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49 Awesome Secret Friend Gifts – Spend Little & Surprise!

The end of the year is coming and soon the get-togethers and hidden friend draws begin. And if you’re going to participate in the end-of-the-year games, but don’t have so much creativity in choosing secret friend gifts, today the post brings great ideas that please all pockets ($$$).

So, if you’ve already taken out your little paper, it’s time to take advantage of the kick-ass tips when choosing secret friend gifts.

gift ideas

Secret Female Friend Gift Ideas and Tips

Funny / Creative / Different

cheap and creative gift

If you are looking for creative secret friend gifts for women, this option brings together creativity and low cost.

The idea for the souvenir is to buy a briefcase with dividers and assemble a brigadeiro kit as a gift to a hidden friend who is fascinated by sweets.

The kit can come with more than one spoon brigadeiro flavor and different confections for the friend to decide how to “fill” each spoonful.

female creative gift

Another great idea to give your hidden friend a gift is to give a cell phone case, but in this case, the creativity of the gift lies in the fact that the case comes with a makeup palette attached.

The friend is sure to love the idea, after all it is a useful and very creative gift.

fun mug

The mug is ideal for the hidden friend who is addicted to whatsapp

funny present woman

The pillow is perfect for the angry and stressed friend

Up to 20 Reais

DIY female gift

Need to save on secret friend gifts? So, the tip is to create a special gift, and do it yourself style.

As an idea for the DIY gift, the proposal here is to assemble a vase with succulents and cactuses, which are cheap plants and give a charm to the vase, which can even be a kitchen bowl.

simple present woman

It’s amazing how women like notebooks, and here’s a great idea to give your hidden friend a gift – with a notebook.

The notebook with a different cover is a great gift and a cheap option, after all, you can customize the cover yourself to make the souvenir unique and economical.

And if you want to increase the gift, take advantage of the idea to assemble a kit of notebooks and even add a pen with the gift.

gift up to BRL 20

Cell phone cases are great inexpensive gift ideas

Up to 30 Reais

female gift hidden friend

If you are a little closer to your secret friend and know her tastes, take advantage of the knowledge when choosing the gift.

In this case, the idea is to assemble a kit with a box and several tea bags for the friend who likes the drink.

And if you work with the person, it’s worth keeping an eye on what she likes to take during her break from work.


If you took a woman who is fascinated by the world of books and who always carries a title wherever she goes, the creative gift idea is a bookcase made of fabric.

The simple souvenir is a great idea for the friend to carry the book she is reading, and still protect it.

gift up to BRL 30

Accessories are perfect for women

Up to 50 Reais

makeup kit

If your budget is allowing you to spend a little more on secret friend gifts, the infallible tip for giving women a gift is to build a mini makeup kit.

The makeup kit can be made up of a necessaire, lipstick, mirror, eye liner or other common female makeup items.

present woman

Another good idea for gifting a woman at the hidden friend is to give a neck pillow and eye mask kit to the hidden friend who loves to travel.

The gift is sure to be a great companion for the woman on her travels and will also help her relax until she reaches her destination.

gift up to BRL 50

A different picture frame is a great way to give a gift

Secret Male Friend Gift Ideas and Photos

Funny / Creative / Different

fun gift man

In the category of funny gifts for men, a very creative idea is to give a mug with a somewhat peculiar shape – toilet.

The differently shaped mug is sure to bring a good laugh and amuse the whole class. It just doesn’t guarantee that the friend will use the mug for the coffee break.

creative gift man

When choosing gifts from a secret friend to a man who has a special taste for a beer, the proposal is to give a tulip of beer for the friend to enjoy his moment.

And nothing like a normal tulip, the idea here is a tulip with a fun message that assesses your friend’s intellectual level after a few tosses of the glass.

funny present man

The funny apron is ideal for the friend who likes to cook

men's mug

The mug is fun and creative

Up to 20 Reais

male gift

If you’ve picked up a hidden friend fascinated by coffee, this is a great gift idea.

