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50 Options for You to Choose!

50 Options for You to Choose!

With the help of the internet we find countless birthday messages for dad, which makes life easier when it comes to showing all of our affection to one of the most important people to us. If in the past paper cards were successful, nowadays, online versions are the most used to send different sayings on the most varied commemorative dates.

If you are looking for a different and very cool inspiration to send to your dad on the next birthday, this is the right post! We have selected a series of images with striking phrases for parents of all types and styles, both for those who are more present and those who have already left us.

Check out our post completely to discover these birthday messages for dad and send them through social networks, e-mails, Whatsapp, among other means. Come on?

Birthday Messages for Dad with Pictures

A father is a father, regardless of anything, isn’t he? On his birthday, nothing better than taking advantage of rich and affectionate phrases to demonstrate all the love we have, congratulating you for another year of life and wishing you happy wishes. Whether a father is present, distant, already deceased or of any religion, we can choose a very beautiful message to remember this special date.

You can post a picture message on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Whatsapp or any other social network. Another nice option, if you want your father to see this message via computer or mobile device, is to forward it by Whatsapp to him or in groups, or by email.

Do you want to know several cool ways to remember your father’s birthday? Discover our incredible collection of messages to inspire you!


Is your father super present, is he with you for whatever comes and supports you in everything? Don’t miss the opportunity to prove to him how much you love him and want to wish him the best on this special date. There are several possibilities for you to send to your father via social network, email or even print and deliver to him.

You can use some criteria to choose the best message for him, like thinking about his age group – is he young? Older? – in the main tastes, in religion, among others.

Discover some interesting ideas for you to send to your dear father on his birthday:

birthday messages for dear father

Positive message to your father

A kind of simple message for you to send to your father

Thanking Dad for everything he did is a great alternative

A funny message tip to send to your dad on his birthday

Wish your father positive wishes on this special day

Specific message for daughters to send to their parents

Fun picture with a simple message

Your father did everything for you, now it’s time for you to declare all your gratitude!

Absent / Distant

Is your father absent from your life or is he distant for some reason? Be sure to wish him positive wishes and good vibes for him on his birthday! Take advantage of the ease that the internet provides and choose an image with a beautiful message to celebrate.

After all, it is not because your father is away or, for some reason, he is not as present as you would like, that he does not deserve a very beautiful memory for his birthday.

Choose an amazing image that contains a loving phrase and a lot of positive energy. He will love it and, who knows, get closer to you? This is also true for children who live far from their parents – a special date can help to kill that longing.

Get to know our suggestions of very beautiful messages for a distant or absent father:

You can send a message celebrating a new year in a very positive way!

It’s not because you don’t live nearby that you don’t love each other, is it? Take this message to surprise him!

Say that he will always be in your heart, even far away

Declare all your nostalgia that your father felt

You can send this short text to your absent or distant parent

You certainly love your dad even though you two are far apart – wish him a happy birthday!

Is your father distant? This is a good message for you to forward to him

Sorry for your faults and congratulations!

birthday message tips for dad

Be sincere in your statement to your father!

Make a dedication to your father using a beautiful picture and phrase


Is your father an evangelical? Then you can choose an interesting birthday message for those who are from this religion, with remembrance of some psalm from the bible, for example. Surely this phrase option will soothe your father’s heart!

Those who follow the evangelical religion are very fond of sharing and receiving messages that have a connection with biblical sayings and similar references. You can take advantage of our tips to surprise your dad on his birthday.

Evangelical messages are different from the conventional birthday messages that we always send, so it can be a good tip to choose one of our suggestions.

See image tips with phrases aimed at birthdays of evangelical parents:

birthday messages for evangelical father

Ask God to always be watching over your father

Also ask God to give your father a perfect birthday!

Ask God to enlighten your father forever!

See a beautiful poem for you to send to your father

If your father is religious, you will like this message

Wish your father lots of happiness and may he be blessed

Ask God to give your father health, happiness and many years of life.

Thank God for your father’s presence in your life!


Only those who have lost a father know what this pain and longing is like. Even after the death of this very special person, we remember his birthday with fond memories and we can take the opportunity to publish beautiful messages to express our love, respect and longing.

There are very impressive messages, which can provide exciting moments between you and your family when you remember this important date. You can choose images with phrases that are related to some religion or simply to faith and nostalgia.

Do not let this date go blank: choose a very beautiful message to post on your social networks or send by Whatsapp.

We brought some options for you to know and define which image with phrase that you like the most. Check it out:

birthday messages for deceased father

Give thanks for everything your father did for you in life. You will thrill your family with this tribute

This short text can be excellent for you to publish on your father’s birthday

Great message for you to publish

Your father is gone, but he is still present in your heart. Post a beautiful message!

Thank your father for everything he has given you!

One of the tips of birthday messages for deceased father

One of the tips of birthday messages for deceased father

Message of thanks for all the values ​​your father spent and continues to perpetuate

One of the ideas of birthday messages for deceased father

Post a message of missing your father

Poem by Mário Quintana in honor of his deceased father

For you looking for birthday messages for different deceased father

A message from you and the family in honor of your father

What did you think of our inspirations birthday messages for dad? We hope you liked it and managed to choose one to post on social networks, send it to your dear father or simply remember this very special date in a Whatsapp group, for example.

Keep following our posts regarding celebrations, until next time!

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