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Two women and a man in 60s clothes.

50 Awesome & Easy To Make 60s Costumes

Also known as Anos Rebeldes, the 60’s had many important events in Brazil and in the world. Construction of the Berlin Wall, Military Coup, pacifist actions, hippie movement and Tropicalism were some of them. Because it is so relevant, this time is one of the most remembered at costume parties. Therefore, we decided to bring you several ideas from 60s Costumes, for you to get inspired and make an improvised one.

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1960s Costume Photos and Ideas

To better understand some of the references that we will bring in this post, it is necessary to have a sense of history. After all, each of the characters and the clothes of the time are directly related to the events they experienced.

Two women and a man in 60s clothes.

A very strong example is the success of Rock and Roll, which gained strength with one of the icons of that period: Elvis Presley. For this reason, it is so common for men to bet on leather jackets and tufts for 1960s costumes. This period also has as its trademark the passage from the classic style of the 50s to the “rebellion” of the 60s.

Roberto Carlos and other singers who were part of the Jovem Guarda.

In Brazil, the Jovem Guarda is one of the main representatives of this change. This name was given to a TV show that was aired by TV Record and that showed Brazilian singers who are adept of national Rock. Among the main ones were Roberto Carlos, Erasmo Carlos, Wanderléa, Vanusa and others.


For a children’s 60s Fantasy, you can search for fashion references at the time or bet on famous characters of the time. Boys can dress up like the rockers of the time, with black leather jacket, white T-shirt, jeans, topknot and sunglasses.

Boy in jeans, red belt, white t-shirt and black jacket.

Girls, on the other hand, can have a costume with a dress of any color with polka dots and shoes. To enhance the look, kitten-style gloves and glasses can also be used.

Pink dress with white polka dots.Three dress ideas for girls.

Neck and head scarves are also a great idea, as is wearing white socks with shoes.

Boy in jeans, black jacket and sunglasses and girl in pink skirt, black blouse, white sock and black shoes.Boy that girl with clothes in the 60s style.

But, if you want your kids’ 60s Costumes to pay homage to someone famous at the time, how about using Elvis Presley as a reference for boys and Audrey Hepburn for girls?

Boy dressed in white and red jumpsuit, imitating Elvis Presley.

In Elvis’ case, you can look in costume stores for a jumpsuit just like the singer’s. He usually wore a white piece, with red accents and gold gemstones.

Baby in white overalls and gold details.

And for your little Deluxe Doll, you can even enjoy the clothes your daughter has at home. Set aside that little black dress, put on it a shoe of the same color and enjoy its accessories, such as sunglasses and pearls. If you spice up the look with a crown on the hair, the result is amazing!

Girl in black dress, sunglasses and pearls, imitating Audrey Hepburn, from the movie Baby Doll.

And of course we couldn’t forget about the hippies. The movement that preached peace and love had very striking clothes, always colorful and printed. And to complete the look, you can put your child (a) in a vest and a bandana.

Girl in colorful dress, white pantyhose and black boot.Boy in colored pants, white shirt and brown vest.Girl in colorful dress, brown vest and headband.


For women, the changes in fashion were quite significant. In addition to the polka dot dresses, they started to wear clothes with striking colors and some already wore jeans. If you notice, everyday clothes aren’t all that different from today’s. But some pieces were quite striking, such as the colored and printed sock pants. Dresses and skirts with geometric figures, stripes and plaid were also on the rise.

Sixties women with pants, shirt and headscarves.Women in colorful dresses and pantyhose.Women in plain plaid skirts and black and colored blouses. Women with printed dresses and pantyhose.Women in high school, in dresses, pants and bib.

Regarding the female icons of the time, we can’t leave Twiggy to one side. The model, actress, singer, writer and businesswoman wore brightly colored pieces, short hair and makeup with long eyelashes.

Twiggy in colorful striped dress and red tights.

In the music business, Janis Joplin represented the counterculture movement, which had as its main characteristics:

  • Fight for peace;
  • Use of drugs;
  • Vegetarianism;
  • Beware of nature;
  • Between others.

And if you’ve never heard of the singer, you’ve certainly heard her songs. One of the best known is Piece of my heart,

Take it! Take another little piece of my heart now, baby!

Janis Joplin at a festival, wearing a dress and colorful glasses.

