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Star Wars children's party decoration

45 Wonderful Ideas To Inspire!

The Star Wars movie is a series of eight films in the science fantasy genre that to date has won thousands of fans around the world. Because of the movie’s popularity, it has become one of the most popular party themes. If you’re a fan of the movie and are planning your Star Wars party, you’ve come to the right place. In this article we have prepared 45 party decor ideas with the Star Wars theme.

Star Wars children's party decoration Star Wars party decoration with LED display

Star Wars Party Decoration Tips

The first thing to do before starting the Star Wars party decoration preparations is to decide what kind of party you will be hosting, it’s important to know if you want something more elaborate or something simpler. Anyway, there are several beautiful and very fun decoration formats in this theme. One of the main tips for decorating Star Wars is to pay attention to the birthday boy’s tastes, after all, the party is primarily for him.

Star Wars party blue and black decorationStar Wars party with flowers on the table


For those who are going to have a party with the simplest decoration, an excellent option is to invest in details made at home, this type of detail, as simple as it is, demonstrates to the birthday boy the size of the affection you have for him. One of the homely details that are very beautiful and after the party the birthday person tends to use it in the decoration even of their own room is the clothesline with polka dots or happy birthday, which can be used both on the table and on the wall and ceiling. A great tip are also the decorative panels with the birthday boy’s name, which can be made with paper or fabric. See beautiful models in the photos below.

Homemade Star Wars PartyStar Wars Party Paper Panel

Creating the decorative panel at home, in addition to being very economical, the birthday person can use it later in the decoration of a space he/she likes

Star Wars Party Flags PanelStar Wars Polka Dot Party

With homemade decorations and a lot of creativity, it is possible to make a beautiful decoration at home


The decorations of the luxury parties are impressive because of the richness of details. In this type of decoration, the volume of illuminated details, the assembly of the tables and the use of unique details such as mini statues of the characters stand out. We have separated some models of well-crafted luxury decorations so that you can be inspired when setting up your sophisticated party.

Luxury Star Wars Party

In the luxury decoration, the details are beautiful and very well worked

Luxurious Star Wars PartySophisticated Star Wars PartyLuxury Star Wars party with different lighting

Something that draws a lot of attention in luxury decorations is planning the decoration that looks beautiful and very realistic.


LEGO is a toy that was part of the childhood of many teenagers and adults. One of the best advantages of lego is the infinity of decorative detail models that can be made with the pieces. It is undeniable that by coincidence many Star Wars fans also like this toy, one of the main reasons that awaken this taste is the time that this toy was created, which makes it a classic piece. In addition to the sense of nostalgia that the pieces give guests, they also make the imagination spark amazing ideas for Star Wars party decorations.

Star Wars party black and blue lego detailsStar Wars party blue lego ornamentStar Wars Lego Cake Party

In addition to making the decoration beautiful, the nostalgic feeling that the little pieces provoke in guests is something very nice

Star Wars Party Lego Candy HolderLego Star Wars Party

Using Lego in the decoration of the main table is an excellent way to make the decoration even more beautiful


For the children’s Star Wars party, there are beautiful decor models that are very fun for moms to be inspired by when setting up the kids’ party. In the children’s decorations of the theme, what stands out the most are the decorations made with balloons, panels with images of the characters, details made with LED and the super assembled tables with several well-planned details such as 3d sweets, souvenirs, dolls from the movie

Children's Star Wars Party

The paper appliques are beautiful and very economical, to make a beautiful and neat decoration with them, just use your creativity

Star Wars Party for Kids

At children’s parties, it’s important to take care of the details so that children feel inside the adventure

Children's Star Wars Party with Panel

In addition to adults, the Star Wars theme is also very popular with children, the characters in the stories delight the eyes of the little ones.

Children's Star Wars Party with balloons

The balloon panels, besides being beautiful, can be made in different shapes and sizes.

Table center

The centerpiece is a very important part of the Star Wars party, as it is present in practically every space of the party. One of the most beautiful table center options in the theme is the table center with bladder support, which, in addition to being simple to make, adds an interesting volume to the look of the decoration. The personalized cachepots are also perfect to use as a centerpiece, as in addition to decorative pieces they can also be given as a souvenir for guests. Another beautiful option are the models of lamps that make the environment beautiful and bright. And lastly, let’s mention candy holders.

Star Wars cachepot party

An excellent tip to use the cachepot in the table decoration is to fill it with sweets or make an arrangement of balloons

Star Wars party light fixture

The lamps are an excellent centerpiece to use at night, the highlight he puts on tables in a medium light decor is surprising

Star Wars party centerpiece bladder door

The centerpieces with bladder support, besides being very cute, make decoration even more fun

Star Wars party centerpiece candy holder

Star Wars Decorated Cake Photos

Of course, we could not fail to mention the Star Wars cake models that, in addition to being beautiful, are protagonists in the decoration of the Star Wars party. Whether the cake is fake or edible, it is very important to pay attention to all the details of the cake decoration. In fake cakes, the decoration is made with biscuit, spaghetti and EVA. The edible cakes are decorated with American paste, frosting and whipped cream. Below we have separated beautiful models of Star Wars cakes for you to be inspired.

Star Wars American Blue Paste Cake PartyStar Wars whipped cream cake partyStar Wars icing cake partyStar Wars party fake EVA cakeStar Wars party fake black cakeStar Wars party fake biscuit cake

Invitations and Favors

When choosing the invitation model, it is very important to pay attention to the details of the Star Wars party decoration, so that the guest can feel a little of how fun the party will be with the receipt of the invitation. Among the most fun and creative models we can mention the first one is the printed card invitation, which in addition to being a very beautiful invitation template is economical and can be made at home.

Star Wars Party Invitation PrintedStar Wars Party Invitation Card

The second invitation template that we are going to indicate is the ticket invitation, this invitation template is not only a lot of fun, but also makes guests want to keep it as a kind of souvenir after the party. Another wonderful model to be inspired by is the 3D pop up, this invitation is beautiful and the best part of it is the opening with the highlights of the characters. See beautiful templates of beautiful Star Wars party invitations.

Star Wars Party Invitation 3dStar Wars Party Invitation Ticket

To choose the party favors, it is very important to define the model that best fits the party’s decoration and the guests. Usually at more adult parties, the party favors that are most successful are light sabers, personalized mugs, biscuit characters and candy kits.

Star Wars party acrylic mugStar Wars Lightsaber PartyStar Wars party favor biscuit

At children’s parties, surprise bags, popcorn buckets, plastic tubes, piggy banks and acrylic bottles stand out. In the images below, you can get a little idea of ​​how beautiful the Star Wars theme souvenirs are both for children and adults.

Star Wars party surprise bagStar Wars Popcorn Bucket PartyStar Wars party custom tube

Star Wars Party Printable Kit

The personalized ones are an important part of the party, as in addition to helping with the decoration of the party it also serves as a souvenir of this very special date. With that in mind, we prepared a complete kit for printing. You can edit and print at home or have it printed at a print shop. The tip is to use photo paper and not print in economizer mode, so the image will be sharper and with highlighted colors.

Star Wars Party Print Party Kit

Star Wars party party kit to print at home

Star Wars Party Mascara Kit Print

Star Wars Party to print

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