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80 phrases from Natal engraçadas (e outras bem lindas)

80 phrases from Natal engraçadas (e outras bem lindas)

Chega o Natal e também o momento de desejar coisas boas aos amigos, família, seja la quem for. What does not always come is inspiration. If you need help for those final vows but you don’t want to fall into the cliché, umCOMO prepared a selection with 80 phrases from Natal stapled and beautiful. Impossible not to let go a laugh with any, they serve as phrases for caixinha de Natal criativa de funcionáriosYou can use Natal phrases for Instagram or WhatsApp or as you prefer to use them.

Natal Phrases for WhatsApp

To give a relaxed attitude to the group and vary those phrases from Natal to the family that most of the time are very short, before someone does the pita do pavê or asks for names, use some of these infallible sentences, which can also be considered Natal quotes for Facebook or be used in the status:

  • Andei lendo suas mensagens no WhatsApp. Acho que alguém vai ganhar um dicionário de Natal.
  • The crisis is so bad that I asked the Pope what he wanted to bring me, he visualized it and did not respond.
  • Ainda nem é dezembro e já é Natal na capital do Rio Grande Norte.
  • The Natal is kind of a sixth-feira of the New Year. You know better than that that the party itself is only after.
  • Santa Claus, this year I want a fat count and a lean body. Please don’t confuse it again.
  • Natal is only Natal when someone else is. Geralmente sou eu. (Shrek)
  • O iPhone que ganhei neste Natal está bem guardado, la na loja com alarme.
  • So big that if I put on a red robe the children will ask for it,
  • Who lives in the past is a museum. Who lives from the future is a seer. Who lives in the present is Santa Claus.
  • Deixei or native spirit invade minha casa. He took the sun, the jelly, the television…
  • The one who gets fat is not the one who eats in Natal and Ano Novo, but the one who eats between Ano Novo and Natal. (Solange Couto)
  • The man has four qualities: when he credits in Santa Claus, when he does not credit, when he dresses as Santa Claus and when he looks like Santa Claus.
  • I feel very sorry for those who took a name before Natal and had to spend with presents.
  • Or that Santa Claus answered when asked if he had ever been? R: Rou, rou, rou…
  • It’s a legal stop but it’s already there for a child that doesn’t exist.
  • Chester’s so expensive. Neste Natal eu só Peru!
  • The Natal and Ano Novo are arriving and together with them you can see the fires. I want them to explode a lot of things.
  • I don’t go to Natal to buy panetone in promotion.
  • Dear Santa Claus, you don’t need to bring anything, just some people in your bag.
  • In the current financial situation, I see that the city of Natal will be like the original Jesus: bread and wine for 13 people.

Short Natal Phrases

A short and stapled sentence can render more laughs than the one that presents nothing to see the secret friend. Choose one Short message from Natal and use it as an achar melhor:

  • A person is a Santa Claus who knows nothing but how to put on a sack.
  • Natal bom é Natal que cai em dia útil.
  • Or what about in Natal? Weight.
  • If Santa Claus dies, he won’t be in the trains.
  • Or Natal is unfair. Peru dies and the same goes for Gaul.
  • In Natal (RN) the night of Natal is just a normal night.
  • What is Santa Claus’ favourite drink? A: Gin-Gobel.
  • That native singer, or ‘Michel Trenó’…

Phrases for caixinha de Natal dos funcionários

When preparing the Natal box for the extra money at the end of the year, I thought about the sentence in which it will be placed, that sentence can determine whether to roll an extra grain or not. Therefore, here is a selection of Natal phrases for clientsThe newest of these is the “Natal”, which is not all stapled, and which can dull hearts at the time of the generous card of the Natal box of the employees:

Phrases for caixinha dos funcionários ‘clássicas

  • Collaborate with our caixinha of Natal.
  • We want your Natal to be a place of joy and here you will be credited with its beauty.
  • If you can’t do everything, do everything you can.
  • We wish all our customers a great time!
  • May your greatest dreams come true.
  • In order to have a New Year, it is necessary to have new attitudes.
  • The Natal is in its heart and it doesn’t have to be in the tree.
  • This caixinha counts as happiness.
  • If there’s one more moedinha left, collaborate with our caixinha.
  • That in his hometown we have many children, love and true love. Happy Natal!
  • Peace is generosity and thanks to it, we understand the true meaning of Natal. (Calvin Coolidge)
  • Then it’s Natal…
  • The true meaning of Natal.
  • That caixinha will pay some of Natal’s taxes.