Janis Joplin at the First Woodstock Festival.

To dress like her, you can use some hippie references, such as colorful clothes, long, loose hair and colorful sunglasses.

Audrey Hepburn in black dress and gloves.

Now, if you love Audrey Hepburn and want to dress like her at the next party, how about betting on a black tube? You can complete the look with long black gloves, pearl necklaces and earrings, and a shiny hair accessory.

White structured dress with black edges.Assembly with three different looks from the 60s.

But if you want to do some research in costume stores, you’re sure to find structured dresses and boots. Or the famous polka dot skirts and dresses, as in the photos below.

Woman in black skirt with white polka dots, white t-shirt and red jacket.Women in black, red, pink and blue dresses with white polka dots.

White gloves and glasses are great to complete the look.


For men, you should already have an idea for the costume. If you’re going to rely on the fashion used at the time, you can’t leave the black leather jacket aside. It can be paired with a white t-shirt and jeans.

Man in jeans, black jacket and white t-shirt.

Use the gel to make the perfect topknot!

But the jacket can also be combined with other pieces, such as plaid or leather pants.

Man in checkered pants, yellow polo and black leather jacket.

Besides, how about doing like the girls and betting on pieces with polka dots, like the shirt in the assembly below?

Set up with four different types of 60s costumes for men.

But if you want to be inspired by a famous one, you already know what the icon of the time is, don’t you? To dress like the King of Rock, Elvis Presley, you can also bet on the leather jacket. But the singer’s most famous look was his overalls.

Elvis Presley singing in a leather jacket.

The white jumpsuit can easily be found in costume stores. Don’t forget to complete the look with a tuft topping.

Man in Elvis Presley's 1960s Costume.

But it wasn’t just Elvis who was successful in the 60s. The greatest band of all time also won the hearts of the public at the time. John, Paul, Ringo and George wore black suits at the beginning of their careers, but gradually they became a little bolder. How about betting on colorful suits and shirts to dress like your idols? In this case, the pants can also be bell mouths. And if you chose to honor John Lennon, don’t forget the round glasses.

Photo of the members of The Beatles band.

Jimi Hendrix at the First Woodstock Festival.If you think the history of the Woodstock festival is amazing, how about dressing up as one of the first-edition singers, Jimi Hendrix? You can also call your friends to be the Jackson Five or pay tribute to Brazilian singers and put your hair to the game, just like Caetano Veloso.Jackson Five, in colorful suits.Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil.

For couple

The 60s fantasies for couples are not much different from the examples given above. you can go like rockers, hippies or honor a famous couple of the time.

Sixties costumes for couples, with a woman in a polka-dot dress and a man in a black jacket.Couple in 60s costumes.Couple dressed as a hippie.1960s hippie costumes.Couple wearing the same pattern on a man's shirt and a woman's dress.

For the couple’s costume to be even more amazing, how about using pieces with the same print?

Montage with three different 60's costumes for hippies.

Want to honor a couple? How about you and your husband being Elvis and Priscilla Presley for a day?

Elvis and Priscilla Presley.

How to Make Makeshift 60s Costumes: Step by Step

Do you have a 60s Party or Retro Party and need to make an impromptu costume? Rest assured, if you have the right pieces at home, it will be super easy to put together a look from that era. You certainly have a skirt, blouse or polka dot dress in your closet. With that, just combine the item with other black pieces and complete it with pearls, shoes and glasses.

Woman in black skirt and black blouse with white polka dots.Fitting with polka dot dress, kitty glasses and red shoes.

Set up with black polka dot dress, shoes with the same print, kitty glasses, pearls and gloves.Woman with black polka dot white scarf on her head.

You can also use the print on scarves and tie them around your neck or hair.

Now, if you want to dress like Twiggy, just find a dress with a bright color, pull your hair to the side and copy your makeup, which may not look like it, but it’s super simple to do.

Twiggy in salmon dress.Assembly teaching how to do Twiggy's makeup.

And for men and boys, the paramount is to have a black leather jacket. With it, you just need to combine the other elements, apply a gel in your hair and wear sunglasses.

Assembling with pieces of clothing to assemble a 60's male costume.

Ready! Now you know everything you need to make amazing 60s costumes. Did you like the tips or have any suggestions? So let us know in the comments!

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