Choose a special coffee for your friend to enjoy a new flavor.

And nowadays, there is no shortage of good coffees that can be found in emporiums and even larger supermarket chains.

gift idea for man

To choose secret friend gifts for wine lovers, it’s hard to find a good label for less than R$20, but you can give away with accessories, such as a wine opener.

It may even be that the friend already has a cork opener, but as the object is always useful, it won’t be an exaggeration for the friend to have 2 openers, so you guarantee that he will always find an accessory to open the drink.

men's gift up to BRL 20

The team keyring is simple and cheap

Up to 30 Reais

man gift up to BRL 30

Knowing the secret friend’s personal taste is a good idea when choosing the gift; and if you know that your hidden friend is a fan of a pepper, it’s worth writing down the idea.

And if you already have this tip, the proposal here is to present you with a kit of pepper sauces, which you can buy separately and assemble, or even buy the assembled kit.

The set of little glasses is funny

And in the range of R$ 30 to buy secret friend gifts for men, a good idea are the shot glasses, which are perfect souvenirs for friends who enjoy drinks.

In the idea, it’s worth putting together a kit with fun cups, so you get away from the traditional models and still create a creative gift spending little.

present man friend hidden

The thermo cup is ideal for everyday use

Up to 50 Reais

man gift kit

Everyone has a friend who loves to enjoy a cold beer, and in this case, the answer is obvious – put together a beer kit as a gift.

The kit can even come with an appetizer, such as potatoes or peanuts, to accompany the beer.

Oh, and if your friend doesn’t drink, take advantage of the idea and assemble an alternative kit with different flavors of soda (can be Coca-Cola versions – traditional, and flavors like vanilla and cherry).

man wallet

To make no mistake, the black wallet is wild

And if you can spend up to R$50, it’s worth looking around to find a wallet for your hidden friend.

In this amount you can find simple and great wallets for everyday life, and the gift will certainly be right, after all a great majority of men use a wallet.

present man who likes barbecue

The barbecue kit is ideal for a friend who likes to roast a meat

Unisex Secret Friend Gift Ideas and Suggestions

unisex creative gift

And if you’re participating in some kind of holiday game that doesn’t remove the paper in advance, but asks you to bring a unisex souvenir, you need to think about secret friend gifts that are suitable for different tastes.

And in this case, the idea is to assemble a cinema kit, with a bucket of popcorn, popcorn, soda and sweets.

The souvenir is perfect for movie and series lovers!

unisex cheap gift

Another good gift idea, but which is valid for groups where people like to cook, is to assemble a kitchen kit with accessories that are very useful in the daily kitchen, such as a glove to pick up hot dishes, salt and pepper grinders , and even a hand beater (fuê).

gift for man and woman

The corkboard is ideal for men and women who appreciate wines.

technological gift

Portable cell phone charger is perfect for any age

easy gift

Next year’s calendar is a great end-of-the-year secret friend gift

simple unisex gift

The blackboard mug is fun and creative

creative unisex gift

How to Make a Cheap Gift at Home: Step by Step

If the idea is to save money with secret friend gifts, a good strategy is to do DIY projects (Do It Yourself – do it yourself). So, you can give an even more special gift, after all, you were the one who made it!

And as an idea for a gift that can be made at home, the idea here is a decorated mug, which is already a charm in itself, but which can also be complemented with a kit of chocolates and sweets.

DIY hidden friend gift

  • In a container put water and nail polish;
  • Add enough enamel to soak the mug;
  • Take a white mug and place it over the enamel water;
  • Immerse the mug in the desired position and hold it in the enamel water for about 10 seconds;
  • Carefully remove the mug slowly and wait for it to dry.

After this post and so many amazing ideas, there is no longer any excuse not to participate in the end-of-the-year games due to lack of creativity when buying the souvenir.

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