Phrases for caixinha dos funcionários

  • That the realizations reached in this year, are only seeds planted that will be collected with greater success in the coming year. Happy Natal!
  • The Natal of sounds is the one that you idealize in the spirit, feel in the heart and share in solidarity.
  • Blessed is the date that unites the whole world in a conspiracy of love.
  • To celebrate the birth is to believe in the power of love, this is what transforms man and the world. Happy Natal!
  • To live is to oil every minute like a milligram that cannot be repeated. Happy Natal! Happy New Year!
  • Faith and hope are the lights that should illuminate us in this time of reflection. Good luck!
  • There are no limits to our sounds, just proof. Happy Natal!
  • That in this Natal every human being tries to give a little bit of himself. Not only in material things, but mainly in small gestures for the next one.
  • When Natal’s first light comes, the world is no longer beautiful.
  • This is our Santa Claus.

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Stapled sentences for Caixinha de Natal

Uma caixinha de Natal engraçadaWhen you think about it, it could turn out to be a laughable card. We selected some sentences for caixinha two officials bem humorous:

  • Help the Santa Claus and bring happiness, it doesn’t come cheap.
  • Dinheiro doesn’t bring happiness, but he distributes the money to the employees.
  • Collaborate with my friend from Natal to make a beer.
  • Dinheiro doesn’t bring happiness, he gives me his and he’s happy.
  • In this Natal I touched the heart of the people, because the bag Papai Noel already plays.
  • Dinheiro is like an adubo, he only serves when he’s backing up.
  • Be the person your puppy thinks you are.
  • Neste Natal não quero nada especial, X reais de cada amigo já está bom.
  • See you too!
  • You have already contributed to our Natal City Council?
  • Feed your nataline spirit by contributing to our Natal caixinha.

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80 phrases from Natal engraçadas (e outras bem lindas) - Phrases for Natal caixinha dos funcionários

How to make caixinha de natal for officials

A caixinha de Natal ou caixinha de fim de ano is a way of attracting extra money from clients to employees at the end of the year or to self-employed workers, mainly those who have a higher salary, it works as a kind of Natal bônus. The amount will be divided among the participating employees and this money can be used to buy gifts or even to build a Natal tree for the whole family.

A confecção da caixinha de Natal The ‘cofrinho’ can be decorated, for example, with birth messages and even exists, due to the creativity of the employees. caixinha de Natal for printing. However, the most important thing about making the box is that this practice is approved and that everyone in the company is aware of it, including the chef, so as to avoid misunderstandings,

Some boas práticas na hora de fazer uma caixinha de Natal são:

  • In order to put pressure on other people to collaborate, the fund must be a voluntary contribution;
  • Define what the division of the money will be like, before starting to repair it;
  • The money must be divided among the employees and the employer does not participate in this division, by law.

Phrases from Natal and Ano Novo bonitas

It is clear that besides the phrases of Feliz Natal and prosperous Ano Novo engraçadas, beautiful messages are always more than good ones. Check out a selection of anus fim phrases:

Natal phrases for friends

It is good that your friend accepts any song from you, even if you are a subject that loses the friend but does not lose the song, even though you have some good phrases to send to your friends at this time of year. Olha só:

  • We want to keep the spirit of Natal in jars and open a jar every month of the year.
  • That Natal is a Czech friend with reciprocal feelings.
  • May the magic of the night of Natal transform your dreams into reality.
  • The true meaning of the Natal is not present, but in the sincere smile of the friends who are part of the open heart that the heart has.
  • The only person who is really blind in Natal’s time is the one who does not have it in his heart. (Helen Keller)
  • A new year is about to begin, so remember to dream so that you will continue to have reasons to be happy.
  • If the Natal is not singed in your song, you will not sing the song of the tree. (Charlotte Carpenter)

Natal phrases for namorados

To spend money with the present of the blackberry if you can send that nice message in the card of Natal:

  • In Natal, people’s hearts beat faster, especially when we are losing the people we love the most!
  • If there was a Santa Claus, I would ask him to bring a beast for me. I love you!
  • To celebrate the birth is to believe in the power of love, this is what transforms man and the world. Happy Natal!
  • Santa Claus has already given me my birth certificate: I love you. Happy Natal!
  • Perhaps the best thing about Natal is to distribute a surprise to everyone we love.

Phrases from Natal for family

Finally, Natal is also about reuniting family:

  • There is no ideal Natal, only the Natal that you decide to create as a reflection of your values, desires, loves and traditions. (Bill McKibben)
  • The best message from Natal is the one that comes out in silence from our hearts and tenderly welcomes the hearts of those who accompany us on our journey through life.
  • I will honor the Natal in my heart, and I will try to keep the year all. (Charles Dickens)
  • Better than all those present at the bottom of the tree of birth is the presence of a happy family.

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