girl

The small flowers decorate the cake and make it delicate

2 story cake ideas

3 floors

cake girl 3 floors

For those who are thinking of a bigger cake and one that has more prominence in the decoration of the main table, the idea here is a cake decorated with American paste and with the duo of pink and white colors.

The delicate decoration also brings a teddy bear-shaped cake topper holding balloons, making the proposal more delicate and with a childish touch.

american paste 3 floors cake

Each floor of the cake was decorated in a unique style.

modern cake baby shower girl

The cake is a mix of pink and green

pink and brown

cake bear girl

Pink is a perfect combination with brown, and this cake shows the idea of ​​mixing these two colors in the decoration.

The rectangular cake is decorated with chocolate whipped cream and pink whipped cream.

In addition to the mix of colors, the candy was also decorated with teddy bears and the name of the future baby, leaving the cake personalized.

pink and brown cake

The pink cake was decorated with a teddy bear holding a baby bottle.

baby shoe decorated cake

The top is decorated with baby shoes

pink and brown cake 2 floors

The 2-story model is delicate


simple cake crown

The decoration of baby shower cakes can also be inspired by the princess theme, and the idea here is not to choose a specific princess as the decoration theme, but rather a cake decorated in a royal style.

In the proposal, the cake was decorated with light pink whipped cream, and for the princess theme, the bet was to use a golden crown as the top of the cake.

lilac cake

The white and lilac cake was decorated with rice paper

simple princess cake

The crown on top is made of chocolate.

Photos and Ideas for Men’s Baby Shower Cakes

With American Pasta

stork boy cake

Among the ideas for baby shower cakes for boys, the proposal here is a decorated model of blue American folder with white details.

The cake decoration has white clouds and a stork cake topper bringing a little baby.

The cake proposal is delicate and simple and the stork decoration gives the baby shower cake a childlike proposal.

blue and white cake american paste

The blue cake was decorated with white polka dots

American round cake

The round cake is decorated in various shades of blue.

Simple with Whipped Cream / Glaze

2-tier whipped cream cake

If the idea is to make a cake decorated with whipped cream, the idea here is a 2-story model.

The cake was covered in light blue whipped cream and decorated with white details, giving a soft and delicate proposal to the sweet.

Another detail that completes the decoration is the top plate that brings flags forming the word β€œboy”.

modern whipped cream cake

The decoration was made with a decorative sheep sign.

blue gradient cake

The whipped cream cake forms a blue gradient

blue cake icing

Biscuit cake top decorates the cake

blue whipped cream cake ideas

With Rice Paper

rice paper bear cake

Boy’s baby shower cakes can also be decorated with rice paper, and among the inspirations for a simple decorated cake, the idea here is to use a rice paper personalized with the future baby’s name.

The cake has a mix of shades of blue, ranging from light to dark, and the top is custom rice paper with a bear.

personalized boy cake

The decoration is made with custom rice paper.

blue and white cake with rice paper

The rice paper has a drawing of a family of bears

Kit Kat

ducklings cake

For those who are thinking of bringing the children’s and baby baths theme, the idea here is to make a Kit Kat cake decorated with bath ducks.

The cake has the sides covered by Kit Kat and the top decorated with blue and white whipped cream, and of course the rubber duckies decorating the top could not be missing.

In addition to the decoration, the cake also has a towel detail with the baby’s name.

yellow duck decorated cake

The bath ducks decorate the top of the cake

cake kit kat boy

2 floors

cake 2 floors boy

For a delicate cake for a boy’s baby shower, the proposal here is to go beyond the mix of blue and white, and add details in orange.

The orange of the decoration only appears in the decoration details, adding a touch of color, but without leaving the color too prominent.

The cake decor brings different elements on each floor, with the first floor decorated with a small clothesline and the top floor decorated with clouds.

elephant decorated cake

The whipped cream cake is a mix of gray and yellow

2 floor blue cake

3 floors

green decorated cake

For those who are thinking of getting away from the classic baby shower cakes with shades of blue, the inspiration here is a green and beige cake.

In the proposal, the cake is for the twins’ baby shower and has the babys name as part of the decoration, as well as 2 teddy bears decorating the top.

boy cake decorated 3 floors

The cake was decorated with little monkeys

cake decorated stars

The cake was decorated with a little baby sleeping on top

blue and brown

simple brown and blue cake

The cake decorated in blue and brown is also an inspiration for the boys’ baby shower, and in this case the idea was to decorate the sweet with whipped cream, in a simpler and more beautiful proposal.

In addition to the mix of colors, the cake also got a special cake topper, a biscuit baby sleeping on the cake.

blue and brown whipped cream cakedark blue cake

Dark blue was the choice to decorate the cake


cake crown boy

For those looking for inspiration for the little prince’s baby shower party on the way, the idea here is a blue and white cake, which mixes whipped cream and American paste.

The decorated cake brings the theme of royalty in the top decoration made with a golden crown, which gives all the charm to the sweet.

blue and gold cake

The golden matches the proposal of a prince’s cake

blue cake floors

The golden crown adorns the top of the cake


weathervane cake

The bear theme is also an inspiration for baby shower cakes; and in this case the idea was to invest in soft tones and delicate decoration.

The cake was covered in blue and beige American paste, and has the bear decorating the top, but other childhood elements decorate the top, such as horsetail, kite and pinwheels.

blue and brown bear cake

The blue satin ribbon decorates the cake

bear cake

Soft colors decorate the candy

cake boy bear

How to Make Baby Shower Cake Step by Step – #Recipe

If you are already preparing every detail of the baby shower party, and want a step by step step to make decorated baby shower cakes, let’s go to the tutorial.

how to do it step by step

  • Make a cake batter and bake it in a rectangular shape;
  • Fill the cake with the desired filling;
  • At the top remove a rectangle, where the collar will be;
  • At the bottom cut out two parts to form the body’s legs;
  • Use these cutouts as a body sleeve;
  • Cover the cake with chatilly and decorate with confectionery.

With the party planned and the cake chosen, it’s time to celebrate this new life that is on its way!

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