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If you are organizing the engagement party, you are certainly thinking of a thousand details for this very special moment. And as this is a moment of love, there is nothing better than sharing and celebrating with close and dear people. And among so many details to be planned, one of them is the engagement party favors, after all, it is a way to thank the guests for their presence and for having shared such a special moment with the couple.

Haven’t you thought about the engagement party favors that will be distributed at the celebration? Take it easy, the post has great ideas and even step by step for those who want to make their own party favors.


Engagement Favor Templates

MDF boxes

decorated mdf box

In this idea to decorate the MDF box, the bet was to use shades of pink in the painting and a personalized sticker on the lid thanking the guests for their presence. And inside each box, there is a candy.

box model

The lace on the lid makes the box more delicate

The pampering proposal for guests here is to use a box and put a perfume diffuser for environments and a handmade soap inside. Impossible not to fall in love with this souvenir right?!

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mdf box decoration

Pearls make the box more delicate

personalized box

The couple’s initials decorate the cover

simple box

Some pearls decorate the lid

fridge magnet

magnet calendarAmong the ideas for party favors, you can take advantage of this inspiration. Here the refrigerator calendar brings the month and date of the wedding, and it already works as a save the date”.magnet save the date

Another magnet and “save the date” model is this proposal. The square magnet has the name of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding, and next to the magnet there is also a wire heart, which adds even more charm to the party.

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biscuit magnet

The couple of lovebirds is delicate

save the date

The refrigerator calendar is a save the date

origami magnet

The tsuru (origami in the shape of a bird) is a magnet and bears the couple’s name

Creative and funny

candy bottles

In this proposal for an engagement party, the idea is to give guests small crates of little bottles filled with treats. In addition to the delicious treat, it’s still worth adding personalized labels and even a “reserve the date” so that guests can book the wedding day.

creative souvenir

Celebrating a moment of so much love is what marks the engagement, and so that guests can remember that day, give personalized bags with little pansy seeds (a plant that gives beautiful flowers) for people to plant.

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creative keychain

The corks can have the couple’s name

party ideas


engaged preacher A simple and inexpensive proposition for engagement party favors are decorated pegs. In this example, the preacher was decorated to simulate the engaged couple, and even received the sign “save this date” so that the guests of the engagement can already plan for the big day.
decorated preacher

Another idea is to make custom stickers to stick on clothespins and include a calendar with the wedding date; so the guests already schedule the wedding day.

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engagement preacher

The small piece of lace simulates the wedding dress

simple and cheap idea

The preachers were decorated with EVA hearts.

wedding preacher

Preachers simulate the couple


creative keychain

If you are thinking of giving a keyring to the guests as a souvenir of the engagement, know that you can create the treat yourself, as in this idea where the keyring is composed of several details such as:

  • bride pendants;
  • Small pot of coarse salt;
  • Ribbon of Senhor do Bonfim;
  • Third;
  • Tape with the names of the bride and groom.

custom keychain

Another suggestion for a keyring is to make a personalized treat with the couple’s name and engagement date, as in this proposal.

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heart keychain

The lace was used to compose the heart-shaped keyring

puzzle key chain

The keyrings are in the form of puzzle pieces

fabric heart


bride and groom mug

Personalized mugs are also great engagement party ideas. In this proposal, the mug was decorated with a couple of birds and a biblical phrase that talks about love.

personalized mug

If the couple follows the geek trend and already proposes a geek/nerd wedding, the mug can already bring this theme with a design of the couple in the geek style. The idea shows about the couple and it’s so cute!

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mug template

The mug has the couple’s name and the date of engagement

engagement mug

The mug was stamped with the engagement theme

in EVA

EVA souvenir

Among the simple and delicate ideas of engagement party favors, one of the proposals is to make a bundle of EVA. The treat that is super delicate can be used to store another souvenir, such as a chocolate or key chain.

eva fridge magnet

In this proposal, the idea was to transform EVA into refrigerator magnets. The souvenir was made in the shape of a heart with a couple hugging each other and a plaque identifying the day of the engagement and the couple’s name.

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EVA key chain

The EVA keyring represents a newlywed couple

EVA scrapbook

The message holder is made of EVA

in biscuit

biscuit keyring

Among the ideas for party favors, the proposal here is to use biscuit as the main material for the pampering. In this case, the biscuit was used to make a heart with a couple and it was turned into a little keyring.

biscuit scrapbook

Another souvenir idea with biscuit is this model. The couple of lovebirds was made in a trunk with a pair of wedding rings and still serves as a messenger.

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biscuit bird

The refrigerator magnets are in the shape of birds.

ideas with biscuit

in felt

felt key chain

If the couple has a certain passion for felines, they can use pets as an inspiration for the souvenir. In this case, the inspiration was transformed into a felt keyring with a couple of kittens.

felt birds

The nest was made with rope

Another proposal for the felt souvenir is to make a couple of birds in the nest and also put a heart between the couple. The idea is delicate and cute!

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felt heart

The felt heart was transformed into a keychain

felt lovebirds

The couple of lovebirds represents the bride and groom


crochet souvenir

The tulle coming out of the bag gives more delicacy to the souvenir

The crochet souvenir proposal was to make a bag that can be used to put room flavorings; treats, among other pampering ideas for guests.

crochet heart

The idea of ​​using crochet as a souvenir idea is great, and in this case the artisan work was used to make hearts that still gained colorful details like the background, or a satin ribbon in the decoration.

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simple crochet heart

The heart is made of red string

crochet idea

In addition to the crochet bag, the idea was to make a third too

Of chocolate

chocolate souvenir

Hardly the guest who won’t like a chocolate favor. And in this case, the idea was to use heart-shaped acrylic packaging and fill it with small chocolate candies. The treat is cute and is a great idea for those who want to make their own engagement party favors.

personalized chocolates

In this chocolate gift proposal, the chocolate candies were personalized with the engagement theme. The packaging in the box enhances the pampering!

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fun chocolates

Chocolates with fun shapes are ideal for a more cool engagement

souvenir gingerbread

The honey bread box is a souvenir idea

Sweets / Sweets

candy jars

If you want to make an edible party favor and that is connected to the engagement proposal, you can be inspired by this idea. Here, the little pots with spices were decorated and the little sign on the side – “Love is the spice of life” – unites the idea of ​​a souvenir to the moment of celebrated love.


In this gift proposal, the idea was to make cookies with the couple’s initials. The cookies were placed in little boxes and were super charming and creative.

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jellybean souvenir

The packaging with a heart matches the jelly beans of the same format


table decorations

plant vase

If the idea is to unite a centerpiece and a souvenir in a single item, it is worth taking advantage of this idea of ​​using a plant vase as a table decoration. In this case, the proposal was to use a succulent and decorate the vase with a phrase – “Let love grow”.

simple table ornament

Another simple decoration proposal for the table is this idea. Here, the glass jars were reused as vases to place mosquitoes (name of this little white flower); and still has the charm of the red heart.

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EVA table center

The centerpiece is made of EVA

felt table decoration

The bottle decoration adds even more charm

little bottles

environment aromatizer

Among the ideas for party favors using small bottles, it is worth making room flavorings and putting a personalized label with the couple’s name.

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decorated bottlecandy bottle

The personalized label decorates the bottle

How to Make Engagement Favors Step by Step

If you want to put the love of this special moment in your engagement party favors, you can create the treats at home and still save a little.

And to help with DIY projects, we’ve separated some tutorials and party favors!

Inspired by the ideas of engagement party favors? Now just choose which model you want to use and organize the other details of the celebration.

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